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Monday, October 24, 2011


B&E of MV:

Occurred Overnight, 10/23-10/24 – Tappan St.

Officers responded for a reported breaking and entering of a motor vehicle that had occurred overnight. The victim parked his vehicle at 6 PM for the night, and discovered the driver’s side window smashed at approximately 8 AM today. Nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle at this time.

The victim reported the alarm went off at 9:30 PM last night, but he did not check on the vehicle.

Occurred Overnight, 10/23-10/24 – University Rd.

Officers responded for a reported breaking and entering of a motor vehicle that had occurred overnight. The driver’s side window was shattered and a GPS was stolen from the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Malicious Damage:

Occurred on 10/23– Monmouth St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of malicious damage. The victim stated his tires were slashed. He had parked his vehicle at 8 PM on the outside lot of 101 Monmouth, and returned at approximately 10 PM. He observed the tires to be damaged and immediately contacted the police.

None of the other parked vehicles appeared to be damaged.


Occurred on 10/23 at 6 AM – Regal Beagle (308 Harvard St.)

Officers reported to a reported fire alarm at the Regal Beagle Restaurant. Entry into the back stairwell was made, where an odor of smoke was detected. Once inside there was a heavy smoke condition caused by food left on the stove. There were no reported injuries.


Occurred on 10/22 at 2 PM – GPS Wine & Spirit (1198 Boylston St.)

Officers responded to a reported shoplifting at GPS Wine & Spirit. Two black females entered the store, walked around a bit, then left without purchasing anything. A period of time later, the owner walked around the store and was straightening items out when he noticed a sole beer bottle (full) sitting at the end of an aisle amongst hard liquor bottles. He then saw a gap in a shelf of liquor bottles, indicating one was taken from the display. A review of surveillance video revealed the females stealing the missing item as well as other items.

Officers did not recognize the suspects, and wondered if they could be students that go to Pine Manor. Pine Manor security staff was contacted and responded to the liquor store to see if they might recognize the females as students. One of the females was identified and officers furthered the investigation by visiting her dorm for questioning. The second individual was also identified as a student by a detective. The investigation is ongoing.

Road Rage:

Occurred on 10/21 at 12:30 PM – Beacon St./Williston Road

Officers responded to the area for a reported road rage incident involving a knife. The victim informed police that he had been riding his bicycle westbound on Beacon Street in the bike lane when a vehicle that had been parked in front of approximately 1688 Beacon Street abruptly pulled out of its spot and almost hit him. The biker then slapped the trunk area of the vehicle. After doing this, the operator of the vehicle shouted at the victim. The suspect then took a left turn onto Williston Street.

The biker yelled back at the driver, at which point the vehicle stopped and the operator of the vehicle, described as a heavy set (approximately 300lbs) white male, most likely in his 30s, then brandished a knife, which appeared to be a butcher’s or chef’s knife, and shouted back. The biker ceased contact with the driver and contacted police.

Suspicious Activity:

Occurred on 10/20 at Noon – Ronald McDonald house (229 Kent St.)

Officers responded to the area for a suspicious activity report. An employee stated that on October 20th, around 12:00 PM, two subjects arrived and stated that they were representatives from Coca Cola and were there to inspect the vending machine. The following descriptions were given. The first was a black male in his mid to late 20's, 6'0", 180-190lbs, wearing a red Coca Cola sweatshirt, a black skull cap and carrying a clipboard. The second was a light skinned, possibly Asian, female in her mid 20’s, 110-120lbs, wearing a Coca Cola sweatshirt, and carrying a camera.

The employee brought them down to the basement where the machine is located and they began to ask several questions. They wanted to know who kept the key and where it's located. The employee stated that she would have to get that information and left the room. Upon coming back she observed the female taking photos of the machine. She said when she returned, both subjects were startled became extremely nervous. They both then left.

The director of the house spoke to the head of security for Coca Cola (Northeast), and he stated that no one should have been at the house and that they don't take pictures of the machines. He advised the police that there is a ring out of Baltimore that travels up the northeast, including Boston, to break into Coke machines.

There is no further information at this time.

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