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Thursday, May 4, 2017

5-1 thru 5-4 2017 MV Crash/ Larceny/ Wanted Person


On 5/1/2017 Officers responded to the Brookline Police Station to speak with a party about Identity Theft.  The victim reports that she completed a credit report through Equifax and the report indicated that in September of 2012 a lien was filed on a property located in Lawrence MA  for the amount of $12,209. The victim reports she never purchased property in Lawrence nor has she ever lived there. A report was filed and she was advised.

On May 1, 2017, Brookline Police, Brookline Fire Department, and Fallon Ambulance responded to Harvard and Webster St. for a fall outside.  The subject was transported to the Hospital as a precaution.

On 05/01/2017, Officers responded to an address on Winthrop Road to take a stolen bicycle report. The victim states he locked his bike to a pole in front of a business on Washington Street, and when he returned the bike and lock was gone. The bike is described as an 18-Speed Bianchi LYNX-SX dark green mountain bike. A report was filed.

On May 1, 2017 Officers responded to a two car motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Babcock Street at Abbottsford Road., which is a public way in the Town of Brookline. They arrived and observed two motor vehicles in the middle of the intersection with both drivers standing in the roadway. After an investigation it was determined that one vehicle attempted an improper pass, causing the accident. One operator was cited, no one reported any injuries, and no vehicles needed to be towed.


On 05/02/2017, Officers responded to an address on Marshall St for a report of a stolen wallet. The victim reports while attending a party on Gibbs St the victim reports he placed his wallet on the deck and noticed it missing at the end of night. Victim not sure who may have taken it. A report has been filed.

On 5/2/17 Officers responded to an address on Aspinwall Ave on a fraud report. The victim stated  he received a letter in the mail from the Home Depot fraud department. In the letter it explained that someone had fraudulently used his credit card to make several purchases. The victim has been working with the fraud department. The credit card has been canceled by Home Dept and the victim has been issued a new card.


On 05-03-2017 Officers responded to an address on Freeman St. to meet the registered owner of a car that had been damaged.  The Officer observed a red Subaru Imprezza with the window of the right rear window smashed out. It does not appear access was gained because no personal items including a radio head unit and other electronic cords were not disturbed or taken.  There are no cameras on the front of the building which would have captured the incident. A report has been filed.

On 5-3-2017 Officers responded to a MV crash on Route 9 West bound. One vehicle stopped in traffic and a second vehicle crashed into the stopped vehicle. One operator was transported to the hospital for minor injuries. One citation was issued for Following too Closely and Operating an Unregistered MV. One vehicle was towed.

On 05-03-2017 Officers responded to an address on Euston St. for a package theft report.  The victim reports getting an email receipt for two packages. A neighbor notified her that the packages had been torn open and their contents removed. The victim reports that she noticed that the packaging itself smelled strongly of cigarette smoke.  This stood out to her because she experienced the same thing from a prior unreported package theft several months ago and believes the suspect may be a heavy smoker.  Similar details regarding cigarette smoke were reported by victims of a car break on Green St. from April. The packaging was submitted into evidence to be examined for latent finger prints.

On May 3, 2017, Officers were made aware, by the FBI, of an individual who was wanted for threats to law enforcement.  The FBI informed Brookline Detectives that the subject was currently located in Brookline, on Washington St. Detectives arrived in the area and locate the subject. After a brief struggle, and one of the detectives being struck in the head, the subject was taken into custody.  A court complaint was completed for Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (C.265,s.15A) for hitting the detective with a  bottle. The FBI will be filing additional charges.

On 5-03-2017 Officers responded to Carlton Street on reports of an accident between a cyclist and an MV. After an investigation it was determined that the cyclist was operating in the wrong direct and was attempting to cross Carlton Street when the crash occurred.  There were no injuries reported and the cyclist was issued a citation for one way violation.


On Thursday, May 4, 2017, Officers responded to reports of a traffic crash at the intersection of Freeman St. and St. Paul St.  Upon arrival, officers observed that two vehicles had been involved in a traffic crash. After an investigation one operator was issued a citation for Failing  to Use Care when Stopping. No reported injuries and no vehicles were towed.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


5/1/17 – Operating with a Suspended License
An officer conducting traffic enforcement observed a gray minivan make an illegal turn onto Beacon St. The officer performed a traffic stop and a query of the operator’s license revealed he had a suspended license. The operator was informed of the information and was placed under arrest without incident.

5/1/17 – Multi Vehicle Accident
A vehicle traveling on Newton St failed to stop at a stop sign and came in contact with another vehicle traveling on West Roxbury PKWY. The operator of the first vehicle was issued Mass Uniform Citation for failure to stop for stop sign.

Monday, May 1, 2017

4/28 to 4/30

04/28/17 – Shoplifting
Officers responded to a store on Harvard St for a shoplifting. An employee stated she observed the suspect attempting to leave the store without paying for items that he previously concealed. The suspect admitted to taking the items and stated his intent to sell them. He was then placed under arrest.

4/28/17 –Larceny
An officer responded to a gym on Commonwealth Ave for a past larceny. The victim stated he placed his black leather wallet in an unlocked locker in the locker room at approximately 1930 hours and returned at approximately 2100 hours to find the wallet was missing from the locker.

4/28/17 – Damage of Town Property
An officer patrolling on Beacon Street observed a parking meter "uprooted" from the tree lawn. It appeared that someone used force to rock it back and forth until the concrete base was exposed and laid horizontally. The officer discovered another fallen parking meter that also appeared to be disrupted in the same fashion as the previous.

4/29/17 – Bike Larceny
An officer responded to Irving St for a larceny of four bicycles. The owners stated that sometime between 4/25/17 and 4/29/17 four bicycles were stolen from their garage. One bicycle is black with grey lettering and a leather seat. The second bicycle is white. The third is black and red. The fourth is red.

4/29/17 – Found Property
An officer on patrol was approached by a citizen regarding a wallet that was found outside the Coolidge Corner Movie Theatre. Attempts to contact the owner were made but, were unsuccessful.

4/29/17 – Suspicious Activity
An officer responded to Winthrop Road for a suspicious activity report. The reporting party stated that at 1200 hours she noticed a male party in the driveway behind her building looking into her room while she was undressed, possibly filming her with a cell phone. The reporting party described him as a white male, 30-40 years of age, heavy set, average height, wearing a brown and white striped shirt, and white sneakers.

4/29/2017 – Operating Under the Influence
An officer responded to a motor vehicle accident with unknown injuries at Beacon St and Tappan St. The officer observed a Blue Toyota with the front end against a Gray Toyota with its rear end pushed in and the front end pinned up against a tree. After speaking to a couple of witnesses and the passengers of the vehicle that was struck, the officer began to speak with the operator of the second vehicle. The officer observed a moderate odor of alcohol coming from his breath and it was clear he was unsteady on his feet. The investigation determined that he was operating his motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor and he was placed under arrest.

4/30/17 – Fugitive from Justice

Officers on their way to a call observed a vehicle parked illegally at a fire hydrant on Washington St a query of the vehicle revealed the owner was wanted for arrest in Rhode Island. A subject exited a store and returned to the vehicle before being pulled over by the officers. Once the subject was confirmed to be the wanted person, she was placed under arrest without incident.