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Friday, October 28, 2011



Occurred on 10/27 – Pleasant St.

Officers responded for a report of a past Breaking and Entering. The victim stated that he left the apartment this evening at 6:15 PM, and arrived home at 9:45PM. His laptop and electronics were missing, and his bedroom had been rummaged through. His car keys were also missing.


Occurred on 10/27 at 4:58 PM – East Coast Alpine (860 Commonwealth Ave.)

Officers responded to a radio broadcast for a shoplifter who just left East Coast Alpine. The suspect left on foot on Commonwealth Ave heading towards St Paul St, and was described as a white male 5'8"-5'10" wearing an Under Armor hoodie and a backpack. The suspect got onto an outbound MBTA B line train at the corner of St Paul St and Commonwealth Ave.

The manager stated he was coming out of the backroom when he heard a rustling sound coming from the corner of the store. When he went over he saw the suspect stuffing two jackets into a backpack. The manager told the suspect he was going to call the police and asked him to come to the office. The suspect stated "I'm leaving" and left the two jackets in the store. The manager started to follow the suspect out of the store and he was joined by one of his employees. The employee followed the suspect to the T, and he stopped the train. At that time police arrived.

A criminal court application was filed with the Brookline District Court charging the suspect with Larceny of Property over $250.00.

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