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Thursday, March 29, 2018

3/28 & 3/29

March 28, 2018

On Wednesday evening, an officer was dispatched to Kent St for a report of a package theft. The victim stated that she was expecting three packages to be delivered that day, but they never arrived at her residence. Package tracking ID numbers provided confirmation that the delivery had been made earlier that afternoon. A follow-up has been requested.

An officer was dispatched to Kent St a second time Wednesday evening for another report of a package theft. The victim told police that he was expecting a package to be delivered to his residence that day, but it had not arrived. The package's tracking details were unavailable at the time. However, a shipment confirmation was received and indicated it's delivery to the victim's Kent St address. Police are investigating.

March 29, 2018

At 1:40 AM, this morning an officer on a traffic assignment on rt. 9 , attempted to slow a vehicle down in the work zone. The vehicle instead sped up and failed to stop for the officer. The officer and another officer who was in the area went looking for the car. It was last seen on Rt 9 in Newton. When the officer was returning back to his assignment he found the vehicle had crashed into a pole in the area of 489 Boylston street on the access road. EMS and State Police arrived and took control of the scene. The driver faces several motor vehicle charges from Brookline .The driver and the passenger both went to hospitals with minor injuries.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tuesday, March 27th


An officer was dispatched to St. Paul St on Tuesday evening for a reported larceny. Upon arrival, the victim stated that she had arrived home that day to find a package delivered to her residence, opened, with its contents removed. A follow-up has been requested as Brookline PD investigates this case.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Monday, March 26


Brookline PD's Traffic Unit was dispatched around 8AM to Pond St responding to a vehicle that had rolled over. It appeared that the vehicle had jumped the curb and went into a wooded area on the side of the road, flipping it onto its right side. There was damage to both the front end and right side of the vehicle. The driver and passenger within the flipped van were not injured.

On Monday evening, an officer was dispatched to Toxeth St for a report of package thefts. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the victims, who stated that all 4 of their packages had been stolen from their building's vestibule, over a 4-day span.

Multi-Vitamin Arrestee charged with Multiple Offenses


On Sunday, officers were dispatched to the area of Washington St and River Rd for a report of a plastic shopping bag containing live ammunition inside of it. Once arriving on scene, officers located a partially torn plastic shopping bag, with what appeared to be loose 22. caliber unspent ammunition rounds, located near the bag on the ground. The loose ammunition rounds found on the ground and the ammunition within the plastic bag were taken back to Brookline Police Headquarters. In total, thirty two .22 caliber unspent ammunition rounds were recovered.

Around 1:45PM, officers were dispatched to Commonwealth Ave for a reported shoplifting in process. The person in question was observed putting some items inside of his jacket. Officers placed the man under arrest for Shoplifting, in addition to Giving a False Name to a Police Officer Following Arrest. The arrestee made bail and made his way back to the store again around 5:30PM, where Brookline units responded again. The manager was positive it was the same suspect in that shoplifting incident. A warrant for the subject's arrest has been requested for this subsequent shoplifting offense.

3/21 and 3/22


An officer was dispatched to Harvard St on Wednesday for a reported shoplifting. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the reporting party who witnessed a man concealing three shirts then leaving the store without paying. A 33 year old Boston resident was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Wednesday night, an officer assigned to the front desk was met by a victim who stated her license plates had been stolen from her vehicle on Tappan St. Police are investigating.

A robbery occurred Wednesday night on Heath St, involving 3 suspects. Police are continuing with their investigation.


Around 9 AM on Thursday, an officer was dispatched to Beacon St for a report of a larceny that had occurred at a commercial property. The victim stated that a male came into the business, complaining of a migraine and leaning over the counter within the lobby. A few moments later, the victim noticed some of her personal belongings missing and the male subject was no longer in the store. The case is active at this time.

At approximately 6:30 PM, an officer was dispatched to Linden Pl for an IRS scam report. The victim stated that she had returned a missed call from an individual claiming to be from the IRS, informing her that she owed back taxes and that there were four warrants issued for her arrest. The individual claiming to be affiliated with the IRS set up a payment plan, using gift cards as the method of paying the balance. A request has been made for a follow-up as police are investigating this case.

The following tips provided by the IRS website can help you avoid becoming a victim of IRS scams.

Please note, the IRS will not

  • Call, requesting or demanding immediate payments and will not call if you do owe taxes, without first mailing a bill to your residence
  • Demand payment and deny you to question or appeal the amount due
  • Require payment of your taxes by a certain method, like gift cards
  • Ask for bank account information, like debit or credit card numbers, over the phone
  • Make threats that other authorities/agencies will become involved (police, etc.), resulting in arrest, if your payment is not made

If you receive a call and do not or have no reason to believe that you owe taxes, do not give out any personal information and immediately hang up. Contact TIGTA to report the scam via their "IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting" page.

Additionally, report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission using the "FTC Complaint Assistant" on their website.

For more information about IRS Scams, visit the link below: