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Friday, January 11, 2008

January 10th Police Reports

January 10, 2008


  • Occurred at 9:59 PM Washington St.

Brandon Ekhator, 21 yrs, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for graffiti.

An Officer from the Community Service Department, specializing in graffiti; precaution and investigation, picked up a man that he believed had an outstanding warrant for his ”tagging”(graffiti). The officer was familiar with the suspect and located him while the suspect was riding his bike down Washington St. The man was suspected for tagging a local restaurant bathroom on 12/17. As a result of further investigation, the officer will be charging the suspect with numerous other tagging incidents throughout the town.


  • Occurred at 8:00 AM 11/7 115 Greenough St.

Victim reports that her son had ridden his bike to school on 11/7 and then had walked home that day. The victim’s son could not remember exactly when he realized it was missing.


  • Occurred between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM 115 Greenough St.

Police responded to the Brookline High School’s Clinic for a report of an assault and battery on a student. A witness reported to the police that she saw a group of about 25 students watching two boys fighting. One of the boys had the other to the ground and was continually punching him. The victim explained that a few days before he believed that the other boy tried to pick-pocket him. The victim confronted the other boy, the subject then demanded a fight with the victim.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 9th Police Reports

January 9, 2008


  • Occurred at 10:33 PM 44 Washington St.

Leann McGillveary, 22 yrs, was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license.

Police arrested Ms. McGillveary for driving with a suspended license. After being pulled over for a traffic violation, police ran a check on Ms. McGillveary license which showed that her license was suspended. Her vehicle was uninsured and towed.

  • Occurred at 8:45 PM 139 Harvard St

Three juveniles where arrested and charged for robbery.

Officers responding to a 911 call of a robbery stopped 3 subjects fitting the description.

Victim reports that while walking north on Harvard St. he was approached by three males. One of them asked the victim where he was going while another told him to give them his stuff. The suspects took the victim’s cell phone and $62.00 in cash. The victim then ran to a near by gas station to call police. Victim was brought to the subjects’ location and was able to make identification.

Attempted Burglary

  • Occurred between 4:00 PM 1/8 and 10:30 PM 1/9 39 Juniper St.

Victim reports that sometime during the night someone attempted to forcibly enter the maintenance storage shed located in the rear of the building. The door and lock to the shed were moderately damaged. Nothing was taken from the shed


  • Occurred between 8:00 AM 1/7 and 12:40 PM 1/9 283 Harvard St

Victim reports that within the last two days somebody had climbed up on the roof to the building and pried off copper flashing.


  • Occurred at 2:47 PM

Victim reports that she was contacted by the fraud division at her bank reporting that there had been some unusual activity on her credit card account. They informed her that an on-line or telephone charge was made totaling $610.64. She informed them that it was an unauthorized charge and the account was immediately closed.

  • Occurred 8:00 AM 1/6

Victim reports that he was contacted by Sears reporting that there was fraudulent activity on his card. A sale of $ 131.78 was made in Japan. There was then another attempt for $4243.68 that was denied.

  • Occurred between 12:00 PM 12/17 and 4:00 PM 1/9

Victim reports that he made a purchase with a personal check in the amount of $130.00 for a computer program. Upon opening the package he determined the disc to be a counterfeit. The victim had made several attempts to contact the seller by internet but has not received any response.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 8th Police Reports

January 8, 2008


  • Occurred at 12:36 PM Muddy River

A juvenile was arrested and charged with Indecent Assault and Battery.

Police responded to reports of a woman being assaulted while jogging along the Muddy River. The suspect was identified, by the victim, and arrested for assault and battery.

  • Occurred at 1:01 AM Chestnut St.

Nageebha Bello, 20 yrs., was arrested for Domestic Assault and Battery and Malicious Destruction of Property.

Police responded to reports of a dispute between a couple and that a female had damaged her ex-boyfriend’s car. After Bello’s ex-boyfriend dropped her off at home, the two got into a verbal fight which led to Bello assaulting her ex-boyfriend. While waiting for the police to arrive Bello kicked and damaged the rear tail light of her ex-boyfriends car.

  • Occurred at 11:23 PM 30 Harvard Ave

Gene Jackson, 40 yrs., was arrested and charged with Trespassing.

Police responded to reports of a man trespassing. Owners of the building stated that Mr. Jackson had been sleeping in the buildings basement for the past week. When asked to leave Mr. Jackson became verbally abusive towards the owner of the building. When police asked Mr. Jackson for identification he said that he did not have any form of identification and gave police a false name. Mr. Jackson was arrested for trespassing.


  • Occurred between 3:00 PM and 4:15 PM Beacon St.

Victim reports that sometime over night a desktop computer was stolen from a trailer at the construction sight. The lock that was used to lock the trailer was missing. There was no sign of forced entry.


  • Occurred between 12:01 AM 12/1/07 and 12:00 AM 12/20 43 Garrison

Victim reports that at the beginning of last month an LCD projector, DVD player, and wireless broadband transmitter were missing from the Brookline Community Health Center.

  • Occurred between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM 38 Fuller St.

Victim reports that sometime in the morning his bicycle was stolen from the rear of his garage. The bicycle was unlocked.

  • Occurred at 7:10 PM 312 Harvard Ave

Victim reports that while she left her stroller unattended her wallet was stolen. Taken was her wallet containing 3 credit cards, a personal check in the amount of $60 and approximately $80 in various gift cards.


  • Occurred at 11:00 AM 216 Tappan St.

Victim reports that a purchase of $30.00 was fraudulently made with his bank account. The victim is sure he did not make the purchase for he was at school at the time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 7th Police Reports

January 7, 2008


  • Occurred between 8:00 PM 1/6 and 7:17 AM 1/7 83 Harvard St.

Victim reports that sometime over night, his radio was stolen from his vehicle. The door to his car was still locked and no windows had been smashed. The value of the radio is approximately $138.00

  • Occurred between 5:45 PM 1/6 and 7:45 AM 1/7 1210 Boylston

Victim reports sometime during the day over $2000.00 in cash were stolen from his car. His wallet, which he left in the center console, was found on the passenger’s seat.

  • Occurred between 2:00 PM 1/4 and 8:30 AM 1/7 95 Walnut St.

Victim reports that sometime during the past few days eight ladders and cables had been stolen from the job site that he had been working at.


  • Occurred between 11:10 AM and 12:00 PM 33 Ackers Ave.

Victim reported that sometime in the past year her diamond ring and gold pocket watch was stolen from her home. The back door was left unlocked in the past.


  • Occurred between 5:00 PM 1/6 and 9:00 AM 1/7 194 Boylston St.

Victim reported that a wall on the old Lincoln School had been spray painted. Police observed one “tag” that was sprayed with black spray paint.


  • Occurred at 12:28 PM 50 Longwood Ave

Police responded to reports of a fight between two males at a construction site on Longwood Ave. The two men were verbally arguing which then escalated to a physical fight.

Monday, January 7, 2008

January 4th-6th Police Reports

January 4, 2008


  • Occurred at 2:21 AM Beacon St

Victim reported that someone had used the routing number from her account to make several fraudulent purchases. Several checks were made totaling over $150.00.


  • Occurred between 7:00 PM and 10:30 PM 78 Lancaster 0063

Victim reported that sometime while his car was parked outside his friend’s home his vehicles front driver’s window had been smashed. The holder to his GPS service which was glued to the window was on the driver’s seat and his glove compartment was open. His GPS was not taken for it was not in the car at the time.

January 5, 2008


  • Occurred between 6:00 PM 1/4 and 12:39 PM 1/5 121 Salisbury

Victim reported that sometime over night her vehicles passenger side window had been smashed and that her GPS service was missing. No further items were taken.

  • Occurred between 3:30 PM 1/4 and 6:30 PM 1/4 112 Centre St.

Victim reported that her purse containing $3-$4 in cash, 2 MasterCard credit cards, house keys, and several other person effects were stolen.


  • Occurred between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM 639 Chestnut Hill Ave.

Victim reported that when he returned home he noticed that two of the basement windows had been smashed. Upon searching the basement he did not find anything missing, but he did notice that a sleeping bag and a pillow had been unrolled and put on the floor.


  • Occurred at 3:48 PM 17 Tabor Pl.

Police responded to reports form the Lawrence Police Department that a run-away juvenile was staying with her boyfriend. The juvenile was placed under arrest for a CHINS warrant and was later turned over to her foster mother.

January 6, 2008


  • Occurred at 5:59 PM 1195 Boylston ST.

Thomas McLaughlin, 22 yrs, arrested and charged with possession of heroin.

Christine Wunder, 21 yrs, arrested and charged with possession of heroin

Police responded to reports that two people, one female and one male, were found in the restroom of the gas station doing drugs. Officers arrested the subjects for possession of heroin.

Malicious Damage

  • Occurred at 1:30 AM 136 Wolcott Rd.

Victim reported hearing several loud bangs to his house and seeing an unknown vehicle driving away from his home the night before. In the morning he noticed that his house had been egged. The aluminum siding of his home was damaged.