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Friday, December 30, 2011

Police Reporst 12/30/2011

12/29/11 Larceny

Police responded to Perry Street to take a report for a larceny. The victim reported that there had been two packages delivered to their address on Netherlands Road on 12/20 and left on their front steps. When they went to retrieve the packages on 12/21 and the packages had been stolen.

12/29/11 11:50 PM Armed Robbery

Police responded to Walgreens at 99 Harvard Street at 11:49 PM for a report of a man with a knife inside the store. A description of an Asian male 5'6-5'8 with a black jacket, jeans, black bandana over his face and sunglasses was broadcast to responding officers. While canvassing the area, Officers stopped a subject who matched the description given by the victims/witnesses. After further investigation by the Officers, the subject was placed under arrest for Armed Robbery- Masked, Trespassing, and Assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon.

12/30/11 12:57 AM Arrest

While on Patrol in the Coolidge Corner area, Officers observed a vehicle traveling inbound in the outbound side of Beacon Street before turning on to Harvard Street. Officers conducted a traffic stop and advised the operator he had been traveling in the wrong direction. Officers detected an odor of alcohol coming from the driver. After further investigation, the operator was placed under arrest for O.U.I-L and traffic offenses.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

12/27/11-12/28/11 Police Reports

12-28-11 Larceny

Resident of Grove Street reported to police that both license plates were removed from their vehicle overnight.

12/28/11 10:45 am Traffic Arrest

Officers were monitoring the area of Harvard Street and Green Street when they observed a vehicle make a turn where signs prohibit. Officers conducted a traffic stop and it was found the operator of the vehicles license had been suspended. The operator was placed under arrest and issued a citation.

12/10/2011 Larceny

Victim came into the police station to report that while at the Starbucks in the Shops at Putterham her wallet had been stolen.

12/28/11 Malicious Damage

Resident of Waverly Street reported to police that they found scratches along the body of their vehicle that appeared to be deliberate.

12/28/11 Warrant Arrest

During a fraud investigation Officers made a warrant arrest

12/29/11 Arrest

Officers responded to Washington Street and Beacon Street around 2:49 AM for a reported fight in progress. Officers arrived to find it was a female subject who was attempting to evade a taxi fare. The female was placed under arrest for disorderly person, Assault and Battery, Resisting arrest and Evading a Taxi Fare.

12/19/11 Larceny

Officers were dispatched to Stearns Road for a reported package theft. The victim reported that upon returning home, a package addressed to them had been ripped open and the contents inside were missing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Break and Entering Arrest made

Today at 3:30 PM officers responded to Village Way for a report of some one trying to break in. As officers arrived the suspect tried to flee but was quickly located a short distance away. The female subject was placed under arrest for Breaking and Entering and several other charges. More information will be available Thursday.

Reports 12-27-28

12-28-11 06:45 hours Traffic Arrest

On 12/28/2011, at approximately 0645 hours, a report of a DMV in the left lane around 490 Boylston St.The operator stated the vehicle ran out of oil and was disabled. He handed over an International License that had an East Boston address. The license appeared to be similar to forgeries purchased over the Internet. A driver’s license check showed the operator was not duly licensed. The operator was then placed under arrest for Not Being Duly Licensed. The vehicle was towed by Perfection towing.

12-28-11 Attempted B&E

Brookline Dispatch received a call from the resident of Davis Ave, for what appeared to have been an attempted B+E through their front bedroom window. He stated that the incident had happened ten minutes prior, and the subject fled down Davis Av, toward Brookline High School. He saw a young, white, high school age male, wearing dark clothing. Upon making eye contact the male became startled, screamed, and ran West, down Davis Ave toward the high school.

A subject was stopped fitting the description but the victim could not identify the subject. A follow up will be conducted by the detectives.

12-27-11 22:56 hours M.V. Accident

Vehicle # 1, struck two pedestrian at the intersection of Boylston St. and Cypress St. in the crosswalk. Both Pedestrians were transported to the Beth Israel Hospital for injuries sustained during the crash. Vehicle # 1 was released to the owner and operator.

12-27-11 1637 hours Disturbing Peace/Assault

On this date, Tuesday - December 27th at approximately 1634 hrs two calls were received by Brookline Police Dispatch reporting a disturbance between pedestrians and a motorist in the area if 805 Boylston St.

The operator of the motor vehicle stopped to let 2 pedestrians cross the street. One of the pedestrians threw a bag containing food at his windshield.

The pedestrians were stopped and identified and will be summonsed to court for disturbing the Peace and Assault and Battery.

12-27-01 Credit Card Fraud

The victim of a Credit Card Fraud reports that on December 13, 2011 at approximately 2200hrs she was inside a Coffee Shop, located on Harvard St this town. The victim stated that she had placed her Bank of America Signature Visa Card in her jacket pocket instead of her purse and believes it was then that someone pick pocketed her and took her credit card right out of her pocket.

Victim state’s that she checked her Bank of America Credit Card statement and noticed multiple fraudulent charges ranging from December 13, 2011 thru December 23,2011.

12-27-11 14:35 hours Traffic Arrest

On December 27th 2011 at approximately 1435hrs I was monitoring traffic at the intersection of Goddard Ave. and Newton St. when I observed a motor vehicle traveling on south Newton St. approaching the stop sign at Goddard Ave.. The vehicle failed to stop at the stop sign and was almost struck by an on-coming vehicle. I approached the operator and asked for his license and registration, both of which he produced. The Mass. license which the operator of the motor vehicle gave me expired on 5-15-2010.

I checked the operator’s license status through the RMV on the cruiser's laptop and confirmed through dispatch that his license was under suspension. I informed the operator he was being placed under arrest for operating after suspension.

12-27-11 08:00 hours Larceny

On 12/27/2011, at approximately 0800 hours, an Officer was dispatched to Beacon St. to take a larceny report.

The manager reports money was taken from a cabinet some time the previous night.

A report was taken and still under investigation.

12-27-11 12:40am Traffic Arrest

An Officer observed a Taxi Cab exit Station St and turn onto Washington St. Station St is a posted One Way St. After observing the violation the cab was stopped.

The operator was unable to locate his license but provided me his name and date of birth. A search of the Registry through dispatch revealed that the operator’s right to operate was Suspended.

Operator was placed under arrest for:

M.G.L. Ch 90, sec 23 Operating After Suspended License

M.G.L. Ch 89, sec 9 One Way Violation

Monday, December 26, 2011

December 25-26

Break and Entering

On 12/25/11 Officers were dispatched to Thorndike St for a breaking and entering report.

Upon arrival, they were met by a resident who told them that when she arrived home at approximately 8:15pm she found her basement door was open and the glass window to it had been smashed. The resident told them that she left her apartment at approximately 12:45pm to go out for the day. When she returned home at 8:15pm she found the basement door window smashed. She said that when she arrived home this evening, she went into the basement to find the basement light turned on, the two storage unit doors were open, and there was glass on the ground. She said that the basement light is never on and that the doors to the storage units are always closed shut.

The basement door leads to a back staircase to which the backdoor of all three units can be accessed as well as the basement area. There was broken glass on the staircase leading down into the basement. There were additional pieces of glass on the basement floor near one of these storage units.

It appears that entry was made by smashing the basement window and then reaching through the window to open the door from the inside door knob. There appears to be a pry mark on the basement lock from the outside, but the tenants were unsure whether it was there before tonight. After making entry, it appears that the suspects targeted the basement area where the storage units were located.

At this time it is an on-going investigation .


On Monday, 12/26/11, at about 3:53am multiple Brookline units responded for a report of an assault that occurred at 369 St. Paul St, called in by the Boston University Police Department.

The victim, gave the description of a black male, between 18-22 years old, 5ft 6in to 5ft 8in, wearing a blue puffy style jacket with a hood and dark jeans. She stated that she was walking to work on the inbound side of Commonwealth Ave toward St Paul St when she noticed the suspect walking up Crownenshield Rd towards Commonwealth Ave. As she traveled further down Commonwealth Ave she noticed that the individual turned right onto Commonwealth Ave and began following approximately 30 yards behind her. The suspect then began closing the distance and followed her on her diagonal approach onto St Paul St.

In the vicinity of 369 St. Paul street the suspect wrapped his arms around her. The victim described the suspect's actions as he lightly wrapped each of his arms around her upper torso pinning her arms to her body then lightly clasped his hands together for only one to two seconds then quickly released. In a state of fear she ran into the building. Once safe and secure she called the Boston University Police. The approximate time the crime occurred was 3:35am,

The victim stated that the suspect's action were not sexual in nature. She further described it as a quick sort of hug from behind. At no time did the suspect say anything and there were no attempts to grab for her hand bag or wallet and she did not see any weapons

A search of the area yielded negative results.