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Friday, November 24, 2017

November 20- 23, Lock your cars, hide valuables. Check credit card statements. Be suspicious of free stuff.

November 20, at 12:10PM A Green Street resident called to report their car had been broken into overnight. The resident reported they had parked in their lot the night before around 5:30 PM. Today they went out at 8:30AM to find items had been taken from the car. No visible damage to the car, no leads at this time.

November 20 at 6:10 PM an officer on Babcock Street, saw a vehicle drive past him heading towards Commonwealth AV. The officer ran the license plate. The inquiry indicated the cars registration was Revoked/ Insurance. The vehicle was pulled over in the area of 227 Babcock Street. The driver was given a citation for driving an unregistered car and another for the car being uninsured. The license plates were removed by Police and seized and the car was towed. 

November 20, File under the heading Strange Cases, Officers took two reports from residents claiming they are getting free stuff from Amazon. Both the residents say over the prior weeks they have been getting items delivered from Amazon to their residences. Items received included (2) make up brush cleaners, phone cables and cases, mostly small items. Checking with Amazon they found in one case an account with the residents name and address had been created. The items had been purchased with an amazon gift card and an unknown email address.  The second case Amazon said the items were being sent by a third party with an unknown account. Both residents say their credit cards have not been used. At this time it is unknown if this is some type of scam.

November 21, at 1:10AM Officers responded to Rt. 9 and Sumner for a reported driver sleeping at the wheel. A driver had stopped behind a car in the travel lane to check on the driver in front of him at the green light. That operator approached the car and saw the driver apparently sleeping at the wheel. Another car stopped to assist. The police were called and the investigations lead to the arrest of the driver that appeared to be sleeping. The driver faces charges of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

November 22, at 5:46AM a two car crash at Longwood Av and Kent Street sent four people to the hospital with various injuries. This is still under investigation.

November 22, a staff member at Runkle School reported their cell phone was missing. They indicated on the prior day they had left it in a bathroom in the school. The matter is under investigation.

November 22, 11:25 AM officers were dispatched to a bank on Harvard Street for a reported argument inside. They arrived to find three people involved in an argument. Two subjects are involved in a civil matter, one owing the other rent money. The third person was identified as a Brookline constable who was asked to assist another person in getting money from the third party.  It appears that the subject who requested the constable went too far in their attempts to get the matter resolved.  Allegedly they took the others purse while inside the bank and may have taken apartment keys from it. The officers on scene had a discussion with the constable and they had conversation over his role on scene.  The subject who had requested the constable is now being summonsed into court for attempted larceny. This matter is still under investigation.

November 23 at 7:15PM an officer responded to Brookline AV near Parkway Road. A person reported their vehicle had been broken into. The owner stated they parked there in the morning and came back to find a back window had been smashed. In looking inside they saw that an expensive dress had been stolen from the car.  This matter is still under investigation.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Nov. 16th- Nov 19th

November 16th at 4:39PM an employee of a local business on Brookline Av came into the station to report a past assault and battery. The incident involved a fellow employee. As a result of the investigation it was determined to give both employees a chance to tell their stories to a clerk of the court. No arrest made.
November 17th at 9:53 AM a caller reported a man was walking on Willow Crescent and was screaming. When officers arrived the subject gave his name and it was found there was an active arrest warrant out for him. While the subject was being placed into custody he struck one of the officers and tried to flee. He was successfully taken into custody. He now faces additional charges of assaulting the officer and resisting arrest.
November 17th at 9:30PM a witness’s information assisted police in making an arrest of a subject for breaking and entering into a car. A witness observed a subject appear to try to get into a car and smash the cars window. The car was parked on Freeman Street. The subject then fled in another car. A partial license plate and description of the car was given to Police. A car fitting the description was stopped in Brookline Village a short time later. The investigation lead to a passenger in the car being charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle.
November 18th at 10:35AM officers responded to a store on Beacon Street for a report of a past larceny. Officers were told a subject had been observed taking packages of paper plates and napkins and placing them into their bag. The subject then left the store without paying and was gone before police arrived.
November 18th at 5:25PM officer responded to a store on Harvard Street. A subject had been stopped for shoplifting. Among the items found on the subject was $183.00 worth of frozen shrimp. The subject had a total of property valued at $ 255.78. The subject was arrested and faces larceny charges.
November 18th at 10:30PM Dispatch stated they received a call from the BUPD police. BU Police stated they had received an anonymous tip on their tip line of a reported party on Stedman Street. Officers were able to locate a party in the area and it was shut down.
November 19th at 1:05 AM an officer was conducting traffic enforcement at the intersection of Rt. 9 and Cypress Street. The officer observed a car make an illegal U-Turn .The vehicle was pulled over in the area of 300 Boylston Street. The operator became uncooperative and argumentative; finally the driver produced a Massachusetts Identification card and stated they did not have a license. As result of the stop the operator was placed under arrest and charged with Not Duly Licensed and Illegal U-Turn. The car was towed.
November 19th at 2:29 AM a bus and a car crashed at the intersection Carlton St. and Mountfort St. The bus was carrying four passengers. No one on the bus was hurt. The operator of the bus was cited for a traffic violation. The operator of the car was taken to a hospital for minor injuries and their car was towed