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Friday, August 10, 2012

Police Reports 8/8-8/10

Bat in House: 8/10 at 1:01am – Garrison Rd
Resident stated that he was awoken by a bat that was flying around his bedroom. He then left his bedroom trapping the bat inside. Resident was advised of possible exposure. He was advised to contact Critter Control to try and capture the bat and have his doctor conduct a follow up.

Operating After Suspension: 8/10 at 11:50am – Washington Street & Brookline Ave
Officer observed a vehicle displaying an expired inspection sticker. Check of the vehicle’s registration revealed registered owner had a suspended right to operate. Operator was placed under arrest and will be issued for Operating after sustention and Failure to submit vehicle for inspection.

Straight Warrant: 8/9 at 5:35pm – High St
Officer observed a vehicle parked and unoccupied in the parking lot. A query of the registration revealed that the registered owner had an active straight warrant. Registered owner was of the warrant and placed under arrest without incident.

Larceny: Occurred 8/8 after 4:30pm – Auburn St
Victim states that she returned home from dropping her daughter at daycare that morning she noticed that her bike was gone. Bike was stored in the garage. The garage has no garage door. The bike had a Kryptonite lock on the front tire, locking the tire to the frame. The bike was not locked to the garage at all and would have had to be carried away.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Theft Suspect

Brookline Police Department
Is requesting information about the identity of this suspect

Occurred Saturday June 30th, 2012@ Tappan St between 10:30am – 11:15pm
Employee of the Kirrane Aquatics Center reported that someone had broken into his secured locker and removed several credit cards from his wallet. Fraudulent charges were immediately made to the victim’s account at Apple Retail Store locations in Cambridgeside Mall & Boston. See above for surveillance photos. Brookline Police Department requests that anyone with any information on this unknown suspect, to please contact:

Brookline Detectives Division

Police Reports 8/6-8/9

Warrant: 8/9 at 1:30am - St. Marys St. and Commonwealth Ave
A random query of a vehicle’s registration revealed that the registered owner of the vehicle had a warrant. Driver was placed under arrest, vehicle was towed.

Not Duly Licensed: 8/9 at 1:45am – Cypress St
Officer observed a vehicle displaying a rejected state-issued inspection sticker. A query of the vehicle’s registration revealed that the registered owner had an "H" license restriction. Dispatch confirmed that the driver was unlicensed to operate at this hour. Driver was placed under arrest and issued a citation for being not duly licensed.

Breaking & Entering: 8/8 at 12:15am – Beacon St
Officer was dispatched for a report of malicious damage. The victim stated that he parked his vehicle on the reservation, next to the MBTA trolley tracks.  When he returned, he noticed a large cut to the soft top, on the driver side. Officers believe that the suspect was attempting to unlock the driver side door.

MV Accident: 8/8 at 6:08pm – Grove St
Driver was about to enter Ryan circle when she was hit from behind by another vehicle. There was no reported injury. Driver’s mother arrived and drove the car away from the accident scene. Operator of the other vehicle was issued a citation for Following Too Closely.

Malicious Damage: 8/6 at 11:10pm - Washington St
Officer responded to a report of a past Malicious Damage report. Owner of the store stated that on Monday the glass on his front door had been smashed. Surveillance video captured  two girls kicking the door. One of the girl tried to open the door and when she was unable to gain entry, she kicked the door. A witness who observed the incident was able to recognize and identify the two female suspects. Officer reported to the suspects’ place of resident, but was unable to find them. Officer will conduct a follow up with the walk and talk to try and locate the suspects.

Larceny: Occurred 8/8 between 11:30am and 2:00pm – Walnut Pl
Victim left her bike parked in far rear of Walnut Place. It was found missing at 2:00pm.

Pedestrian Accident: 8/8 at 11:16am - Harvard St
Operator of a vehicle was backing up from a marked parking space in the parking lot when the operator struck a pedestrian, causing minor injuries. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital. A registration check revealed that the operator’s license was expired. The operator was cited for Not Being Duly Licensed and Failing to Use care While Backing.

Arrests Made from Knyvet Park Robbery

On Sunday, August 5, 2012 at approximately 11:05pm, the Brookline Police Department responded to the area of 175 Freeman St on a report of a Robbery.  The victims reported they were assaulted and robbed in Knyvet Park (directly in front of 175 Freeman St).  One victim was punched and knocked to the ground.  One suspect then went through the victim’s pockets, taking the victim’s wallet and BlackBerry Cell Phone.  The 3 suspects then ran from the Park.

On 8-12-12, one of the victims contacted the Brookline Police to report he had just seen one of the subjects that was involved in the Robbery.  The victim said he had seen the subject in the area of 338 St Paul St.

After an extensive investigation, police officers were able identify two suspects. Two subjects were place under arrest for Unarmed Robbery.  One suspect is a juvenile from Hyde Park and the other is a 17 year old form Baltimore, Maryland. An arrest warrant was issued for a third subject involved in the Robbery. The 3rd suspect is an adult from Brookline

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Police Reports 8/7 - 8/8

Sector 1
Straight Warrant: 8/8 at 12:31am - Harvard St/Beacon St
Officer noticed a vehicle with a defective passenger side headlight. Dispatch confirmed that the vehicle was active and that the driver had an active license, but he had a Straight Warrant issued. Driver was placed under arrest for the warrant.

Sector 2
Larceny: Occurred sometime between 7/27 & 8/2 – Stearns Rd
Victim stated that her bike was left unsecured in her foyer. She stated that stated that although the front door to the building is usually locked, the door is often propped open or left opened by a resident.

Sector 4
Larceny: Occurred 8/5 between 9:00am & 9:00pm - High St
Resident reported two bikes were found missing from their backyard. On 8/6 at approximately 7:00am, the resident’s husband went out for a jog when he found one of the bikes abandoned on Chestnut St.  He was unsuccessful at locating the second bicycle.

Not Duly Licensed: 8/7 at 7:43am – Washington St
Officer noticed a vehicle that did not have a valid inspection sticker. A registration query revealed that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license. Driver was placed under arrest charged for Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle and Failure to Submit Vehicle for Inspection.

Sector 5
Malicious Damage: Occurred between 8/6 at 6:30pm & 8/7 at 7:00am – Beacon St
Victim reported that someone ripped off the door to one of her dryers at her Laundromat. Report was taken and detectives will conduct a follow up investigation.   

Sector 9
Larceny: 8/7 at 9:09am – Puddingston Rd
A construction company supervisor reported that one of his crew had one of their blowers stolen. The crew was using the blowing machine and had left if on the street lawn area at the corner of the West Roxbury Parkway and Puddingstone Rds to go and get one of the company trucks to pick up the blower.  When the crew returned with the truck, the blowing machine was not there. The supervisor stated that this piece of equipment is heavy and would require two individuals to lift it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Police Reports 8/4-8/7

Sector 1
Burglary: Occurred 8/2 sometime after 5:30pm
A landlord and a resident of their building reported finding the rear window to the 1st floor unit wide open the screen removed to the ground and the air conditioner was pushed halfway into the apartment. Officers determined that there were no signs of forced entry into the front door and that entry was gained through the rear window and exit was via the front door. Detectives processed the scene for further investigation.

Sector 2
Operating After Suspension: 8/6 at 5:45pm – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle displaying a rejected blue inspection sticker stopped at an intersection. A query check revealed that the operator’s right to operate was suspended. Operator was charged with Operating after Suspension and Failure to submit for Inspection.

Sector 3
Night Burglary: 8/7 at 3:30am – Centre St
Caller reported that a male suspect was spotted standing in the corner of her bathroom with his hands by his side and his head down. The man turned and walked out the apartment without speaking. Officers were later dispatched towards River Way to an individual matching that description. Suspect was later identified by the caller as the same male suspect that was in her bathroom. Officers recovered a small amount of marijuana in his possession. Suspect was placed under arrest and charged for B& E Night Time with Intent to Commit Felony and possession for less than once ounce of Marijuana.

Sector 3
Not Duly Licensed: 8/6 at 6:40pm - Harvard St. and Green St
Officer observed a vehicle attempt to pass through the intersection of Harvard St. and Green St while a pedestrian was in the middle of the crosswalk. A query check of the registration revealed that the operator’s license was expired and non-renewable. Operator was placed under arrest and charged for Operating without a License and Failing to Stop for a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk.

Sector 3
Larceny: 8/5 sometime after 1:00pm –Harvard St
Victim reported that her wallet was taken from her backpack. Fraudulent charges were made on her account at a 7-ll on Beacon St. She noticed a white male in his early twenties, sitting at the next table.

Sector 5
Day Burglary: 8/4 between 9:45am & 10:45am
Victim reported that his locker was broken into and items including cash, a credit card, and debit card were removed from his wallet. There were charges made on the victim’s account shortly after.

Sector 8
Day Burglary: 8/6 at 9:00pm – Heath St
A general contractor requested to meet an officer at Heath Street to report the B & E of a house that he was constructing and the subsequent larceny of an electric generator. The chain link fence was found cut open, all the exterior doors to the nearly completed house were wide open, and a recently purchased generator that belongs to the electrical contractor was missing. There is no additional information at this time.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Police Reports 8/3 - 8/5

Sector 1
Robbery: 8/5 at 11:05am – Knyvet Park
Units were dispatched to a report of a robbery that occurred. Victims stated that they were walking through Knyvet Park when they were approached by a white male suspect and two black male suspects. Suspects took the victims’ wallet, driver’s license, school ID, credit card, and a cellphone. Suspects descriptions include: White male, 5'6, early twenties, thin build, black shirt and blue jeans ; black male; 5'8-5'10, dark skin, no facial hair, short hair, medium build wearing a brown t-shirt and dark shorts to his knees, early twenties ; 2nd black male, 6'-6'2, dark skin, white t-shirt, dark shorts, unshaven beard, short hair early twenties and had a large fake diamond earring on his right ear. One of the victims did sustained minor cuts on his face but neither required any medical attention.  There is no additional information at this time.

Larceny: 8/5 at 3:38pm - Harvard St (TJ Maxx)
Officer responded to a report for a shoplifter being detained by store security. Security claims that he has seen suspect in the store multiple times in the past and suspected her of shoplifting, but has been unable to catch her in the act until today. Suspect was issued a No-Trespass order for the store and will be charged for Shoplifting.

Assault: 8/3 at 2:18pm - Harvard St (near Starbucks)
Victim stated that she was walking and listening to music on her headphones, when she was suddenly punched without provocation in the left eye by a female suspect. Suspect did not say anything to the victim, and fled on Harvard Street northbound toward Green Street. Suspect is described as a black female, mid 20's to mid 30's, 5'5" tall, heavy set, round face, and straight black hair in a bun. 

Assault: 8/3 at 8:10pm - Harvard St and Beals St
Officer responded to a report of a past assault and battery.  Victim stated that he was attempting to cross Harvard Street in a marked pedestrian crosswalk when a vehicle almost struck him. Victim stated that he had to put his hands out on the front of the vehicle, as he had anticipated being struck. This apparently angered the operator, who then exited the vehicle and used both hands to shove the victim in his chest. Operator then returned to the vehicle, and continued north on Harvard Street.  Victim captured a picture of the vehicle’s license plate. The operator of the vehicle refused to speak with the investigating officer.

Sector 2
Larceny: Occurred 8/1between 11:41am &10:00pm – Harvard St
Victim claims that her package was stolen from the front hall way or at the rear apartment door.  Officer advised the victim on ways to better secure her house and property.

Larceny: Occurred on 8/3 between 12:30pm & 2:00pm – Linden Place
Victim stated that his bicycle was stolen out of his garage. He stated that during that time he left his garage door open. The contents of the garage were visible from outside the garage and in the driveway. Victim stated that this has never happened to him before, but he also has never left his garage door open before either. A neighbor reported that she saw a white male wearing gym clothes, approximately 6 feet tall riding down Linden Place on a bicycle at around the same time, she was not sure if it was the bike in question and she did not recognize the unidentified male.

Malicious Auto Damage: Occurred 8/4 between 1:56pm & 1:59pm - Harvard St
Officer was dispatched to a store parking lot for a report of a malicious damage. Victim stated that that somebody had used a key to damage his vehicle. He stated that he stepped away from his vehicle for approximately 2 minutes when he went back into the store. During that time, security footage captured a suspect stepping out of his vehicle and walking from the front to the rear with an object in his hand. The footage was also able to capture an image of the suspect’s license plate number. Suspect was later contacted and questioned by officers. Suspect stated that he had a negative interaction with the victim and that he was upset and decided to "key his car" to get back at him. Suspect will be charged for Malicious Destruction of Property.

Sector 4
MV Accident: 8/5 at 2:40pm - Cypress St at Waverly
Victim stated that she stopped for traffic in front of her when she was struck from behind by another vehicle. The operator of the other vehicle stated that she was emotionally distracted due to recent argument with her boyfriend. She reacted too slowly and struck the rear end of victim’s vehicle. Victim suffered a nose bleed. No citations were issued.

Operating After Suspension: 8/4 at 11:00pm - Pierce St and Holden St
Officer noticed that a vehicle’s taillight were not working, causing a safety hazard to other motorists. A query check revealed that the operator had a suspended motor vehicle license status. Operator was placed under arrest and charged for Operating after Suspension and Defective Equipment (taillights).

Sector 5
Bicycle Larceny: Occurred on 8/3 between 3:30pm &5:30pm – Tappan St
Caller stated that his son's bicycle was stolen from in front of his residence. Bike was left unlocked on the steps.

Larceny: Occurred 8/3 between 12:45pm & 2:00pm – Tappan St
Victim reported cash taken from his wallet. Wallet was kept unlocked in the employees’ locker room locker. He believes it may be an employee, because the public is not allowed in that locker room, although the door to that locker room is propped open and unlocked.

Sector 7
Not Duly Licensed: 8/4 at 12:58am - Boylston St / Lee St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. A query check revealed that the operator had no  license to operate a motor vehicle. At this point he was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle while not being duly licensed. 

Sector 9
Operating After Suspension: 8/5 at 5:54pm - LaGrange St
Officer was monitoring the stop sign on LaGrange St when he observed a vehicle travel right through the stop sign without slowing down. A vehicle registration check revealed that the operator’s license had been suspended. Operator was placed under arrest and issued a citation for Operating After Suspension and the Stop Sign violation. At the station, Officers also uncovered non-prescribed Oxycodone pills. Operator will also be charged for Possession of a Class B Substance.