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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Arrest of Special Interest

August 11, 2016

In July, as a result of several calls to a Brookline housing authority property on Park Street, the Department’s Walk and Talk unit, working with detectives, opened an investigation.
Part of the investigation led to the discovery of ads on the internet, leading investigators to believe the Park Street residence may be used as a location for prostitution. With this information officers conducted surveillance. As the investigation grew, the department started to work with Boston’s Regional Intelligence Center and Boston’s Fugitive unit.

On 8/10/2016  the Park street resident, was arrested on a warrant. He is facing charges including permitting prostitution.
On 8/11/2016 a second subject was arrested and facing charges including Domestic A&B, Human Trafficking and Deriving Support from a prostitute.

August 12, 2016

An officer was conducting unmarked patrol in the area of Griggs Road and Griggs Terrace,(Griggs park) when he established surveillance of two male subjects acting questionably. One of the male subjects appeared to walk down a driveway on Griggs Road. Approximately three minutes later the officer observed one of the male subjects appear in the area of Washington St. and jump into a blue Honda Accord. The vehicle headed on Washington Street towards Beacon. The officer continued to follow the vehicle at a safe distance and observed the vehicle take a sharp left onto Hancock Street.  As the vehicle tried to exit the dead end street the officer conducted a traffic stop.
As the stop was being conducted a resident from Griggs road called to report their home had been broken into. Officers responded and the address which is where the officer had seen the subject in the driveway only a few minutes ago.

The residents reported they were home and heard noises coming from upstairs.  They yelled upstairs and then the noises stopped. They investigated and observed obvious signs of a break in so they called 911. Based upon all the evidence the subject at the motor vehicle stop was taken into custody and faces charges of Breaking and Entering in the day time. This case is still under investigation as police seek the second subject seen on Griggs road. Fortunately no one was hurt and anyone who may have been in the park, or that area, are asked to call the police if they saw anything suspicious.

Friday, August 12, 2016

8/10/2016 to 8/11/2016

On August 10th, our Warrant Apprehension Unit joined by the Massachusetts State Police Fugitive Unit, Massachusetts Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section and officers from the Boston Police D-14 Anti-Crime Unit successfully served various warrants. These included warrants for Possession of a Class A Drug and Distribution of a Class A Drug, Threat to Commit a Crime and Criminal Harassment, and Larceny over $250.

5:33 pm: A Beacon Street resident reported a B&E with larceny.  It appeared that someone had used brute force to enter the apartment through the front door. A camera and multiple camera lenses were stolen. Evidence was taken from the scene for further analysis.

7:13 pm: Officers responded to a call for a B&E on Boylston Street. It appeared that entry had been made through the front door of the apartment building and the apartment door using a pry tool. One of the victims stated the apartment appeared to have been rummaged through and his laptop and checkbook were stolen. The suspect had forced open a small safe to obtain the checkbook.

9:53 pm: Officers responded to Beacon Street for a B&E of an apartment. The victim stated that although the front door was locked when she arrived home, she noticed boxes and drawers disturbed inside the apartment. The victim is unsure if any items are missing. The rear door of her apartment was unlocked when she arrived home and there was no forced entry to the door. The victim will follow up with what was taken from the apartment.

11:39 pm: A Short Street resident reported a strange odor in their apartment. Officers had responded to the apartment a few hours earlier for the same call and the residents had already been advised. Firefighters informed the resident that the odor was most likely related to renovations being made in the building and reported to officers that the adjacent apartment appeared to have been forced in, but had been secure on the prior call. Varnish appeared to be freshly spilled in the bathroom of the apartment. Responding officers spoke with the caller asking if he knew anything about the damage to the door. First, he denied having anything to do with the damage and avoided answering questions. Later, details of his story changed. It was observed that to gain entry into the building one would need to be buzzed in and no damage was made to the front door.  Damage to the apartment door appeared to have been made using a fire extinguisher outside of the apartment. The resident was placed under arrest for malicious destruction/damage of property and B&E in the nighttime.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016



1:49am: Officers were dispatched to a residence on Green Street for a Breaking and Entering in progress. The reporting person stated to Brookline Dispatch that she was awoken by an unidentified subject opening her bedroom door.  The victim asked who was there and the subject quickly exited through the front door.  On scene, the victim reported the door to her apartment was unlocked. The victim reported nothing missing.  

10:49am: While on patrol, an officer was dispatched to an apartment on Harrison St. for a past report of fraud.  On scene, the victim reported making an appointment with a pest control company scheduled for 8/8/2016, between 12:00 and 2:00pm; however, the appointment was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. The victim reported having a male subject knock on her front door around 12:00pm and she assumed he was from the pest control company. The subject walked inside the house for approximately three hours and talked about being broke and needing gas money. The victim did not feel threatened by the subject, but she gave the individual money to get him to leave the apartment. The victim called the pest control company to see if the individual was one of their workers and he stated they were with him in Revere on a job site.  At this time, the victim stated she had not discovered any items missing from the residence. 

Monday, August 8, 2016



1:30pm: While on patrol an officer was dispatched to a school on Williston Road for a report of a past larceny. On scene, the victim reported locking his bike to a street sign on 8/3/2016 at approximately 4:00pm, and he discovered it missing 8/4/2016 at approximately 9:00am. A copy of surveillance footage has been requested and will be made available to the Brookline Police for further investigation.


4:30pm: While on patrol officers were dispatched to a residence on Lee Street for a past residential breaking and entering.  The victim reported leaving her house on 8/5/2016 at approximately 8:00pm and returned on 8/6/2016 at approximately 4:10 pm, to find her storage shed pried open. The victim reported nothing of value was taken from the shed.


2:20pm: A theft of the larceny was reported at a local gym on Commonwealth Ave. On scene, the victim reported placing his wallet unsecure in a locker in the men’s bathroom and after working out noticed his wallet was missing. Shortly after another gym patron found the wallet in the rear of the parking garage. The victim reported missing a small sum of money.

3:47pm: A Brookline resident approached the officer assigned to the front desk of the Brookline Police Department to report a past larceny. The victim reported on 7/2/2016 at approximately 3:00am, he had parked his car Lawton Street and when he arrived back the vehicle on 7/5/2016 he discovered his vehicle had been broken into. The victim reported a large sum of money was taken from the vehicle.