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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


1:50pm: Officers responded to a residential alarm on Eliot Street. When they arrived, they found signs of forced entry through a rear window. Officers are investigating this case as a burglary.

3:12pm: A man was arrested during a traffic stop near the intersection of Mountfort Street and St. Mary’s Street. He was brought in on two outstanding warrants and driving with a revoked license.

4:31pm: A bicycle was stolen from a home on Sherman Road. The bike was left unsecured in front of the residence. A report was taken.

4:48pm: A resident reported a past larceny. They stated that jewelry had been taken back in January, and a report was taken.

5:29pm: Officers arrested a man at a traffic stop at the intersection of Cottage Street and Goddard Ave for driving with an expired license.

9:18pm: A resident on Pleasant Street reported a package theft that had occurred earlier that afternoon. The package was delivered but its contents were missing. A report was taken. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


11:28am: A man was pulled over for a traffic violation on Beacon Street. Officers arrested the suspect when it was discovered that he had an outstanding warrant and possessed of a dangerous weapon.

12:25pm: A resident on Marion Street reported a package theft from their home. A report was taken.

4:59pm: A breaking and entering was reported on Sumner Road. The crime is believed to have occurred earlier that day. The matter is under investigation. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

2/19/2016 to 2/21/2016

7:21am: A possible shoplifting was reported at a business on Harvard Street. The suspect is described as a tall man in a grey hoodie. The matter is under investigation.

5:30pm: A Beacon Street business reported a shoplifting in progress. An officer was able to stop the suspect as they left the scene, and the items were recovered. The suspect was summonsed to court.

11:00pm: A breaking and entering was reported on Greenough Circle. The suspected entry point was an unlocked door, and the crime occurred earlier that evening. Officers collected evidence and the matter is under investigation.

9:39am: An attempted breaking and entering was reported on Highland Road. A screen door was damaged but nothing was reported stolen. The case is still under investigation.

10:31am: A resident of Highland Road reported damage to their neighbor’s screen door. The damage appeared similar to the case reported earlier on Highland Road. Officers inspected the scene and attempted to contact the residents, who were away. This case is under investigation.

4:07pm: A resident of Forest Street reported their snow blower stolen from their garage. A report was taken.