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Friday, February 23, 2018

Thursday, February 22nd


At approximately 11:30 Thursday morning, officers were dispatched to a store on Harvard St for a report of an attempted shoplifting. Upon arrival, the officers talked with an employee who told them that a man had come into the store shortly after 11:00 AM, asking for assistance finding a shirt. He was helped and tried on the shirt near the front of the store. He then put on his jacket, over the shirt belonging to the store, and attempted to exit the premises. When confronted by a store employee, the man took off the shirt and fled in the direction of Babcock St. Police are still investigating.

Officers were dispatched to Harvard St for a reported shoplifter, Thursday evening. The reporting party stated that she had watched a male and female pick up numerous items throughout the store. The female put store merchandise on the her own clothing and property. The male party had made a purchase at the store, then handed the shopping bag off to the female party. She then placed two unpaid for items within the bag holding the purchased ones. The female party was approached and willingly met with store employees. She will be summonsed to Brookline District Court for a shoplifting.

Officers responded to another attempted shoplifting that had occurred on Harvard St, Thursday evening. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the assistant store manager who relayed that a man had attempted to leave the store with a cart full of items. The assistant manager followed the male out of the store, approached and stopped him, then took the cart out of the suspect's possession. The male then walked away, entered his vehicle and proceeded to drive southbound. The store's assistant manager relayed vehicle information and the suspect was stopped shortly afterward by an officer. The vehicle and suspect were both identified and the man will be issued a summonsed to court for shoplifting.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wednesday, February 21st


At approximately 11:30 AM, an officer was dispatched to Washington St for a report of a larceny of a motor vehicle. The victim stated that she had parked her car on Washington St on Tuesday afternoon. Upon coming out Wednesday morning, she noticed her vehicle was stolen. The victim believes the car was locked. A stolen motor vehicle form was filed.

Around 4:30 in the afternoon, an officer was dispatched to Harvard St for a report of a past shoplifting. The cashier stated that a man had entered the store and had placed two items into his sweatshirt. He then proceeded to the back of the store, setting one of the items down, before walking out of the entrance still carrying the other item within his jacket. The cashier attempted to stop the suspect, but was unsuccessful in doing so. The cashier was unaware of what direction the shoplifter went after exiting the store.

Wednesday evening, an officer responded to Beacon St for a report of a package theft. The victim stated that she was expecting two package deliveries due to arrive on 2/15/18 that she had not received. After contacting both companies associated with the packages, they confirmed that both were delivered on the afternoon of February 15th. The packages were left in the vestibule of her apartment building upon their disappearance. Police are investigating.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2/19/2018 through 2/20/2018


In the morning of February 19, an officer was dispatched to a residence on LaGrange St for a report of excessive noise created by dogs. Upon arrival, the officer observed 6 dogs in the backyard of the property. The officer spoke to the resident, who had been cited in the past for excessive barking, and she stated that two owners were late to pick up their dogs. The resident was advised that having more than 4 dogs on a property requires a personal Kennel License. The resident was cited for Kennel License Violation.

On Tuesday evening, an officer responded to the area of the Lawrence School for the report of a traffic crash where one of the vehicles left the scene. The responding officer obtained the fleeing vehicles description and broadcasted the information to Brookline units. A short time later Officers, who were conducting traffic enforcement near Coolidge Corner, observed a vehicle fitting the description. The officers observed said vehicle traveling on Beacon Street and make a turn onto Harvard Street. As the vehicle was making the turn it drove onto the curb, and came near pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. Officers initiated a traffic stop on Harvard Street. After a brief investigation the operator of the vehicle was placed under arrest for Operating Under the Influence of intoxicating liquor, Leaving the scene of a Property Damage Accident and other charges.


In the evening of February 20, an officer responded to a residence on Mason Tr for a report of past breaking and entering. On arrival, the victim stated that he had arrived home from work and noticed that his garage door was open which he thought was odd. When he entered his residence, the victim observed that his back door was broken and unlocked and one of the windows was open with a lamp knocked over in front of it. After walking through his home, the victim found that items had been strewn about and jewelry had been stolen. The incident is being investigated.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Saturday, February 17th


On early Saturday morning, officers assigned to their unit notified Brookline Police Dispatch that a motor vehicle had crashed into a business on Harvard St. Upon arrival, Brookline PD, Brookline Fire and EMS evaluated the driver, who was medically cleared. The driver stated that while proceeding past the intersection of Thorndike and Harvard St, an unidentified motor vehicle drove through a stop sign. As an attempt to avoid collision, the driver swerved and ultimately crashed into the business. Both the driver's vehicle and the business sustained significant damage. A follow-up by the traffic division has been requested.

The victim of a stolen bicycle came into the station to file a report Saturday evening. He stated that his bike had been taken from alongside of his home between Thursday night and Friday morning. He noted that he had placed the bicycle there unlocked. Police are investigating.

On Saturday night, officers were dispatched to a residence to investigate a noise complaint of an address with a past history of loud party calls. One of the residents was advised of the complaint, the nuisance control town by-law and was informed that they were in violation of the aforementioned by-law. A violation was issued.

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