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Friday, August 12, 2011


MV Accident:

Occurred at 2:50 PM on 8/11 – Washington St./Pond Ave.

Officers responded to the area for a motor vehicle accident with reported injuries. The driver of the vehicle that was struck reported waiting at the red light when she was struck from behind by another vehicle. The other driver corroborated the story.

Breaking and Entering of MV

Occurred Overnight, 8/10-8/11 – Hallwood Rd.

Officers responded to the area for a report of breaking and entering. The victim reported she had left her vehicle unlocked in the driveway, and returned to find cash and a Notary Public stamp missing.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Breaking and Entering of MV:

Occurred Overnight, 8/10-8/11 – Washington St./South St.

Officers reported to the area for a report of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The victim reported leaving her purse in her vehicle, and returning the next morning to find her window smashed and her purse gone, with cash and credit cards.


Occurred between 8/2-8/9 – Boylston St./Cypress St.

The owners of a restaurant in the area were away between the above days, and returned to find it had been broken into. The rear door was forced open and money had been taken from the register. The scene was processed and the investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Occurred on 8/10 at 7 AM – Washington St./Davis Ave.

An officer in a marked vehicle stopped at a red light observed the vehicle in front of him disregard the light and drive right through. A motor vehicle stop was initiated, and it was discovered that his license he possessed and the vehicle registration were expired. There was also an active arrest warrant for him out of Connecticut.


Occurred between 8/1-8/8 - Linden St.

Officers responded to a reported larceny in the area. A couple had just moved into an apartment, and left it unoccupied for the week while renovations were taking place. They left several belongings in the storage area in the building, and when they returned a personal laptop computer was missing, and possibly several other items. Contractors and others had access to the storage area, as the door was unlocked.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arrest Made in Pocket Book Thief

Police make arrest of pocket book thief
On August 7, 2011 a pocket book was taken from the St. Mary’s Church located at Harvard Street and Linden Street this Town. A parishioner was attending the 9:30 Mass, when she went to communion she left her pocket book on the bench. When she returned the pocket book was gone. A description was given to police of a lady who was seen near the bench and leaving the church. A short time later the suspect can be seen on Video attempting to use the card at the TJ Maxx located at 525 Harvard Street.

With the release of the pictures to the media it resulted in someone calling in and identifying the suspect. Thanks to the media for your help.
Today a warrant was sought and this afternoon was issued for the arrest of Marie Carnegie, D.O.B. 04/04/1969. 14 Riverdale Street, Allston Mass. The suspect seen in the pictures.

At approximately 5:15 PM Brookline detectives went to the area of 14 Riverdale St. Allston, MA to effect the arrest warrant . The arrest warrant was issued by the Brookline District Court on this date (Docket # 1109CR000749) for the charges of Larceny from a Building & 2 counts of Receiving/Misuse of Credit Card Under $250. After making attempts at the address without any response, the detectives decided to relocate and observe from the area of Western Ave. After a brief period, they observed Ms. CARNEGIE walking on Western Ave. towards Riverdale St. It was here she was taken into custody without incident. Approximately 6:00PM she was booked.



Occurred at 1:47 PM on 8/8 – Harvard St./Babcock St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of an assault. The two involved parties were a driver of one vehicle and a passenger in the other. The driver of Vehicle 1 was waiting at the light on Babcock St. in order to make a left turn onto Harvard St. When the light turned green, the driver saw that he would not be able to make the turn due to oncoming traffic, so he waited behind the stop line while the light turned red again. The passenger of Vehicle 2 then began honking and yelling obscenities, and left the car to approach Vehicle 1’s window. Vehicle 1’s driver got out of his car, with a bat in hand but held down by his side, and the passenger retreated to her vehicle. When the light turned green again, Vehicle 1 was still unable to complete the turn, and the passenger in Vehicle 2 became agitated again. She again exited the vehicle and approached his, and the driver exited his vehicle again, bat in hand. When the passenger neared his vehicle, he attempted to get back in, when she came up and closed the driver’s side door 2 or 3 times on his leg. Witnesses reported that he then pushed the door back into her. The driver of Vehicle 1 was arrested for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and the passenger of Vehicle 2 will be summonsed to court for Disorderly Conduct.

Found Property:

A ring was turned in at the front desk of the station. It’s being held in an evidence locker for safekeeping.


Occurred at 1:04 PM on 8/8 – Commonwealth Ave./St. Mary’s St.

Officers were dispatched to the area for a report of shoplifting. The store manager reported following the two individuals around the store, and observed one place Advil into his backpack, as well as rub zinc ointment on a tattoo on his left arm. She then approached them asking them to pay for the items, when they stated they didn’t have any money. She told them the police were on their way, and they left the store.

The store manager described Suspect 1 as a white male, wearing a black shirt and khaki pants with a tattoo on his left arm, and Suspect 2 as a white male, wearing a brown shirt and brown pants, and carrying a black backpack.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Police update

08-07-11 Larceny From A Building

Report of a Larceny on Dean Rd
Victim reports that several sections of copper downspouts had been removed and stolen from around entire house. Victim had been away for past two weeks. See below special notice to residents regarding recent metal theft.

7/29/11 Credit Card Fraud
Victim walked into the police station to report credit card fraud. She stated that she shares a bank account with her mother and noticed that there were some unusual charges on their bank statement. She asked her mother about the transactions, and they discovered that mother’s wallet and debit card were missing.
The charges made were on following dates:
Victims do not know how, when or where, the wallet and card became missing. They also don't know who could have taken it. They were advised to notify the credit bureaus of this fraud.

08-06-11 Disorderly Person

Officer observed a white male wearing a striped shirt, and khaki pants and carrying a black backpack, standing in the middle of the street holding up traffic. The vehicle that was traveling next to the Police Car had to brake abruptly to avoid making contact with this subject. This individual appeared to be yelling at somebody on the sidewalk and pedestrians were pointing at him.
As he crossed over to the eastbound side of Beacon St., cars had to stop quickly and turn to avoid hitting him. Several people that were waiting for the train had to move out of the way as the subject ran past them.
When questioning this individual he gave a false name.
A WMS query revealed that suspect has an outstanding default warrant from Cambridge Court for Breaking and Entering Based on the above facts the subject will be charged with Disorderly Conduct (Ch. 272 s. 53) and Providing a False Name (Ch.268 s.34A), as well as the default warrant. A Court Application was completed and filed.

08-06-11 Possession With Intent To Distribute Class D Drugs

Brook Street
One male individual was arrested in the Brook St area for Possession of Class D, Possession With Intent to Distribute Class D, Possession with Intent within School Zone

One individual arrested on Green Street for Possession of class D, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D, Possession with intent within a School Zone.

08-05-08 Malicious Damage

Strathmore Rd victim reports damage to a motor vehicle. Sunroof glass shattered, all doors locked, no items taken from vehicle

08-05-11 Larceny

On August 5, 2011 at approximately 3:55 PM, An officer was dispatched to Brook Street, for a report of a stolen bicycle. On arrival Officer spoke to the (victim) who explained that her bicycle had been locked up to the fence in front of her house with a cable lock. She last saw it on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at approximately 1:00 PM, and noticed it missing on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at approximately 8:00 PM
There is no further information at this time.


Officers responded to Netherlands Rd to take a malicious damage report. Upon arrival, officer met the victim, whom reported that he parked his vehicle in his assigned spot on 7/30/2011, at approximately 1351 hours. On 8/4/2011, at approximately 1500 hours, when he went to retrieve his vehicle from his assigned spot, he discovered multiple pieces of glass from shattered glass bottles. He stated that all the shattered glass pieces were all over his front windshield and on the ground, near his car. The shattered glass is believed to be from a beer bottle. The victim’s vehicle had small scratches on the front windshield.


On August 5, 2011 at approximately 1005 hrs, officers responded to Oakland Road on a report of a larceny of planters that had occurred sometime between 0830 hrs and 0930 hrs. Upon arrival officers met with the reporting party, caller/victim and his wife who stated that three out of four planters that line the front of their property between the street and the sidewalk had been removed sometime this morning. Victim walked their dog at approximately 0830 hrs and stated that all planters were present at that time. At 0930 hrs, three out of four of the twelve to fourteen inch diameter planters and the contents were no longer in place.
The planter pots were all twelve to fourteen inches, brown in color and contained various large green leafy plants (elephant ears) and the third being dahlia flowers

08-05-11 Malicious Damage

On 8/5/2011 around 02:11 Hrs Officers responded to Beacon Street for a report of malicious damage. Once on scene Officers met with the caller who is a guest of one of the tenants in the building. Caller stated that this evening she observed recent damage to the glass front door of the building, where it appears someone kicked the door causing it to spider, but remain in one piece.
The property management company was contacted and advised that the glass was safety glass and did not pose an immediate danger. They stated that they would dispatch a glass company in the morning.

Suspects ID wanted

Sunday August 7, 2011 a womans pocket book was taken from St. Marys Church 5 Linden Street in Brookline,
Victim was attending the 9:30 Mass at St Mary's Church. Victim left her bench to receive communion, when she returned to her bench approximately five minutes later she noticed that her handbag was missing. Victim stated that there wasn't anyone seated behind her when she went to receive communion. Two people attending Mass stated that they saw a white female in her 40's wearing a short green rain jacket, plaid shorts, tan straw hat carrying a bag near the victims bench. This person did not stay for the conclusion of the Mass and was seen leaving the Church in a unknown direction . Several units were dispatched to the area, but were unable to locate this individual. Victim stated that her purse contained her cell phone, a master card and an American express card . Victim stated that her identification was also in her bag . Victim is visiting from Oklahoma, this is the only form of Identification she has. Detectives following up on the case received information that an attempt to use the victims credit card at T.J Maxx 525 Harvard St. at 11:40 a.m. but access was denied. A video and still pictures are available of this transaction Follow-up investigation is being conducted by the detective division. Anyone with information is asked to call the Brookline Police 617-730-2222

Recent Copper Thefts

Recently we have been experiencing some copper/metal thefts from commercial construction sites and residential homes. The thefts include large quantities of items which take a significant amount of time and effort to remove. The thefts from residences are mainly copper gutter/downspouts. We ask that citizens report any suspicious activity to Brookline PD.