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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Monday, January 14th

1:51PM: A hotel manager reported a breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle on Beacon Street. After an employee of a nearby business reported some items missing from her car, the hotel manager checked the garage’s surveillance footage. In the videos, a man appears to be looking into vehicles and checking door handles. The break-in appears on 3 different cameras. The suspect is a white male, roughly 5’11, with dark brown hair and a short beard. This case is under investigation.

6:18PM: Officers were dispatched to Parkway Road for reports of larceny. The reporting party ordered a watch from EBay. The package was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday, the 9th, but he never received it. Police are investigating.

8:13PM: Reports of suspicious activity sent officers to Parkman Street. Reporting party observed a male rummaging through mail and packages in the foyer of a building. The suspect was around 5’8, wearing winter attire, and fled on a bicycle. On the porch of the reporting party was a ripped package stolen from a woman just a few houses down. When officers got into contact with the woman, she noted that only one item had been taken from the package. This case is under investigation.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Sunday, January 13th

12:12PM: Officers responded to a report of bicycle theft on Tappan Street. A woman reported that her son’s bike had been stolen from the front vestibule of her property after 11PM last night. The item is described as a black BMX bike with neon green tires. The bike was left unlocked in the hallway. The reporting party was working on locating a serial number. This case is being investigated. 

Friday, January 11th

8:11AM: Officers responded to a breaking and entering of a vehicle on Babcock Street. At around 7:30PM on the 10th, a man parked his van in the rear parking lot of his girlfriend’s condominium. The following morning at around 7:30AM, the man found items missing from his vehicle totaling approximately $4000. It appears the car’s door was unlocked. This case is under investigation.

11:15AM: Officers responded to take a report of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle on Copley Street. The reporting party stated that she went to her car in the morning and found many of her items in disarray. Nothing appeared to be stolen and the doors were unlocked. Police are investigating.

1:02PM: A report of shoplifting on Beacon Street was reported. At 12:59PM, two individuals walked into a business both holding large gift bags. The manager was alerted to suspects who were in the area. A short time later the manager spotted the two suspicious individuals matching the description enter the store, walk around for a little while, then leave. Later after reviewing the stores surveillance footage it was revealed that both suspects stole multiple items. This case is being investigated.

2:10PM: Officers responded to reports of shoplifting on Beacon and Harvard Street. A man, upon walking into a business, set off the anti-theft alarms. The manager was immediately suspicious of the man and asked him to leave. When the man left the store he set off the anti-theft alarms again and the manager contacted police. When officers watched the surveillance tape they observed the suspect take an item off the shelf and leave the store, again setting off the anti-theft device.  Several units responded but all were unable to locate the suspect. Police are investigating.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Thursday, January 10th

8:17AM: Officers were dispatched to Alton Court to take a report of a stolen back pack. The reporting party stated that the back pack hung in the secured common front hallway. The reporting party stated he remembered seeing it on January 8th at 11pm. The following morning, he discovered the back pack missing, and its contents strewn about the floor in the hallway. He also noticed some mail, which was not in the bag, to be mixed in the pile. This case is under investigation.

12:25 PM: Officers responded to a health care facility on Babcock Street after receiving information that a patient had a rifle in their car. During a conversation a patient told a health care worker that they did not have a license to carry the gun, and it was currently in their pick-up truck. The health care worker advised her supervisor who told her to call the police. Officers arrived and located the unoccupied parked vehicle where the gun was alleged to be. Officers then located the patient (who also owned the vehicle) in the health care facility. The patient/owner gave consent to the police to search the truck. During the search Officers discovered an unloaded hunting style rifle in the vehicle. It should be noted that no ammunition was found in the vehicle or on the patient/owner’s person. The patient/owner was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm/Rifle.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wednesday, January 9th

January 9th 2019

2:37PM: Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street regarding a package theft. Multiple packages, which were meant to be returned to Amazon, were left outside the reporting parties' apartment. The packages were last seen by a neighbor at around 9:30am. When the tenant arrived home at 12:30pm, all the boxes were missing. This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Monday, January 7th to Thursday, January 3rd

Report for 1/7/19 to 1/3/19

4:30PM: A teen had her backpack stolen from Brookline Public Library. The teen left her backpack unattended at around 3:30pm to do homework with friends. When she returned an hour later, her red Elite backpack was missing. This case is under investigation.


3:00PM: A resident reported that two of their motor vehicles were broken into while they slept. The suspect entered the vehicles, rummaged around, and stole some loose cash. Both cars were unlocked at the time. This case is under investigation.

5:00PM: Officers responded to a report about a stolen Tablet computer. A woman was at the Brookline Public Library and left her Tablet charging on top of her backpack. When she returned an hour later, the Tablet was gone. The Tablet is described as having a white cover and a red “spitfire” symbol on one side. This case is being investigated.

6:39PM: Officers took a report of breaking and entering and larceny of a residence on South Street. It appeared that the first floor of the residence was untouched, however the rooms upstairs appeared to be disturbed. Numerous items were stolen. This case is under investigation.

11:19PM: Officers were dispatched to take a report for a breaking and entering and larceny of a residence. The owners stated they were gone for two hours, but when they returned home they discovered jewelry was missing from the upstairs bedroom. It appears the suspect stole mostly gold jewelry and at least one watch. Officers believe the suspect gained entry through an unlocked bathroom window. This case is under investigation.


9:16AM: Officers responded to a motor vehicle accident involving a three year old pedestrian. The child was riding his scooter in a crosswalk when he was struck by a car. The child was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.
4:05PM: Officers responded to a call regarding malicious damage to a vehicle on Egmont St. The vehicle had a very distinct scratch all the way around it, most likely caused by a key. The owner did not know who or why someone would cause this damage. This case is under investigation.


10:18AM: Dispatchers routed officers to an incident at Brookline Avenue Park where two dogs got into a fight. Both dogs have their rabies shot but one of the dog’s owners has been requested to license the dog for the future. The owner of the dog that was more out of control received a citation for the incident.

4:23PM: Officers were dispatched to a shoplifting in progress on Harvard Street. Two men entered the store with a large plastic TJ Maxx bag and began filling the bag with several coats. The two males fled the scene and dropped the bag containing seven of the stolen coats. This case is under investigation.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

12-18-18 thru 1-02-19


12-18-2018 a dog biting incident that occurred at approximately 0900 hours, at the Brookline Ave Park.  was reported. After an investigation was conducted,  both dog owners were cited. Both animals were licensed with the Town and up to date on their rabies shots.

On 12-19-2018 several items were reported stolen from an address on Kent St. The reporting party found a package next to his house, addressed to him that had been torn open. This case is under investigation.

On 12-19-2018 A resident of Monmouth St reported that their house had been broken into. They returned home and found that several of their drawers had been opened and shuffled through, several Christmas presents that had been wrapped were opened, and several things were out of place.  The presents had been opened but none were taken. No items were reported taken and there were no signs of forced entry. A report has been filed.

On December 20th, 2018 officers were  dispatched to the Brookline Police Station to take a report for an earlier accident which occurred on December 19th, 2018 at approximately 3 PM. The accident occurred at the intersection of Carlton Street and Monmouth Street. No injuries reported and very minor damage was reported.

On 12-20-2018 Officers responded to a business on Harvard St on reports of a stolen wallet. The victim believes the wallet was stolen from his jacket pocket when he went to the counter to add cream to his beverage. A request for the surveillance footage has been made. A report has been filed.

On Thursday 12/20/18 at approximately 741pm Officers were dispatched  to an address on Bowker St for a report of a past breaking and entering.  The victim reports arriving  home to find that the house had been broken into.  Several drawers inside the  apartment had been opened and shuffled through, and several things were out of place.  After noticing an envelope of cash, missing from the desk drawer in his living room the victim  called 911.  Arriving Officers found a window on the first floor back deck door had been broken with a rock, which was left on the deck.  And the first floor back bathroom window had been broken with a brick, which was left on the bathroom floor.  The window is directly above the basement bulkhead door and easily accessible from outside. Another apartment in the building also was reported to be broken into with items taken. A report has been filed, and neighbors surveillance footage has been requested.

On 12/21/2018 at approximately 1139 hours  Officers were dispatched to a business on  Beacon St for a report of a past larceny. The victim reports that while working her shift yesterday on 12/20/2018, someone had taken her wallet out of her bag. Surveillance footage has been requested and a report has been filed.

On Friday 12/21/18 at approximately 712pm Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Essex St and Dummer St for a report of a bicyclist hit by a car. The weather this evening was steady rain and 50 degrees.  The bicyclist  was not wearing a helmet or any reflective safety gear and went thru the stop sign at the intersection of Essex St and Dummer St where he was struck by the gray Nissan Sentra. NO serious injuries reported but the bicyclist did go to the hospital to be checked out.  

On 12/22/2018 at approximately 0120 hr, Officers responded to an address on Hammond Pond  PKWY to take a report for malicious damage to property. The victim reports that he was playing video games and he was startled by the sound of breaking glass. He went to his front window, lifted the shade and noticed that his front window had been smashed by a rock. The victim could see a gray sedan exiting the parking lot of his apartment building and making a right turn onto Hammond Pond Parkway. A search of the area was conducted for a possible suspects with negative results. A report was filed.

On 23 December 2018 at approximately 0926hrs Officers were dispatched to an address on Green St for a report of malicious damage. The victim reports parking his car, and upon returning to it found  three key marks along the front passenger side and passenger side door. The marks were approximately 5-6 inches in length. Surveillance footage from the area has been requested. A report has been filed.

On Monday, December 24, 2018 at approximately 1030hrs Officers responded to an address on Beacon St. on a report that someone’s tires had been slashed.  Upon arrival Officers found  a green Kia Soul , had severe damage to the right side front and rear tires, and both tires were flat and appeared to have been blown out by a forceful impact. Brookline detectives responded to the scene to process the vehicle.  They were able to photograph the damage to the tires and bumper. This case is under investigation.

On 12/25/2018, Officers responded to an address on Winthrop Ave for a report of a fire. Brookline Fire responded with units Engine 1, Engine 3, Engine 4, Engine 5, Engine 6, Ladder 1, Ladder 2. Fire units entered the apartment building to assess the scene. Roughly 15 minutes after the Fire Department entered, they declared it safe for the residents to enter back into their apartments. The fire charred some of the wall immediately to the right of the stove and the pot that was burned in the fire was also burned. No other major property damage was reported. And no injuries reported.

On 12/28/18 at approximately 20:35 hrs. Officers responded to the area of  Lowell Rd. and Greenough St. for a report of a street sign that had been taken out of the ground.  A passerby had observed the sign laying in the street and had placed it on the sidewalk. The D.P.W. was on scene and showed me the sign as well as an another sign that had been taken out.  The signs are parking signs that are approximately 12' in height.  They are placed in the ground approximately two feet down but not secured by any means and are easily taken out in the soft soil.

On 12/29/18 at approximately 1300 hours Officers responded to an address on  Beacon St. for a graffiti complaint.  the building concierge who reported that there was graffiti on the regent circle side of the building.. The graffiti was written on the lowest part of the building in a corner in red marker and it said, " SSA: A Diabolical, Abominable, International, Cold-Hearted, MASS MURDERER. A second incident of the same  graffiti was reported on 12-31-2018 at 0725 the  Lincoln School. The flag pole in the center of the traffic circle had been tagged sometime over the weekend.  This case is under investigation.

On 1/2/2019 Officers responded to an address on Harvard Street for found property. The reporting party who is an employee there stated about two weeks ago an item  was left at one of their cashier checkouts.  No one had claimed ownership.  The item has been placed into evidence for safe keeping.