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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

1/8/2018 through 1/9/2018


On January 8, an officer was dispatched to a store on Harvard St. for a report of shoplifting. The reporting party stated that they had observed two men place clothing items into a backpack and attempting to leave the store. Stopping them before exiting, the reporting party asked them to stay until BPD arrived on scene. Both parties will be summoned to court.


On January 9, a vehicle was traveling west-bound on RT 9 where they hit another vehicle while attempting to change into the right-travel lane. The original vehicle then turned back to the left travel lane where a taxi was also hit. The operator was issued a citation.

On the evening of January 9, an officer was dispatched to Ivy St. for a report of breaking and entering a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that when they went to use the vehicle, an item usually kept in the center console was on the driver’s seat. Some money and change had been stolen. The case is still active at this time.

Monday, January 8, 2018

1/4/2018 through 1/7/2018


On January 4, an officer was dispatched to Toxeth St. for a report of a larceny. The reporting party stated that she realized her bike was missing during the early evening hours of January 1. She stated that the bike was stowed behind a vestibule door which is usually secure. The reporting party noted that the door may have been propped open by her neighbors.

On January 4, an officer was dispatched to Toxeth St for the report of a package theft. The reporting party was unable to locate a package that had been delivered.


On January 5, the Brookline Animal Control Line received a call reporting a bat was in the bedroom of a residence on Park St. The reporting party stated that she and her husband were asleep and awakened by the sound of scratching on their bedroom wall. They discovered an active bat when they turned on the lights. It had flown out of the bedroom and they were unable to locate it. The responding officer located, captured, and transported the bat to Angel Memorial Animal Hospital. It was then taken to the Massachusetts Department of Public health to be submitted for rabies testing. It was later indicated that the test results came back negative.


On January 7, an officer responded to Beacon St for a minor property damage accident involving a town vehicle. The driver stated that while parking, he started to back up to give the vehicle in front some space that was also backing up. In doing so, he went too far backwards and made contact with an unoccupied, parked car. There was minor damage to the parked car and no visible damage to the town vehicle. There were no injuries and paperwork was exchanged.

In the evening of January 7, an officer was dispatched to St Paul St. for a recent breaking and entering and larceny from a motor vehicle report. The reporting party had parked his car to unload groceries and went inside his home. He had returned to his car and while approaching observed contents from the center console all over the passenger’s seat. He also observed an item in the car that did not belong to him. The reporting party believed the car was unlocked during that time frame. The case is active at this time.