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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Blog for 1/17 - 1/18

On January 18th 2017, officers responded to Brookline Ave and Aspinwall Ave. for A Pedestrian struck by a vehicle. Officers report pedestrian was ok and treated by an EMT.

On January 18th 2017, officer on routine patrol saw a vehicle which made an illegal left-turn at the intersection of Beacon Street and Harvard Street. Officers proceeded to stopping the vehicle and found out that the operator of the vehicle was not licensed to operate a motor vehicle. The operator was placed under arrest and transported to Brookline Police Station.

On January 18th, 2017, an officer was conducting traffic enforcement at the intersection of Washington Street and Andem Place. The officer queried the license plate number on a vehicle and found that the vehicle had not been submitted for inspection and that registered owner had a revoked Massachusetts license status. The officer stopped the vehicle on Harvard Street and the operator was positively identified as the owner of the vehicle and placed under arrest.

On 1/17/2017, officers were dispatched to Brookline Pl for a report of a past larceny.
Upon arrival, the officers met with the victim who stated that they were missing four iMac computers. On January 6, 2017 the computers were noticed to be missing. The IT specialist stated the delay in reporting this crime was due to the fact that he assumed that he had misplaced them or that they had been moved by someone else. The institution’s staff and security were going through the surveillance footage and would inform the officers if they were able to find anything. The detectives division will follow up on the case.

On 1/17/2017, an officer reported to Chestnut St. for a larceny report.  Upon arrival he spoke with the victim who reported that his laptop had been taken from his room between 1/9/17 and 1/11/17. There are 3 other individuals living in the establishment. All roommates said they hadn’t seen the laptop and the victim confirmed that the front door of the apartment is sometimes left unlocked but there were no sign of force on the door. The detectives unit is following up on the case.

On 01/17/17, a subject approached an officer at the front desk to report the past theft of a license plate. They were unaware that it was missing until they were refused to receive a vehicle inspection since they had no front plate. The subject was advised to notify the DMV.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


On January 16th 2017 at approximately 1106hrs officers witness a suspect enter a Convenience Store on Commonwealth Ave. Officers recognizing the suspect whom they have encountered before. A check by dispatch confirmed the suspect has 4 warrants for shoplifting.  The subject was placed under arrest and transported to the Police Station.

On January 16th 2017 at approximately 1101hrs officers received a complaint of larceny from a store located on Commonwealth Ave. An employee of the store gave a description of the two suspects. Officers were unable to locate the suspects. Suspects description obtained by the store clerk, Two males that are both black in their late 30s early 40s about 5’6”.

On January 7th 2017 victim of identity fraud came in to the police station. An officer then took note of what the victim’s identity was being used for, and followed up to find out that this information was verified. Victim was notified to follow up with company and report was filed.

Monday, January 16, 2017

1/12 - 1/15

On January 1, 2017, Officers stopped a motor vehicle on Naples Rd for a defective headlight and speeding. A check through Brookline Control and the MA RMV showed that the operator’s right to operate a motor vehicle  had been suspended. The operator was placed under arrest and transported to the Brookline Police Station.

On 01/15 /2017  Officers responded to Park St. for a graffiti complaint.  The Officers  located the graffiti on a brick wall on the rear of the property, photographed it, and then advised the property owner on ways they could remove the graffiti.

On Sunday 01-15-2017 Officers responded to an address on St. Paul St. on reports of malicious damage to a glass door by what appeared to be a BB gun. A report was filed and Detectives will be following up the incident.

On 1/15/2017 a citizen walked into the Brookline Police Station to report that their vehicle had been broken into.  They reported that their vehicle was parked on Elm St. and they  discovered the rear drivers side cargo window had been smashed and items stolen. A report was filed and the victim was advised.

On 1/15/17 at approximately 0200 hours, Officers responded to the MBTA upper platform on  Chestnut hill Ave. for a report of a past assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.  Upon arrival officers met with the victim, who reported that at approximately 0135 hours, she was standing on the MBTA platform waiting for the last train.  The victim made note of a vehicle because it was driving slowly as it approached the T-stop.  The victim then heard three popping noises and then felt something strike her in the upper rear left thigh; she felt a slight pain and looked to see what she was struck by.  She did not see anything on the ground and her pants were not torn.  The Victim saw the vehicle drive away on Chapel St. toward Longwood Ave., but did not see which way on Longwood Ave. The victim notified the MBTA Police and they responded as well. Based on the description of the event Officers believe she was shot with a BB gun.  A search of the area was conducted, however no evidence was located.

On 01/13/17, a citizen walked into the Brookline Police Station to report an internet fraud.  The victim reports selling a coat, a Canada Goose hooded coat, to another party via E-Bay.  Shortly after receiving the coat,  the byer contacted E-Bay and reported that the coat she bought was not a real Canada Goose coat and she was returning it to the seller.  E-Bay then contacted the victim and notified her of this claim.  E-Bay also told the victim she was responsible to repay buyer the amount of the coat. The victim contends the coat was real, and the buyer has returned a fake Canada Goose coat to her. The victim contends that the buyer purposely switched the coat and sent her a fake Canada Goose coat in an attempt to defraud her. A report was filed.

On 01/13/17 Officers responded to Eliot St. for a report of malicious damage.  The victim reports having candy cane Christmas decorations damaged, possibly by scissors. The wires to the candy canes had been cut. No other damage was reported.

On 1/13/16 Officers responded to 1330 Beacon St. to retrieve some found property. The item has been secured into submitted into evidence to be held until the owners are located.

On 01/13/17 Officers responded to Arlington Rd. ext. at Heath St. for a report of a car on fire.  Upon arrival officers observed a motor vehicle parked on the side of Arlington Rd. and Brookline Fire Department extinguishing a fire coming from the engine area.  The owner was on scene was not hurt. The owner was advised to contact his insurance company.

 On 1/13/17 Officers responded to Boylston St for a reported traffic hazard. Upon arrival  Officers  observed the traffic light mast and arm lying straight across Rt 9 Eastbound (Boylston St) blocking both lanes of traffic. Several units responded to the area to assist with traffic. Officers did not notice any serious damage that might have caused the structure to fall over, nor did they note any debris in the area not belonging to the light pole. Officers noted it was quite windy at the time and the direction in which the structure fell does not appear to be consistent with a vehicle or other object having struck the mast.  The Town of Brookline DPW and MA Dept of Transportation (DOT) were notified.

On 1/13/17 Officers responded to an address on  Cypress St., to investigate a reported package theft. The victim reported that several packages delivered by the UPS on had apparently been stolen. A report was filed.

On 1/13/2017 Officers responded to an address on Boylston St., for a larceny of a purse. The victim reports placing her hand bag at the back of her chair.  After leaving the store the victim noticed she did not have her hand bag.  When they returned to the store a male customer looked in the men’s room trash can and located the handbag.  The victim reports that her purse was missing from the handbag.  As this was being investigated the victims spouse called to let her know that one of their cards was being used at a unknown gas station.  The victim was advised to immediately cancel the credit cards that were missing. A follow-up will be conducted by Brookline Detectives.

On January 13, 2017 an Officer conducted a traffic stop on Harvard St. after they observed the vehicle make a prohibited "U-turn" from northbound to southbound on Harvard St.  Brookline Control confirmed that the driver’s right to operate in Massachusetts was suspended for failure to pay a fine. The driver was placed under arrest and transported to the station by the 555 unit.

On January 12 2017, Multiple Officers responded to an address on Harvard St on reports of a theft. A description was given out of the suspect, and that he fled on a bicycle. The description included the subject carrying a black plastic bag. An Officer observed a subject fitting the description given along the Muddy River. The Officer observed the subject drop a black plastic bag behind a tree then ride away on the bike. After a brief pursuit the subject was stopped by Officers.  A store employee was brought to the scene and identified the subject that was stopped as the one that they had witnessed take items from the store. The subject was placed under arrest and charged with shoplifting, Disorderly person, and resisting arrest.

On 1/12/2017 while on a traffic post, a Brookline Police Officer was approached by a motorist who stated that they had found someone’s personal property in the vicinity of 525 Harvard Street Brookline. Due to the traffic congestion the driver did not want to be identified and left the area without giving further information. The wallet contained a Commonwealth of Massachusetts paycheck with an address out of Brainerd Rd., Allston MA., No other identification was found in the wallet. Attempts are being made to contact the owner. The wallet was placed in an evidence locker.

On January 12, 2017 Officers stopped a vehicle that was operating west on Beacon Street for an expired inspection sticker.  A query of the operators right to operate in MA revealed  a revoked status for failure to pay a fine. The operator was asked to exit the vehicle and was subsequently placed under arrest without incident for MGL c. 90 s. 23: Operating after Revocation of License, MGL c. 90 s. 20: Failure to Submit MV for Inspection, and MGL c. 90 s. 11: No License In Possession.