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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Wednesday, August 15th

9:45 AM- An officer was dispatched to Monmouth Street for a larceny report.  The complainant spoke of her mother’s apartment missing belongings.  She is in the process of moving from the current apartment to another in the vicinity.  The son of the renter did an inventory on all his moms’ jewelry six months prior which was stored in a specific location in the home.  Today, the caller checked the location of the jewelry and noticed they were gone.  During the moving process, the cabinet where the items are stored had been left unlocked.  This has been the past several weeks.  The victim has several home care aids that come in weekly.  They have full access to the room where the items were located.  This case is under investigation.

3:20 PM- A larceny report was made at the front desk of the Brookline Police Department.  The reporting party stated she was in front of her home on Coolidge Street on 7/23/18 around 2:00 PM.  She was packing her belongings for her trip back home to another state.  She went back and forth to the home while she was packing, leaving items on the sidewalk.  At one point when she went back outside she discovered her travel backpack was missing.  The backpack is described as a L.L Bean backpack, blue, pull out handle, and with wheels.  There were various items in the bag.  She did not report the theft immediately because she thought someone may have turned her belongings into the police.  This case is being investigated.

8:55 PM- Officers responded to Harvard Street for a disturbance call.  The caller claimed an individual entered the store and broke items.  Another witness told police the suspect got on a bus travelling in the direction of Commonwealth Ave.  An officer caught up to the bus and stopped it on Brighton Ave.  Upon boarding the bus the officer noticed an individual matching the description of the suspect from the store.  The suspect exited the bus.  He explained to officers he was agitated due to a verbal confrontation with two parties.  He did not remember entering a store and damaging items.  Officers observed him to be intoxicated.  Brookline Dispatch searched the suspect’s information in the system and found five warrants.  He was made aware of his warrants and placed under arrest.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tuesday, August 14th

An officer was dispatched to Marion Street for a report of a break and entering of a motor vehicle.  The reporting party told police he parked his car in a garage at 7:00 PM the previous night and returned at 7:00 AM this morning.  When he returned to the car he did not notice anything unusual about the vehicle until he went to plug his phone into the charger.  He then noticed four items missing from the car.  This case is being investigated.

A larceny report was made on Payson Road regarding an incident that had happened in the past.   The complainant stated he inherited items from a family member after a passing.  He kept the artifacts at home in a specific location.  He did not check the location every day to ensure the belongings were present but he checked periodically.  He recently viewed the location of the items and discovered that they were missing.  There had been many companies present in the house in the past to do work.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Monday, August 13th

10:40 AM- An officer was dispatched to Brookline Place for a larceny report.  The caller stated to the officer, a male subject was walking in the back hall of their office suite.  She also viewed him sitting in the break room drinking water out of a mason jar and reading a magazine.  She confronted him and asked why he was in the break room and he immediately got up and left.  The caller’s co-worker found minutes later that her wallet had been stolen out of her bag from the break room.  The co-worker saw the individual come into the office from the back entrance.  She asked him what he was doing and he asked where the bathroom was.  After the co-worker and the reporting party were talking about the suspicious male, the co-worker went to check her belongings in the break room and noticed her wallet was gone.  It contained numerous personal and confidential items.  The suspect was described and viewed on surveillance as a black male, mid 30s, 5’10”, 180 lbs., light blue shirt, jeans, baseball cap, carrying a black backpack with a Brigham and Women’s symbol on the back.

1:43 PM- Officers responded to a call on High Street for a report of a past breaking and entering.  An apartment within a house had been broken into.  The door leading to the apartment had been forced open.  Scuff marks confirmed the forced entry.  The area around the door frame was forced open on the main house side and pieces of it were on the stairs.  Two laptops were taken from the main house.  Evidence depicts the suspect left through a side door.  This case is under investigation.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Sunday, August 12th

5:35 AM- Officers responded to Beacon Street for a report that a woman was groped on Washington Street.  The suspect was described as a white male in his 20s, 5’10”-5’11”, stocky build, short brown hair, with facial stubble, and wearing a black dress/nightgown with a lace garter belt.  The information was broadcasted to Boston Police and Transit Police while Brookline units were searching the area.  The victim stated while walking on the odd side of Washington Street near the intersection of Salisbury Road, she passed a male party of the above description who was walking in the opposite direction on the same side of the street.  When she was passing the male, she felt him grab her from behind by the shoulders and pull her toward him.  He then groped her buttocks.  She screamed and ran down Washington Street and turned onto Beacon Street.  She called the police around Beacon and Marion Street. 

5:22 AM-Officers responded to the area of Harvard Street for a report of a shoplifting incident that occurred at the CVS.  The suspect was said to have traveled toward Beacon Street and a description of the suspect was given to the officers.  An officer arrived at an alley way to a Centre Street Lot at Harvard Street where he met two CVS employees carrying 8 large Tide bottles, two in each hand.  They told the officer the suspect left the parking lot two minutes prior and headed toward Centre Street.  They stated the Tide bottles fell out of the suspect’s luggage while he was attempting to escape.  The supervisor of the store relayed that the suspect came into the store from the rear parking lot entrance and had put Tide bottles into a suitcase.  He confronted the suspect at the rear entrance, who then dumped cleaning products out of his backpack and proceeded to leave.  He was observed wheeling a suitcase out toward the parking lot by the supervisor.  He confronted the suspect in the parking lot where he discovered 8 large Tide bottles and other items.  The suspect quickly shut the suitcase and ran off in the direction of Centre and Beacon Street.  The area was canvassed by officers with negative results.  Video surveillance confirms the suspect’s actions in the store.  This case is under investigation.

A Brookline resident reported his bicycle stolen at the police station.  He claimed he locked his bike to a pole on the corner of Davis Avenue and White Place, on Friday 8/10/18 around 8:00 PM.  He saw the bike on Saturday 8/11/18 around 4:00 PM.  When he returned to get the bike on Sunday 8/12/18 around 12:00 PM it was gone.  He left the bike locked to a pole with a combination lock.  The lock had been taken as well.  The bike is described as a Men’s, T-Rex road bicycle, blue with a Local #2020 Sticker on the top bar.

Saturday, August 11th

9:23 AM- An officer was dispatched to Kent Street for suspicious activity.  The caller observed an open package by the bushes in front of a home on Kent Street.  She picked up the package and observed the name of which the package belonged too.  She knew the resident and had house-sit for the resident.  She brought the opened package home with her and called dispatch.  Some items were in the package but some were missing.  The owner of the package was contacted.  This case is being investigated.

10:11 AM- An animal bite was reported at Amory Park.  The responding officer spoke with the two dog owners involved.  One dog owner explained that his dog was bit by the other dog owner’s dog.  The officer observed the complainants dogs to have a fresh wound, bleeding on its right rear end.  The dog was transported by the owner to the veterinarian for treatment and a follow-up request from an Animal Control officer was made.

Friday, August 10th

11:30 PM- An officer was dispatched to Cypress Street for a bat call.  The reporting party stated on the previous day his son discovered a bat flying in his bedroom when he came home.  There was a pet in the home at the time of the incident.  The Brookline Health Department was notified of possible exposure to the dog.  The officer was unable to locate the bat.  The reporting party was advised to contact an animal control company. 

5:20 PM- A Brookline Resident reported his bicycle stolen on Commonwealth Ave in an alley.  He reported he locked his bike to a bike rack with several other bikes on it.  While he was in the gym for approximately an hour and a half the bike had been taken.  He found the cable lock cut and on the ground.  The bike was a Black Specialized Mountain Style men’s bicycle.  A request for nearby surveillance footage has been made.  This case is being investigated.

5:45 PM- A larceny report was made on a cell phone on Beacon Street.  The caller stated that he met with an individual he met on a dating app.  The individual went over to his apartment and stayed for about 20 minutes.  The reporting party’s phone was close by him the entire time.  After the person left, the caller noticed his phone was not where he left it.  He searched his apartment and still could not find it.  The reporting party returned to the app to find the name of the individual but could not locate the profile.  This case is under investigation.

Thursday, August 9th

1:08 AM- An officer responded to Addington Road for a bat call.  The tenants told the officer they awoke from their sleep because one of them was struck in the head.  When they woke up they noticed a bat flying around their bedroom.  The officer advised the tenants that the incident constitutes a potential exposure to the rabies virus and the bat should be captured and tested.  Animal control was contacted and the tenants were further advised to follow up with their health care providers.  The Brookline Health Department was made aware of the situation as well. 

5:45 AM- A report of a bat inside a home was made on Griggs Terrace.  The caller informed the police that a bat has been in his house for about ten days.  He called an animal control company but they were unable to apprehend the bat.  Today he heard the bat in a room and managed to trap it in a bag.  The officer called Animal Control to capture and test the bat.  The caller was advised to have all possibly exposed parties seek medical treatment. 

7:58 AM- A larceny report was made on Pearl Street.  An employee for an iron working company explained that equipment had been stolen from inside their construction site.  The equipment is big and heavy, requiring more than one person to move and transport them.  This case is under investigation.

10:33 AM- Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of a shoplifting incident.  The caller claimed the suspect had just left the store and was heading in the direction of The Paper Store.  The caller also gave a detailed description of the suspect.  One of the two store owners noticed an individual spending time by the displays in the rear of the store.  She called her husband, the second owner of the store who was not present at the time.  He activated the security cameras remotely where he viewed the individual take items.  The suspect then asked to use the restroom where he spent a questionable amount of time.  After he left the store, the owner contacted police and checked the bathroom where she found a store tag.  Police apprehended the subject down the street from the store.  The store owner confirmed the apprehended person was the person she viewed and talked with in the store.  The suspect was placed under arrest.

11:31 AM- A shoplifting incident report was made at Stop and Shop Supermarket on Harvard Street.  A store employee explained to the officer that he witnessed the suspect place several items inside his backpack and attempt to exit the store.  He was stopped by the employee before he could leave the supermarket.  The suspect admitted to his actions and agreed to accompany the employee to an office and wait for police to arrive.  When an officer arrived, the suspect was advised of his Miranda Rights.  He then admitted to the crime and two previous shoplifting incidents at the same location and notified the officer of two warrants existing for his arrest.  The warrants were confirmed by the officer.  The suspect was placed under arrest.

Wednesday, August 8th

6:22 AM- An officer responded to a call on Davis Ave regarding a bat inside a house.  The caller notified the officer on arrival that he believed the bat had been in the home since August 6th.  The caller and his wife have slept in the home for the past two days and are unsure if they have been exposed.  They were advised to seek medical attention and notified that an Animal Control Officer would arrive shortly after 7:00 AM to attempt to capture the bat.