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Friday, April 26, 2019

Thursday, April 25th

2:58PM: Officers were dispatched to Cypress Street for a report of a package theft. Upon arrival, police spoke to the reporting party that stated she returned home on Wednesday, April 24th at approximately 8pm. When she arrived home, she found the Amazon package she ordered was delivered, but the box was opened and the contents were missing. Police are investigating.

5:27PM: Police were dispatched to the Brookline Public Library for a report of a stolen purse. The reporting party explained that she was sitting at a large table when she placed her black purse on a chair next to her. A short time later, a skinny female with short hair and wearing all black sat down next to her. The female placed a jacket over the chair where the purse was located. When the female got up a few minutes later, the reporting party noticed her bag was missing. This case is under investigation.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Wednesday, April 24th

6:34PM: Officers were dispatched to Monmouth Street for a bike larceny. The reporting party stated that he locked his bike to a fence in front of his house at approximately 6PM. When his wife arrived home she noticed the bike was missing. After checking the home’s surveillance camera, they observed a man steal the bicycle using a small pair of bolt cutters to defeat the lock. The bicycle is described as a blue bike with saddlebags on either side. The suspect is described as a dark skinned male wearing a blue jacket, blue pants, white shoes, and carrying a black backpack. Police conducted a search of the area, but could not locate the suspect. 

8:14PM: Police were dispatched to a business on Beacon Street for a report of shoplifting. Dispatch notified officers that two suspects shoplifted from the store and were running down Beacon Street followed by a store employee. Upon arrival police observed two individuals matching the description now standing about a block from the store. The two parties were positively identified by the reporting party. Both individuals were arrested for shoplifting.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tuesday, April 23rd

12:46PM: Officers were dispatched to Franklin Street for a larceny report. The reporting party told police him and his family were getting ready to go on vacation this afternoon. He placed four luggage bags out on the sidewalk in front of their home at approximately 12:20pm. When the father returned to the sidewalk about five minutes later, all the bags were missing. The items are described as three large dark bags and one small red one. This case is under investigation.

1:50PM: An officer took a report of larceny from a multi-residential building on Centre Street. Officers spoke to the reporting party who claimed he left his backpack in one of the building’s hallways. He last saw the backpack at 12PM. When he returned to retrieve the item at 12:40PM it was missing. The bag contained $500 cash and headphones. Police are investigating.

2:33PM: Police responded to Saint Paul Street for a stolen bicycle report. The woman had last seen her bike locked to the railing outside her apartment door at approximately 4:30pm on Sunday, April 21st. This afternoon, her daughter asked to ride the bike and she realized that it, and the lock, was missing. The bicycle is a black men’s Trek mountain bike. Police are investigating.

7:59PM: Police were dispatched to a business on Beacon Street for a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the store manager that stated a man stole a number of steaks and chicken then fled to Longwood Avenue exit. The suspect was observed getting onto a bicycle on Longwood Avenue and then turning right onto Sewall Avenue. The man was described as a dark-skinned male in a green coat. Police were unable to locate the subject.

Monday, April 22nd

1:23AM: Officers were dispatched to Village Way for a disturbance. Police spoke to the reporting party who told them he heard a loud thump from outside his residence. When he opened his door, he found his neighbor standing outside. The reporting party turned to go back into his residence and heard another loud noise as the door closed. The reporting party realized his neighbor had tried to throw a large chunk of asphalt at him. Officers responding in the area found a man matching the description of the suspect. When officers attempted to speak with the man, he fled. The suspect was arrested and charged with assault and battery, resisting arrest, vandalism, and other crimes.

8:37AM: A man reported a past package theft from his building. The reporting party told police that he received a confirmation that his package had been delivered at 2:34pm on Friday, April 19th.  When he returned to his residence at 4:30pm, the package was not in the foyer. This case is being investigated.

1:15PM: Police were dispatched to a business on Commonwealth Avenue for a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the loss prevention manager that stated a man concealed items and fled the store. Police in the area noticed a man matching the suspect’s description. While talking to the man they found he was still in possession of one of the stolen items. The man was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

5:41PM: Officers were called to Freeman Street to take a report for a stolen bike. The owner told police that he noticed the bicycle missing this morning. The reporting party recalled in the past few days he forgot to lock up the bike. While checking surveillance footage he observed a man steal the bicycle at 5:19am on Friday, April 19th. The bike is a dark blue Men’s Trek SU200. The suspect is described as a white male with dark balding hair, wearing a dark jacket, white shoes, and a backpack. This case is being investigated.

5:44PM: Police received reports of a road rage incident on Beacon Street. The reporting party told police that she was driving on Beacon Street when a woman walked in front of her vehicle. The driver honked at the woman and the pedestrian walked over to the driver’s window and began slapping at the window and the driver. The pedestrian then reached inside the vehicle. In a panic, the driver then rolled up the window, trapping the woman’s arms, and accelerated away from the intersection. The woman was dragged approximately 5 feet off the road before the driver stopped. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital for swelling in her arms. The pedestrian will be summonsed for assault and battery against the driver.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sunday, April 21st

1:37PM: Police were dispatched to University Road for a past bike theft. The reporting party noticed a bike missing from their garage at 7am on Wednesday, April 10th. The bike was last seen at 5pm on Saturday, April 6th. The bike is described as a vintage style Raleigh brand bike, maroon in color with a round seat and damage to a tire fender. This case is under investigation.

3:08PM: Officers were called to a business on Harvard Street for shoplifting. The reporting party stated that around 3pm she noticed a man enter the store and begin rearranging clothing items. He then placed several items under his jacket and fled the business. While searching, police noticed a man matching the description of the suspect walking near Coolidge Corner. Officers stopped the man and found him to be carrying a paper bag of the stolen clothing items. The suspect was arrested for shoplifting.

Saturday, April 20th

8:22AM: Officers were dispatched to Chestnut Place for a report of a stolen motor vehicle. The car was last seen parked in the driveway at 11:30pm on April 19th. When they woke up the next morning, they could not locate the vehicle. The vehicle is described as a black 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser. Police are investigating.

10:27PM: Police received reports of a person without pants on near the intersection of Harvard Street and Washington Street. The reporting party told police he saw a fully nude man smoking a cigarette. The reporting party also advised police that the suspect had now put his clothes back on. Officers spoke to the subject, who was positively identified, and he agreed to be transported to the hospital for evaluation. The man will also be summonsed to court for indecent exposure.

Friday, April 19th

8:30AM: Police received a report of a past dog bite in Griggs Park. The reporting party’s dog was chasing a bird when it ran by another dog who was sitting. As the dog ran by the sitting dog it bit the running dog causing the dog to yelp. At the time the owner of the bit dog did not noticed their dog was injured until they went home. As a precaution the owner brought the dog to a vet. They are now attempting to locate and identify the attacking dog. The attacking dog is described as a brown, possibly a wheaten terrier or golden doodle named “Elie.” Police are investigating.