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Friday, January 18, 2019

Thursday, January 17th

12:13AM: Units responded to reports of suspicious activity on Pond Avenue. The reporting party stated he saw a white male with dirty blonde hair standing near a shed on the property. The reporting party called out to the man. The suspect fled out of the backyard towards Downes Field. According to the caller, the man did not appear to have taken anything but his action(s) on the property were suspicious. Police are investigating.

11:26AM: Police were dispatched to a home on Pleasant Street to take a report of a past package theft. The reporting party ordered two ink cartridges. The package was believed to be stolen on January 15th, sometime between 12:30pm and 6:30pm. The lobby of the building has several surveillance cameras but no cameras where the package was actually located. Police are investigating.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Wednesday, January 16th

9:20AM: A woman called Brookline Animal Control to report that her dog was attacked by another dog at Warren Field Park. The reporting party explained that this is the second incident where her dog was attacked by the same dog. Officers contacted the owner of the other dog and she told them that while her dog was off-leash when it bit the caller’s dog. Officers determined that since the owner admitted guilt and the dog was involved in a separate biting incident that the dog would have its off leash privileges suspended for 60 days, and the owner would be issued a by-law citation. Both animals are registered and fully updated on their rabies vaccination.

11:56AM: Officers were dispatched to Amory Street for a report of a past stolen package. In late December, the reporting party remembers ordering a 10in Echo Show valued at around $250. Since he never received it, today he called Amazon and they reported that the package had been delivered on 1/8/19. The resident has a ring security device but his landlord stated that he was unable to see the theft. This case is under investigation.

UPDATE: The reporting party called officers today to tell them that the Echo Show had been delivered by Amazon today. The tracking information was very incorrect, and no crime has been committed. 

1:37PM: A man came to BPD to report a graffiti law violation on Verndale Street. At around 9am, the reporting party noticed new graffiti on his building that was not there the day before. There were no security cameras in the area. The man also reported the graffiti to the property management. This case is being investigated.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Monday, January 14th

1:51PM: A hotel manager reported a breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle on Beacon Street. After an employee of a nearby business reported some items missing from her car, the hotel manager checked the garage’s surveillance footage. In the videos, a man appears to be looking into vehicles and checking door handles. The break-in appears on 3 different cameras. The suspect is a white male, roughly 5’11, with dark brown hair and a short beard. This case is under investigation.

6:18PM: Officers were dispatched to Parkway Road for reports of larceny. The reporting party ordered a watch from EBay. The package was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday, the 9th, but he never received it. Police are investigating.

8:13PM: Reports of suspicious activity sent officers to Parkman Street. Reporting party observed a male rummaging through mail and packages in the foyer of a building. The suspect was around 5’8, wearing winter attire, and fled on a bicycle. On the porch of the reporting party was a ripped package stolen from a woman just a few houses down. When officers got into contact with the woman, she noted that only one item had been taken from the package. This case is under investigation.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Sunday, January 13th

12:12PM: Officers responded to a report of bicycle theft on Tappan Street. A woman reported that her son’s bike had been stolen from the front vestibule of her property after 11PM last night. The item is described as a black BMX bike with neon green tires. The bike was left unlocked in the hallway. The reporting party was working on locating a serial number. This case is being investigated. 

Friday, January 11th

8:11AM: Officers responded to a breaking and entering of a vehicle on Babcock Street. At around 7:30PM on the 10th, a man parked his van in the rear parking lot of his girlfriend’s condominium. The following morning at around 7:30AM, the man found items missing from his vehicle totaling approximately $4000. It appears the car’s door was unlocked. This case is under investigation.

11:15AM: Officers responded to take a report of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle on Copley Street. The reporting party stated that she went to her car in the morning and found many of her items in disarray. Nothing appeared to be stolen and the doors were unlocked. Police are investigating.

1:02PM: A report of shoplifting on Beacon Street was reported. At 12:59PM, two individuals walked into a business both holding large gift bags. The manager was alerted to suspects who were in the area. A short time later the manager spotted the two suspicious individuals matching the description enter the store, walk around for a little while, then leave. Later after reviewing the stores surveillance footage it was revealed that both suspects stole multiple items. This case is being investigated.

2:10PM: Officers responded to reports of shoplifting on Beacon and Harvard Street. A man, upon walking into a business, set off the anti-theft alarms. The manager was immediately suspicious of the man and asked him to leave. When the man left the store he set off the anti-theft alarms again and the manager contacted police. When officers watched the surveillance tape they observed the suspect take an item off the shelf and leave the store, again setting off the anti-theft device.  Several units responded but all were unable to locate the suspect. Police are investigating.