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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blog for 2/6/17

2/6/17 – Malicious Damage

An officer responded to a call for vandalism of property at the intersection of Babcock St. and Osborne Rd. The witness stated that he was walking westbound on Babcock St. when he saw a group of kids that appeared to have bent the street sign in the direction of Babcock St. far enough to snap the screw in the base and bend a piece of the metal base back. The man stated that when they brought the sign down, he thought they were going to steal the sign so he yelled at them and the group ran away from him westbound on Babcock St. towards Freeman St. The officer was unable to locate the group of kids or any other similar damage to other property

Blog for 2/2 to 2/5

2/2/17 – Larceny
A subject approached the front desk to report a larceny. The victim stated that on 01/19/2017 at approximately 1925 Hrs. while in a gym on Aspinwall Ave. she placed her watch on top of her gym bag and rested it on the floor in an adjacent room. At approximately 2030Hrs. she returned to find her ladies’ stainless steel watch no longer lying on top of her gym bag.

2/2/2017 – Larceny
An officer arrived on Commonwealth Ave for a report of a larceny of a jacket from the locker room.  The victim stated his jacket was taken from his locker which he left unlocked while he worked out. The jacket is a black winter coat with fur along the hood, medium in size.
The jacket was taken between 1741hrs and 1925hrs.

2/3/17 – Shoplifting
Officers arrived on Beacon St for a past Shoplifting.  It was reported that 2 female parties had paid for items but also left the store without paying for additional items. The descriptions of the 2 parties were one white female 50 years of age, approximately 5'02" in height wearing a dark puffy down-type jacket.  The second female party was described as a white female in her 30's, with dark jacket, blue jeans, with dark hair, as well with multiple bandages upon her face. The store manager reported that the alleged shoplifters had left the store with a stolen sweater/sweatshirt. Officers responded to the suspect’s address and questioned her. The store manager identified the suspect and she was placed under arrest.

2/3/2017 – Shoplifting
Officers arrived on Commonwealth Ave for a report of a suspicious person who had taken scissors from the store and was trying to use them to open something. The store manager pointed out the person he was reporting to be suspicious, who was still in the store.
Officer approached the suspect and searched him for the scissors which were found in his pocket. The suspect was placed under arrest for shoplifting scissors and attempting to steal a pair of headphones.

2/4/17 – O.U.I.D.
Officers reported to a gas station on Boylston St for a report of destruction of property.  Upon the officers observed an abandoned vehicle crashed into a pole in front of the station and the glass door leading to the convenience store was smashed. While speaking with the suspect, the officers noticed that he was unsteady on his feet, was slurring his words, his eyes were glassy, and had a difficult time explaining how he arrived at this location. The store clerk stated that he observed a vehicle crash into the pole along Boylston Street directly in front of the station. He then witnessed the suspect smash the glass with the handle of a flash light trying to gain access to the store. Due to his appearance and behavior, the circumstances of the accident, and the observation of what appeared to be a pipe used to smoke crack in the vehicle, the suspect was placed under arrest.

2/4/17 – B&E of a Motor Vehicle
An officer arrived on Monmouth Ct for a B&E of a motor vehicle report. Upon arrival, the victim stated that he parked his car in the rear of the residence on Monmouth Ct on 2/3/17 around 730hrs. Upon coming out the morning of 2/4/17 around 1000hrs, he noticed that someone had rummaged through his vehicle. The victim stated that he had left his door's unlocked and reported nothing was taken from the vehicle.

2/4/17 - B&E of a Motor Vehicle
An officer arrived on Beacon St for a B&E of a motor vehicle report. The victim stated that she parked her vehicle in the rear of the residence on Beacon St on 2/2/17 around 300hrs. Upon coming out the morning of 2/4/17 around 914hrs, she noticed that someone had rummaged through her vehicle. The victim stated that the doors were left unlocked and reported nothing was taken.

2/5/2017 - Larceny
An officer arrived on a restaurant on Commonwealth Ave for a report of a larceny of a wallet.
The victim stated she placed her bag with her purse inside of it on the ground next to her. At around 1430hrs, a middle aged black male with short black hair entered the restaurant and he walked behind her to sit down. At around 1500hrs this unidentified black male left the restaurant. At 1306hrs the victim realized her wallet was gone. The wallet is described as rectangular and all black with white lettering. She believed that the only person that could have taken the wallet was the black male sitting behind her based on his proximity to her and the fact that no one else approached their table while they were sitting there.