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Friday, November 11, 2011


MV Crash:

Occurred on 11/10 at 7:04 PM – Westbourne Terrace/Beacon St.

Vehicle #1 was traveling on Westbourne Terrace towards Beacon St. As it was crossing, Vehicle #2, traveling on the right lane of Beacon St westbound, made contact. This caused Vehicle #1 to turn 90 degrees and make contact with a parked vehicle. There were no injuries reported.

Occurred on 11/10 at 6:34 PM – Washington St./Boylston St.

Vehicle #1 was travelling south from Washington St. across Boylston St. onto High St. Vehicle #2 was travelling in the breakdown lane of Boylston St. (eastbound) attempting to take a right onto High St. Vehicle #2 struck Vehicle #1, as Vehicle #1 was travelling onto High St. Vehicle #1 had a green light and Vehicle #2 had a red light according to a witness.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Disorderly Person:

Occurred on 11/10 at 11:50 AM – Elm St./Davis Ave.

Captain Thomas Keaveney was working a police detail when he witnessed an individual assault three gas company workers while they were digging on Elm Street. The man pushed and grabbed these crew members, at the same time yelling that he would not allow them to work in front of his home. When Keaveney stepped in to stop him from physically assaulting these men, he continued to berate them for 5 to 10 minutes. Keaveney tried repeatedly to reason with him while restraining him, but it was clear that he would not stop interfering or assaulting this crew.

While being escorted to the corner of Davis Avenue, the man was restrained because he was aggressive and clenching his fists, clearly indicating he meant to strike. He continued to yell, threatening to return to the crew if he could, and then began kicking Keaveney in the legs and tried to knee him in the groin.

The individual was placed under arrest for 2 counts of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Disorderly Conduct.

Traffic Arrest:

Occurred on 11/9 at 6:10 PM – Coolidge Corner

Officers Davis, Inchierca, Tam, and Captain Myles Murphy were conducting bicycle enforcement in the area of Coolidge Corner. A cyclist was observed on Harvard St., traveling northbound, crossing the eastbound side of Beacon St. against the red light, and then waiting at the median for a green light. An ambulance was coming, with lights and siren, westbound on Beacon St. and officers held the traffic until it went by.

As traffic began to move, an officer stepped into the right-hand lane and motioned for the bicyclist to pull over. Instead, the cyclist went out into the left lane of traffic. The officer yelled "Pull Over!", and the cyclist yelled back, "No!”, shaking his head from side to side and continuing to cycle. A pursuit began. The cyclist was passing the stop-and-go rush hour traffic at a fast pace, weaving in-and-out without utilizing hand signals. Vehicles were avoiding the cyclist, as the actions by the bicyclist caused a public inconvenience and hazardous conditions. The sirens were activated and the bike continued to fail to stop.

The officer was finally able to cut in front of the cyclist just before Thorndike St. He finally complied and got off his bike to speak to the officers.

He was placed under arrest for Red Light Violation, Refusing to Stop and Identify himself To a Police Officer, being a Disorderly Person, and several Municipal Bicycle Violations.


Occurred on 11/9 – Mason Terrace

Officers were dispatched to take a report of a Breaking and Entering and Larceny of Property. The victim stated that she had left her apartment at 9:15 AM and her roommate had left a short while later at approximately 9:45 AM. The victim returned at 7 PM, and when she went to open her front door she was unable to due to the security chain being latched from the inside. She was able to make entry and discovered that her unit had been broken into. 2 computers, 2 cameras, loose change, and earrings were missing.

B&E of MV:

Occurred Overnight – Vernon St.

A victim reported that some time between 8 PM on 11/8, and 5:55 AM on 11/9, her passenger side front window of her vehicle was smashed. Her GPS was stolen.


Occurred between 11/8-11/09 – Aspinwall Ave.

Officers were dispatched to take a larceny report. The victim stated that his Riley Grand Pre ten speed bike, red in color, was taken from outside his residence. He stated that he chained his bike to the pole outside his house on 11/8/11 around 8pm, and upon coming out yesterday, he noticed it missing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


MV Crash:

Occurred on 11/7 at 10:35 AM – Fisher Ave.

An officer on police detail on Fisher Ave. had his vehicle parked facing northbound when he observed another vehicle traveling on Fisher Ave from Clinton Rd towards Dean Rd in the wrong direction (posted temporary one way due to construction). There were barricades clearly positioned at the intersection of Clinton Rd and Fisher Ave preventing vehicles from accessing the road. The driver intentionally avoided the barricades and accessed Fisher Ave. She was instructed to turn her vehicle around and travel back towards Clinton Rd. With adequate room to turn the vehicle around, she instead put her vehicle in reverse and began to back up while still looking forward through her front windshield. She traveled approximately 75 feet in reverse, never looking back or using her mirrors, until she struck the officer’s parked truck in a rear-to-rear collision.

There were no injuries or charges at this time.

Occurred on 11/7 at 6:42 AM – Beacon St./Kent St.

Officers responded for a report of a traffic light sign knocked down. A trolley control signal was knocked off its base and laying approximately four feet into the roadway. No witnesses presented themselves. There were residual tire marks that indicate the vehicle was a double axle vehicle, most likely a box truck or a semi-trailer truck.

Receiving Stolen Property:

Occurred on 11/7 – Bradford Terrace

An officer on patrol was flagged down by a victim who stated that one of his bikes was stolen. A bike was found next to the house that he said was not his. The unknown bike was a gray Bounty Quasar mountain bike. The missing bike was described as a yellow specialized hard rock sport mountain bike.

At about 11:40 AM on 11/8, the victim called because he spotted his stolen bicycle at 1309 Beacon St. (Game Stop). When the officer arrived, the suspect was pointed out to him riding the bike. He then took off travelling south bound on Harvard St. on the bike.

A pursuit began. He was finally apprehended at the intersection of Pleasant St. and John St. He was questioned on the origins of the bike. He stated that he had asked his friend for a bike earlier in the morning, and that he had given him the bike. The suspect stated that he did not know his friend’s last name, address or phone number, and that he did not know that the bike was stolen. He stated that he ran away because he got scared.

The bicycle was released into the owner’s possession.

Officers also stopped two individuals who were observed with the suspect at the Game Stop. They were also on bicycles, which they stated belonged to the suspect. When the suspect was asked about the bikes, he stated that they belonged to the two individuals. The bikes were confiscated and brought back to the station for safe keeping.

The suspect will be summonsed to court for Receiving Stolen Property under $250.00.

Hit & Run:

Occurred on 11/8 at 2:20 PM – Vernon St. /Harvard St.

Officers responded for a reported hit and run motor vehicle crash. The parked vehicle that had been hit suffered significant damage to the majority of the driver's side of the vehicle.

The suspect left a name, telephone number, and license plate, however the plate did not yield any matching results.


Occurred on 11/7 – Pine Manor College

A student reported going to the common room at 9:30 PM and noticing the flat screen television was missing. The mounting bracket was also unscrewed and taken.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Salima's Day Off


A Coolidge Corner traffic stop for “no turn on red” violation resulted in the operator being arrested for operating on a revoked license.

The operator was placed under arrest without incident.

On 11/7/2011

A Washington Square traffic stop for an expired registration lead to the operator receiving two citations. One for the Registration being expired and the other for Possession of Less Then One Ounce of Marijuana (C.94C,s.32L)

On 11/07/11

A larceny of a bicycle was reported at Brookline High School. The owner reports he locked his bike in front of the Adult Ed entrance and when he returned the bike was gone. The bike is described as a Schwinn Ranger 26" men's bike, dark gray with some orange in front.


Credit card fraud / misuse of a credit card reported by a resident of Greenough Street. The card was used between 08/10/11 through 11/07/11 totaling almost $240.00. The Victim contacted company canceled the card. Detectives are investigating this crime.


A well being check of a female subject turned into an arrest. During the well being check it was determined that the subject had an outstanding warrant for trespassing out of Cambridge court. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to the station.


A Coolidge Corner traffic stop for an expired inspection sticker turns into an arrest. The Operator was found to be operating on a suspended license and also that had three outstanding arrest warrants.

On 11/07/11

At 0852 hours Officers responded to Walnut St. to investigate a larceny report. Victim reported that her bicycle had been stolen from the front porch. She reported that the bike was stolen on 11/5/11 sometime between 1930 hours and 2100 hours.

The bike is described as a Trek, girl’s style, with a battery powered taillight attached to the rear of the bike by gray duct tape. A black kryptonite lock is wrapped around the front handle bars. Under investigation.