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Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Occurred on 10/26 – Mason Terrace

Officers responded to Mason Terrace to take a report of a past B&E&L. The victim stated that on Monday 10/24/2011, he left the home around 09:00 AM and returned around 8 PM. Upon returning he noticed that the side door was unlocked, which he found unusual, but believed he must have simply forgotten to lock it. All other doors were secure. This morning, he went around to the back of the house and observed his garage door propped open with a bucket. He further observed that a ladder had been taken from the garage and placed on the ground near the rear windows. Several cutting type tools were also found in the same area beneath the windows, and a storm window had been removed. The windows are covered by a heavy chain link fence-type security screen, and the screen on one of the windows had been cut and pushed in, just enough for a person to squeeze through into the basement.

A credit card was reported missing. The investigation is ongoing.

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