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Friday, June 3, 2016

Recent Car Breaks

Last night at approximately 3:30am, a resident witnessed the breaking and entering of a motor vehicle on Clyde Street. The suspect fled on a bike, and officers located him a short time later. The suspect refused to stop but was later stopped and detained after initially resisting arrest.

Officers found multiple stolen items on the suspect’s person, including items that may be linked to other car breaks in the area. The suspect is currently being charged with B&E of a Motor Vehicle, Larceny, Receiving Stolen Property, and Resisting Arrest.

If your car was broken into or you are missing property, Brookline Police is still holding unclaimed stolen property recovered in this case. Particular areas of concern for where we believe these items were taken from are in South Brookline, including Meadowbrook Rd, Dale St, Clyde St, and Newton St. If you believe your property was stolen, please call our non-emergency line at (617) 730-2222. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


6:17pm: A bicycle was stolen on Vernon Street. The bike was left locked to a sign post and was taken over the weekend.

On a related note, the Brookline Police Bait Bike is back in use. The Bait Bike appears normal, but has a GPS tracker equipped that alerts police to its movements. It gets placed in various fixed locations where bike thefts are known to occur in order to proactively combat and deter bike thefts. Our Bait Bike led to several arrests last week.

On 5/25: The Bait Bike was locked to a sign post at the intersection of Brook and Kent. Officers were alerted to its movement at around 2:30pm, and were able to locate it and arrest a juvenile suspect.

On 5/27: The Bait Bike was locked to a sign post on Beacon Street when the alarm went off at around 1:30am. Officers located two male suspects. One was riding the Bait Bike and in possession of bolt cutters, and the other admitted to involvement in the theft. Both suspects were placed under arrest.

5/25: At noon, officers noticed a man acting suspiciously with a package. Believing this may be a possible package theft; officers stopped and questioned the man, who initially gave a false name. Officers learned his real identity and discovered that he was neither the recipient nor sender on the package, and could not provide information about the listed sender on the return label.

Based on the man’s behavior during the investigation, he was found to be in possession of marijuana. A Boston Police K-9 Unit was dispatched to investigate the box, and the dog alerted officers that something suspicious was in the package. A search warrant was obtained for the suspect’s package, which was seized, and his apartment. Detectives discovered a large sum of cash in a vacuum sealed bag within the package.

The search of the apartment yielded a large amount of marijuana and pure THC oil, as well as mailing and measuring equipment. Detectives found cash hidden in various locations as well. The man was placed under arrest for numerous charges related to Possession and Distribution.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5/27/2016 to 5/30/2016

11:40pm: Officers responded to a business on Commonwealth Ave. A store manager confronted a male suspect for possibly attempting to shoplift. The suspect then hit the clerk in the hand and knocked over a Lottery machine before exiting the store. This is under investigation.

2:54am: A man was arrested for Operating Under the Influence at the intersection of Beacon and Winchester.

3:40pm: A packaged theft was reported on Babcock Street. The box was delivered earlier in the month and was found open with its contents missing.

5:47pm: A shoplifting call came in from Harvard Street. A suspect took electronics from the store before exiting. A description of the suspect was noted and this is under investigation.

3:55am: An assault/attempted robbery was reported on South Street. The victim managed to fend off two suspects, who fled. This is an active case.

6:22am: Attempted Breaking & Entering of a Motor Vehicle was reported on Aspinwall Ave. A victim noticed the suspect attempting to gain entry into the vehicle. The suspect was unsuccessful and fled. Nothing was taken. This is under investigation.

9:52am: A package theft was reported from Beacon Street. The package was delivered this weekend according to the delivery company, but the caller had not received it.

4:41am: A Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle was reported on Grove Street. The glove compartment was found open and items were missing. This is believed to have occurred the previous evening.