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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wednesday, August 22nd

10:17 AM- An officer was dispatched to Pleasant Street for a larceny report.  The caller told the officer a package she ordered had been stolen from inside the foyer area of the residence she lives in.  She had been notified by the delivery service that her package had been delivered on 8/17/18.  The delay in reporting the incident was due to the residents actions of ensuring that her neighbors had not taken the package.  This case is being investigated. 

3:01 PM- Several units were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of a shoplifting incident.  The suspect was said to have just exited the store.  The suspect was described to officers on scene.  They were also informed that the individual left through the rear entrance of the store.  An employee explained the direction of the flight of the suspect.  The detail officer relayed that he witnessed the suspect board a specific bus and provided fellow officers with the bus number and the direction the bus was heading in which was southbound on Harvard Street.  Officers located the bus and stopped it at Vernon Street.  Based on the suspect’s description the suspect was located on the bus.  She exited the bus and was advised of her Miranda Rights by a detective.  She admitted to the officers on scene that before boarding the bus she had stolen several items from inside the store that called in the complaint.  She listed the items as well.  She also told officers she has a criminal record.  The reporting party identified the suspect as the person he observed taking items from the store. 

8:05 PM- A report on a break and entering was made on Winchester Street.  The reporting party stated that he left the residence where he lives around noon and returned around 3:30 PM.  Upon his return he noticed a screen to a basement window had been removed and placed against the A.C unit.  The window tampered with was closed but unlocked.  The officer observed that it appeared a pry tool had been used to dislodge the screen.  The reporting party also noticed a chair was placed in a location he had not left it.  He didn’t think much about the situation until he saw another resident return around 7:45.  He questioned her about the window of which she said she had no involvement in.  When she entered her apartment she noticed her room had been rummaged through and items had been opened and or taken from different locations throughout her room.  When her roommate returned home she also noticed items had been taken from her room.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, August 21st

11:27 AM- An officer was dispatched to Auburn Court for a report of a larceny.  The complainant stated around 11:20 AM on this day he and his family left their residence and walked to the back of their building.  He was carrying a duffel bag which he placed down on a wall that separates the building he lives in and another building.  He went into the basement of the building to retrieve a vacuum while his daughters were still outside.  After returning from the basement he noticed his duffel bag was open.  Upon checking it he noticed items were missing.  This case is being investigated.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Monday, August 20th

11:37 PM- An officer was dispatched to Harvard Street for a package theft report.  The complainant told the officer she left the country on 7/21/18 around 11:30 AM.  A package was delivered to her residence and presumably left in the foyer while she was gone.  When she returned home on 8/20/18 around 10:00 PM she discovered the package was missing.  None of her neighbors reported taking the package.  This case is being investigated.

Sunday, August 19th

1:50 PM- A larceny report was made at the station.  The reporting party claimed he was operating a taxi in Boston and at approximately 6:00 AM he picked up a person who flagged him down at the Star Market in the Fenway.  The individual was to be brought to a location on Beacon Street.  The customer had numerous items including a bicycle.  The bicycle was placed in the taxi and due to the lack of space; several items were placed in the front passenger seat.  When they arrived at the destination, the driver got out to help unload the items.  He had his cell phone present during the ride in the passenger seat area but a few minutes after leaving the drop off location he discovered the phone was missing.  He checked the car for the phone and did not find it.  An officer asked for the description of the customer and the building he entered.  This case is under investigation. 

Saturday, August 18th

A report was made on 8/18/18 at the station for a larceny that occurred on 8/11/18.  On the day of the larceny the reporting party had gone to a bank to make a deposit during heavy rainfall.  He arrived at the bank at about 12:10 PM and while he was waiting in line he placed his umbrella down on a table in the lobby.  He stated that after he had completed his transaction, he returned to the table at about 12:17 PM and his umbrella was missing.  He stated that he spoke with bank personnel and they informed him that although there is video of the bank interior, it is not immediately available since it’s done through a central location.  He returned on 8/14/18 but the bank did not have video available for him to check and no one had returned the umbrella.  The umbrella was described as unique with black cloth and a brown curved wooden handle.  This case is being investigated.

Friday, August 17th

An officer responded to Sherman Road for a report on a larceny of wheels and tires.  The victim’s vehicle was parked by the registered owner near his residence, in a parking space directly in front of the home on Sherman Road between 6:00 PM on 8/16/18 and 9:00 AM on 8/17/18.  When the owner returned he saw his vehicles wheels and tires were missing, and the vehicle was resting on crushed milk crates and the pavement.  This case is under investigation.

12:55 AM- An officer was dispatched to Parkman Street for a past exposure to a dead bat.  The caller stated on 8/15/18 she had walked into the kitchen area of her apartment with her boyfriend and found a dead bat on the floor with both of her house cats nearby.  The boyfriend grabbed plastic bags to dispose of it but saved it for rabies testing.  The bat appeared to have been chewed on and the owner was concerned for her pets’ health.  Appointments have been set up for the pets.  This case is closed.

10:57 PM- A report was made for an animal bite on Longwood Avenue.  The complainant stated she was walking on Beacon Street around 10:30 PM when she walked by a group of people standing on the sidewalk.  A black Labrador Retriever was sitting on the ground next to the group of people on a short leash.  As she walked by the group of people, the dog jumped at her and bit her right wrist which became red.  The person with the dog identified herself and stated that she was watching the dog while the owners were away.  The dog watcher claimed the dog may have been frightened by the person passing.  She gave police the contact information of the dog owners.  The owners stated that their dog was a rescue dog and had been with them for three years and has not bitten anyone before or been aggressive.  The dog had received a rabies vaccine recently.  A follow up by Animal Control has been requested.

Thursday, August 16th

An officer took a report on a stolen bicycle at the station.  The reporting party stated he had left his bicycle in front of Walgreens on Harvard St on Tuesday, 8/14/18 around 10:00 PM.  He believes he secured the bike to the rack with a combination lock.  When he returned on Thursday, 8/16/18 around 10:00 AM he found only his lock still secured to the rack.  The bike is a Trek Dual Sport 2 model, black with green arrows, and aftermarket light system on the handlebars.  This case is being investigated.

4:45 PM- Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a shoplifting incident.  Dispatch notified the officers while in route that the suspect was a tall white female, wearing a red shirt and a black backpack that was believed to have entered the store directly next door.  The reporting party with an officer listed items that the suspect took.  She was able to show the officer security surveillance footage to confirm her details.  Another officer recognized an individual fitting the description of the suspect outside the store.  The officer taking the report confirmed the individual was the suspect viewed on surveillance footage.  The suspect confessed to the crime and returned the items.  Court action has been completed.

4:35 PM- While monitoring traffic, an officer noticed a male subject described as a white male, in his teens with a blue red sox t-shirt, black gym shorts, with a gray backpack, carrying what appeared to be a red men’s bicycle on his shoulder with no front tire connected to the front fork.  The officer observed the location from which the suspect came from.  Based on the recent incidents of bike thefts and the unknown party carrying the bike with no front tire, the officer pulled over and made contact with the male party.  He asked him about the bike and ownership.  The male claimed the bike was his, but the bike required specialized shoes to fit the pedals.  After further questions following being Mirandized the officer requested a search from dispatch of the suspects name in the system.  It was made aware that he had a warrant for his arrest.  The suspect was notified of the warrant.  Based on the brand of the bike, the upkeep of the bike not matching the suspects living situation of being homeless, the suspect not having the shoes for the bike and a lack of proof of ownership, the suspect was taken to the station.  The bike was placed into evidence which was later claimed by the owner who had proof of ownership.  The suspect was charged with an active warrant and receiving stolen property.