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Friday, August 3, 2018

August 2, 2018
2:12 PM
Officers were dispatched to a business on Harvard Street for a past shoplifting report.  The manager stated that several items were taken by a known female shoplifter.  The manager stated that at 12:42 PM a female came in and began to shoplift numerous items of clothing including shirts, hats, backpacks, and flip flops. A total value of approximately $216.00 
After a review of the video surveillance the female party is seen walking through the store and picking up items along the way.  A store employee talks with her and takes back some items that they observed her taking, but she returns to the isles and removes more clothing items before she leaves the store at 12:55 PM.  The party is described as a black female, late teens to twenties, with shoulder length braided black hair that was tied up.  She was wearing a white stripped short sleeve shirt and jean shorts. The manager stated she was unfamiliar with the party, but that other employees recognized her from prior shoplifting events several months back. The police are investigating.

August 3, 2018
3:44 AM
An Officer was working a paid detail and was assigned to the intersection of Amory and Dummer Streets for the overnight Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Project.
The Officer noticed a male party rummaging through a blue vehicle parked on Amory Street. The Officer noticed that it was not the same person who had parked the car there some hours earlier. Previously, when the vehicle was parked, the Officer observed the operator to be an older male who was working at the Bridge Project. He now observed a younger male rummaging through the vehicle. The male then exited the car holding a white cable car charger. He then began walking to Dummer Street, and then taking a right in the direction of Saint Paul Street. The Officer followed the male party and stopped him. During a field interview the male stated that it was his car, however he could not produce keys, or any proof that he owned the motor vehicle. A short time later the male stated that his charger was not working, and when he saw the charger inside the car; he just took it. The suspect was arrested for Breaking and Entering in the Night time. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Wednesday, August 1st

8:00 AM- A bat call was made to the Brookline Police Department expressing a bat siting on Tappan Street.  The caller explained to the responding officer that on the morning of 8/1/18 around 12:30 AM she was awakened by the sound of something flying.  When she rose and turned on the lights she discovered a bat.  She explained that she used a container and captured it.  Animal Control came to the residence and transported the bat to a lab for testing.  This case is closed.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Tuesday, July 31st

An officer responded to Harvard Street for a report of a package theft.  The reporting party stated that she ordered a package which had been delivered on 7/30/18 at 1:50 PM.  The package was placed in the vestibule of the residence.  The spouse of the reporting party told officers, when he arrived shortly after 4:00 PM he found the package ripped open and the contents removed.  The neighbors had handled the package as well, placing it in the vestibule.  Police are pursuing further inquiry.

Officers reported to Amory Park pursuant to an animal disturbance incident that occurred on 6/23/18 and calls regarding it, following the incident.  The delay in an investigation immediately following the incident was due to a lack of compliance on behalf of the dog owner whose dog made aggressive advances.  The incident involved two persons and their dogs.  A park intern witnessed a dog of Boxer breed pounce on top of another dog of Lab Retriever and Boxer breed mix.  The park intern and numerous dog owners were present when the matter occurred.  The dog owner of the canine aggressor rushed over toward the two dogs and retrieved his dog.  The park intern approached the aggressor’s owner who presented to be uncooperative.  No bites or injuries were reported.  After being briefed on the situation, an officer spoke with the victim’s owner who claimed the other dog attacked her dog five times prior to the reported incident.  No reports were made of these priors and after conducting a system search it was found that the canine aggressor had no record of attacks or biting’s.  The complainant claimed the other dog is aggressive and should not be allowed in the dog program.  She also claimed that there are other victims of attacks by the supposed dog.  After speaking with several dog owners, police were made aware that the aggressing dog has displayed such character toward dogs of smaller size but not his size or larger.  This case is being investigated by Brookline Animal Control.

3:30 PM- A report was made at the station regarding a larceny on Washington Street.  The Brookline resident reported a stolen Razor Scooter.  The scooter was placed in the foyer of the Main Library on 7/31/18 around 3:30 PM.  When the complainant returned to the foyer around 6:15 PM, the scooter was gone.  The scooter was described as a silver and pink Razor Scooter with two wheels and non-motorized.  This case is under investigation, seeking video surveillance.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Monday, July 30th

8:30 AM- An officer was dispatched to Heath Street for a report on a breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle.  The caller stated that she parked her vehicle in the staff parking lot around 8:00 PM on 7/29/18.  She left the doors unlocked.  When she returned to her car around 7:00 AM the following day she noticed her car had been tampered with.  The center console was open and the contents were scattered over her seats.  This case is under investigation.

6:37 PM- Officers responded to Beacon Street for a report of a larceny of a bicycle.  The caller expressed that he locked his bike with a “U-Lock” on Carlton Street around 9:30 PM on Saturday July 28th.  When he went to retrieve his bike around 6:30 AM the following day his bike was absent.  The complainant described the bike as a black specialized road bicycle with blue writing and both an “MGH” and “Brookline Tenant” sticker on it.  Officers are pursuing this case, seeking possible surveillance.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunday, July 29th

10:41 AM- Officers reported to Egmont street for a reported open window.  The reporting party stated that when she woke up around 8:30 AM she noticed that her kitchen window was slightly open and the window screen was higher than she normally places it.  She did not notice anything missing from the apartment.  Officers observed thumb prints on the window in a manner suggesting someone attempting to open the window from the outside.  The officers noticed a window of the neighboring unit had been tampered with as well and the ground appeared to have been stepped on below the window.  Upon encountering individuals exiting the neighboring unit an officer asked them if they knew anything about the incident and they stated that they had been locked out of the unit and tried to gain entry through the window and mistakenly attempted entry through the other unit’s window.  This case is closed.

Saturday, July 28th

11:09 AM- An officer arrived on Thorndike Street for a malicious damage report.  The caller stated that she believed a delivery driver from the previous night had damaged her spouse’s vehicle.  The home has a surveillance camera installed near the front doorbell.  The night of the incident the caller was expecting a food delivery by an unaffiliated delivery service from a local restaurant.  She noticed the car pull up to her house and the driver remained inside the vehicle.  The delivery driver called her and stated that he could not find the address and she notified him that he was at the correct address.  When the delivery man came to the door to with the food, the caller and him got into an argument over the delay.  The caller stated that the man left her doorstep angry and hovered around the garage area.  The family had recently purchased a new car which was located in front of the garage.  The morning after, the caller’s husband went outside and found his vehicle significantly scratched on the rear.  The scratches looked like key marks to the observer.  He called the police and his wife made a complaint with the delivery company about the unprofessionalism of the driver and the car scratches.  She knew the first name of the delivery driver and a phone number.  The surveillance camera footage was turned over to police which depicts the suspect scratching the car.  This case is being investigated.

5:00 PM- A report of malicious damage to a motor vehicle was made on Juniper Street.  The caller stated that she left her car in her parking space in the parking lot in the rear of her apartment complex.  She did this on the night of July 27th.  The following day when she went to her vehicle she observed damage to the rear right quarter panel of her vehicle.  She believed it looked as though another vehicle tried to back into the spot next to hers and ended up backing into her vehicle.  The apartment complex has assigned parking.  The complainant stated that she knew who the parking spot belonged to and that the occupier is away for the week.  She has noticed many vehicles not assigned to spaces occupying parking spaces.  The same incident had occurred to the left rear of her vehicle on July 25th but she had not reported it.  The officer observed the damage to both sides of her vehicle.  The complainant stated that the area where her car is located has a lack of lighting and that she finds bottles of urine by her car frequently.  She believes there are parking space trespassers.  There were no security cameras in the area to observe.  The caller was advised to contact her insurance company.

5:21 PM- An officer was dispatched to Heath Street for a report of a larceny.  A student reported that he placed a suitcase in a communal area in the building while he was waiting to leave to return home.  He was scheduled to move out in a few hours.  He left the suitcase unattended for approximately an hour and forty-five minutes.  When he returned to the community room his suitcase was gone.  He contacted campus security who was not able to locate the luggage and advised him to contact police and make a report.

A local utility company responded to a report of a siting of bones on a job site.  An anthropologist determined that the bones were of a horse.

Friday, July 27th

3:16 PM- An officer responded to TJ MAXX on Harvard St. for a reported shoplifting incident.  The officer met with the loss prevention officer at the store who stated that two young males entered the store around 3:00 PM and shoplifted several items.  The employee showed the officer a video of the suspects.  The video shows one of the persons involved placing several items of clothing inside his book bag.  The second person was not observed taking any items from the store.  When the individual who was observed concealing items tried to exit the store without paying, the complainant tried to stop him unsuccessfully.  This case is being investigated.

5:25 PM- A larceny report was made at Heath St.  When an officer arrived at the location he met the complainant who stated that there had been four burglaries and one larceny reported to her.  These incidents were said to have occurred between 8:00 AM on Tuesday 7/24/18 and 5:00 PM on Friday 7/27/18.  Units in this location are rented out to an outside institution in the summer.  One of the residents affected stated that the master key could have been taken out of the staff office in the room next to hers or a copy could have been made.  The responding officer was not able to locate or contact the other reporting parties.  The caller stated that all the residents assigned for the first half of summer were leaving Saturday 7/28/18.  The same officer went to the location a second time to see if any remaining residents had noticed anything suspicious or had another incident.  He was made aware of several more incidents.  One witness was in his unit when a male opened his room door, peered in and closed the door when he noticed it was occupied.  This case is under investigation.

Thursday, July 26th

8:50 PM- The complainants stated that on 7/25/18 around 8:30 AM that they had employees of an air conditioning company come to their home and fix their air conditioner.  The family had used this company in the past with no issues.  The caller stated that she had been with two of the three employees almost the entire time they were working in her home.  She knew two of the employees from previous jobs having been done on her property.  The employee she was not familiar with stated that he needed to check the vents in the other rooms.  The workers finished and left the home around 1:30 PM.  The following day the complainant noticed items were missing from her jewelry box.  A cleaning service is also frequently used in the home but it is the same employee every time with an occasional extra person.  The resident does not believe the cleaning service was involved with the larceny.  This case is under investigation.