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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Blog for 1/5/17

On 01/05/2017 while conducting traffic enforcement in the area of Washington St. officers observed a vehicle proceed through a red traffic signal. Officers stopped the vehicle and discovered that the operator did not have a valid driver’s license. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to the station.

On 1/4/17 a citizen turned in a lost wallet to an officer that was working in Coolidge Corner. Attempts have been made to contact the owner of the property. 

Blog for 1/3/17-1/04/17

01/04/2017 – Traffic Arrest

Officers stopped a vehicle on High Street for making a turn off of Boylston Street where the signs prohibit.  The operator was placed under arrest for operation after revocation.

01/04/2017 – Stolen Bike

Victim reports that her bike was locked to the front porch of their Cypress Street home.   It was last seen around 7:00 PM on 1/3 and found to be gone at 8:15 am on 1/4.

01/04/2017 – Larceny Arrest

Officers were called to a business on Harvard Street for a report of a larceny.   The victim reported that they observed a female in an area of the office that is restricted for employees only.  After the unknown female left the victim noticed that her purse was gone.  Officers located a subject fitting the description they were given from the victim.  She was found to in possession of the missing items and was placed under arrest.

01/04/2017 – Warrant Arrest

Officers arrested a party on Kent Street for an outstanding arrest warrant.

01/04/2017 – Shoplifting

Officers were called to a business on Commonwealth Ave for a report of shoplifting.  The employees reported to police that an unknown male had come in inquiring about an activity tracker and then walked out of the store with it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Blog for 12/30/16-1/3/17

12/29/16 *** SCAM ALERT****
Officers took a report from a resident who recieved a call from an unkown number.  The caller, posing as s family member  of the victim,  stated  that they had been in a car accidnet and was then arrested.  A second caller, posing as a police officer, informed the victim in order for their loved one to be bailed they would need to deliver gift cards to certain stores in large denominations.  

12/30/16 – Package Theft

Officers reported to Winchester Street for a report of a package theft. The caller told police that they were awaiting a package of purchased items.  According to the delivery company the package had been delivered on 12/14/16 around 2:30 pm. 

12/29/16 – Larceny    

Resident of Green Street reported to police that between 12/28 and 12/29 personal belgonings were left outside the resident’s door in the hallway.  When the resident went to get the belongings on 12/29 they were gone.  

12/31/16- Graffiti Report

Officers were called to a generator box on Harvard Street for reported graffiti.
01/01/17 – Arrest Malicious Damage

Officers responded to a building on Beacon Street for a report of a person banning on doors in the building.  Officers arrived to find the side window next to the door had been pushed in.  They were able to locate the person banging on the doors and he was placed under arrest for malicious destruction of property.

1/2/17   -  Arrest

Subject was arrested after being caught on camera from stealing form his employer on camera. 

01/02/17-  Burglary

Resident of Tappan Street reported to police that during the time frame of 5:00 pm on 12/23/16 and 5:30 pm 01/02/17 someone had entered their home.  Victims stated that upon return to their home they found the rear door to be open and items were missing from the home.

01/02/17- Shoplifting

Officers responded to Stop and Shop on Harvard Street for a shoplifter.   Officers were informed by an employee that a customer was placing large amounts of food into bags.  The customer then left the store without paying for the food.

01/02/17- Larceny

Officers responded to a business on Harvard Street where the victim stated his phone was stolen.

1/3/17 -Car Break

Officers were on Amory Street to take a report for a car break.  The victim stated that the car was parked between 12/25/16 and 1/3/17.  During this time it appeared that someone had rummaged through the vehicle.

1/3/17- Warrant Arrest

During traffic enforcement on Newton Street, Officers stopped a vehicle for a turn where signs prohibit.  As a result of the stop the operator was placed under arrest for operation after suspension and a warrant.

1/3/17-  Arrest

During traffic enforcement on Newton Street, Officers stopped a vehicle for a turn where signs prohibit. As a result of the stop the operator was placed under arrest for operation without a license.