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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April 2, 2021

3/31/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a report for credit card fraud where the reporting party received notifications that their card was being used for purchases in Dorchester. The card was used at multiple locations and the party contacted the manager at one of the locations to confirm that someone indeed was trying to make a purchase with their card. At this time, Detectives are following up on the case.

3/31/2021 SHOPLIFTING - Officers responded to a report for a past shoplifting on Harvard St. The loss prevention employee shared that they followed the shoplifter via bus into Boston. Officers were informed that Boston officers were able to recover the stolen items. The suspect was arrested due to outstanding warrants. 

3/31/2021 BREAK AND ENTER - Officers responded to a report for a break and enter of a motor vehicle on Marshall St. The reporting party shared that when they returned to their vehicle the saw that it had been rummaged through. They contacted police after. 


4/1/2021 ALTERCATION - Officers responded to a dispute on Harvard St. where two parties had to be separated due to the altercation. It was shared that the owner of the establishment had scolded the other party for using the bathroom without making a purchase. This dispute escalated until officers arrived on scene to resolve the issue. 

4/1/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a report of a phone scam where the party shared that an authorized transfer was made in their account. The victim reported that they received a text message about a fraudulent charge and told them to contact the number provided. When they were on the phone with the caller, they were asked to transfer money in order to solve the issue. This caused the victim to become suspicious and contact their bank directly. This is when the bank informed them that they had been a victim of a scam. This is when police were contacted.

4/1/2021 LARCENY- Officers responded to a package theft report on Park St. were the reporting party shared that they received an email that their package was delivered. When they went go check the package, it was not there. Officers are looking for surveillance near the area.

March 30, 2021

3/30/2021 LARCENY - Officers responded to a larceny report at Emerson Park. The reporting party stated that her child's turquoise Micro Maxi scooter was taken from the playground. Officers requested this case to be followed up by detectives. 

3/30/2021 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - Officers responded to a call regarding suspicious activity. The reporting party stated that they had received multiple voice mails from someone who claimed they were from the Inspector General Office. The caller proceeded to inform the reporting party that they were from the Social Security Administration and claimed that the reporting party's car was found in New York. These claims were all false.

3/30/2021 GRAFFITI - Officers responded to a report of graffiti at Claflin road. The reporting party had reported an incident of graffiti prior and found more graffiti on 3/30/2021. The graffiti seems to be pink, blue and red wolves howling. The prior graffiti reported was a white wolf. 

March 29, 2021

3/25/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a identity theft report where the reporting party relayed that they received a phone call from a federal credit union asking why they are behind on payments on their loan. The party told them that they never applied for a loan from them. The caller then provided the address and phone number that was used for the account. Since the party did no recognize the information, they contacted police.

3/25/2021 FRAUD - Officers responded to a past Breaking and Entering of a motor vehicle on Clyde St. where the party relayed that they left their car with the doors unlocked and returned with their belongings missing. They later checked their credit cards to find fraudulent charges on the cards. They immediately canceled the cards. Detectives are currently following up on the case. 


3/27/2021 Officers took report of two breaking and entering of motor vehicles. 

3/27/2021 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY- Officers took a report of suspicious activity on Russell St. where a party caught a man walking through their backyard. The party gave police a description of the man. 


3/28/2021 Officers took report for five breaking and entering of motor vehicles.