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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rabies Alert In Brookline

Check out the Brookline Health Departments Rabies Alert sent out today.
Keep children away from wild animals, report any wild animals acting strange or near children to the Police Department 617-730-2222.
Rabies Alert: Rabies Suspected In Brookline Raccoon

Brookline Police Department and Department of Public Health (BDPH) officials report that a raccoon suspected of having rabies recently attacked the pet of a resident in North Brookline during daylight hours. This follows the confirmation that a raccoon which tested positive for rabies was picked up in Jamaica Plain on September 29. The Brookline Health Department is issuing a Rabies Advisory to offer guidance for residents and others concerning rabies in raccoons and other wild animals (particularly skunks, foxes, coyotes and woodchucks) and to stress the importance of avoiding wild or stray animals of any kind.

Rabies is transmitted to humans via bites and/or scratches that may contain the infected animal’s saliva. Anyone who has had direct contact with a rabid animal must immediately seek preventive treatment from their health care provider and notify the Brookline Department of Public Health. Rabies vaccinations consist of a series of shots and could mean the difference between life and death.CONTROL MEASURES

Ø Do not pick up, touch or feed wild or stray animals of any kind. This includes leaving pet food outside for your own animals or other animals. Try not to feed your pet outdoors, and if you do, feed only during daylight hours and supervise your pet while it eats.
Ø Avoid sick or strange-acting animals.
Ø Vaccinate all cats, dogs and ferrets against rabies.
Ø Keep your pet indoors at night. Since raccoons are nocturnal and roam for food in the evening, your pet stands a greater chance of encountering wildlife in the evening than during the day.
Ø Fasten trash can lids tightly. Garbage attracts wild animals.
Ø Make sure your chimneys are securely capped with hardware cloth that has been bolted down. Remember, raccoons have little "hands" that can easily dislodge loose screens or covers. If your chimney is not capped, contact area chimney sweeps or roofing companies to have this done.
Ø Seal openings into houses, garages, etc. For a brochure on critter-proofing your property, contact the Brookline Department of Public Health, 617-730-2300 or visit our website (
Ø If you are bitten or scratched by any animal you should promptly wash the wound(s) with soapy water and see a healthcare provider immediately. Report the incident to the Brookline Department of Public Health.
Ø If your pet is bitten or scratched by another animal, wear gloves when handling or cleaning your pet. Afterwards, wash your hands thoroughly. Report the incident to your veterinarian and to the Brookline Department of Public Health.
Ø Call the Police Department, Animal Control at 617-730-2222 to report the presence of a raccoon or other wild animal that appears sick or is acting strangely.
Ø Children should be taught that all wild animals and strays should be observed from a distance, and that direct contact with any wild or stray animal should be avoided.

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