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Friday, July 13, 2012

Police Report 7/11-7/12

Malicious Damage: 7/13 at 6:15am – Dudley Way & Lee St to Boylston St & Warren St
Officers responded to a report of garbage bins in the water. They observed 7 garbage bins that had been removed from their foundation and rolled into the reservoir. The Water Department was notified.

Protective Custody: 7/12 at 11:49pm – Chapel St
Officer responded to a report of a motorcycle accident. Upon arrival, officers observed that there was in fact no accident but that the party in possession of the moped was heavily intoxicated. They determined that the subject was in no condition to care for himself. Subject was placed into Protective Custody. The moped was towed and held until an owner could be determined.

Larceny: Occurred 7/9 at 5:30pm – Linden St
Victim reported a theft of her package. The service carrier claimed that the package was left outside on the front stairs of her building. Victim arrived home to find that there was no package on the stairs.

Fall on Town Property: 7/12 at 3:50pm – Center St
Officer witnessed a woman trip and fall on the sidewalk in front of a market. He immediately requested EMS and rendered assistance until they arrived. Woman suffered scrapes to her left knee and both wrists. She was treated by the ambulance. Upon further investigation, officer observed several large cracks and deep depressions in the sidewalk. D.P.W. was notified and cones were placed over the damage area.

Graffiti Law: 7/12 at 1:35pm – Village Way
Caller stated he observed several graffiti markings over the past two weeks on the Village Way property all with the same tag. Walk & Talk Officers were notified.

Breaking & Entering of MV: 7/12 at 12:45pm – Ivy St
Officers responded to a report of a breaking and entering into a motor vehicle in progress.  Witness observed two young black males, wearing beach shorts, and no shirts fleeing from the scene, after they reached into the window of a dark-colored motor vehicle. Officers were able to stop 2 suspects across the street fitting that description. Subjects will be charged with the criminal offenses of Juvenile Delinquency to wit: Breaking and Entering into a Motor Vehicle.

Assault: 7/12 at 10:10am – Beacon St
Officers responded to a report of a past assault and battery. Caller stated that he and an acquaintance of his got into an argument. The acquaintance struck the caller with his walking cane, in the left elbow. Caller fell and landed on the front yard and was struck again on his back with the cane. Both parties refused medical attention and there were no visible injuries to either party. Both were issued a criminal complaint.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Police Reports 7/11-7/12

Assault: Occurred 7/12 at 12:30am – Colbourne Crescent
Victim stated that his friends saw a glass cup flying over the fence wall and break on the victim’s patio. There were no injuries during the incident and there was no damage to any property.

Graffiti Law: 7/12 at 2:05am – Boylston St.
Officer noticed a black spray paint marking on the side of the wall. Photos were taken and the investigation is still on going at this time.

Burglary: 7/11 at 11:23pm – Kent St.
Caller watched two people try to climb into his neighbor’s window. Officers noticed that the window screen on one of the first floor windows appeared to be cut. There also appeared to be a step stool directly below this window. Upon further investigation, officers discovered 2 mountain bikes inside the back seat of one of the suspect’s car, in plain sight.  The vehicle was towed where it is secured pending the application for a search warrant.

Burglary: 7/12 at 6:15am – Washington St.
Officers executed an unnumbered search warrant. The vehicle was photographed prior to the search and was not damaged during the search. Vehicle was towed.

Operating after Suspension: 7/11 at 7:50pm – Lee St.

Officer noticed a vehicle with no registration sticker properly displayed on the corner of the license plate. The query indicated the registration was revoked and the registered owner of the vehicle had a suspended license. Subject was placed under arrest.

Burglary: Occurred 7/11 between 2:00pm-5:15pm – Berkley Court
Officer responded to a past attempted residential Breaking and Entering report. Victim stated that his wife observed damage to the front door of their home. The door appeared to have a single pry mark next to the dead bolt and damage to the lock mechanism. Victim further stated that other neighbors observed an intoxicated white male in his 40-50's, approximately 5'10" with a stocky build, lingering in the back alley behind Washington Street. No entry appeared to be gained. The second door into the home had no damage to it.

Larceny: 7/11 between 9:00am- 4:15pm – Washington St.
Victim observed her daughter’s bicycles missing from the rear of her home. The two bicycles were locked together to an iron fence behind the house; the suspect was able to remove the bicycles without breaking the lock. Victim stated there was a suspect seen in the back alley of her house today. This man has been seen in the area for the past few weeks, mainly in the daytime. He is described as an intoxicated white male in his 40-50's, approximately 5'10" with a stocky build, lingering in the back alley. Neighborhood has been advised to contact the police if they observed the suspect.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two Juveniles Scooter-ed off to Jail

On 7/10 at 4:46pm, officer observed two male juveniles operating a motor scooter without helmets on the sidewalk of Sewall Ave. When stopped for questioning, both parties seemed to be nervous and hesitant to speak. Neither party knew where there were and stated that they would go get their helmets. After officers identified the subjects, their investigation led them to conclude that the scooter had been stolen. Subjects were placed under arrest. One will be charged with receiving stolen property, failure to wear a helmet, operating without a license, and operating recklessly. The other will be charged with receiving stolen property.
    A little while later, the owner of a scooter contacted the Brookline Police Station to report that her scooter had been stolen. She stated that her scooter was parked on the sidewalk on Babcock Street. Her descriptions matched perfectly to the scooter officers recovered on scene. Scooter was returned to its rightful owner.
    The town of Brookline has seen an increase in stolen scooter incidences in the past several weeks. Our investigation has revealed that some of these scooters are able to be jump started. Once again we advise all owners to lock their scooters to something for maximum security. Thefts have occurred at various times throughout the day so always keep a close eye on your personal property. And more importantly, be on the lookout for possible suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. Here are some safety tips taken from the web:

•    Use case hardened steel locks with large chains and large padlocks
•    Run the lock through both the front and back wheels
•    Put cover over scooter - causing noise
•    Lock the steering wheel

The idea is to deter the thief from wanting to spend the time to get to the scooter. The longer they take in trying to free the locks, the more time someone will have in stopping or getting a good look at the thief.

Police Reports 7/11

Operating after Revocation: 7/11 at 12:18am – Beacon St.
Officer pulled over a vehicle for having an expired vehicle’s inspection sticker. Operator claimed that his license used to be suspended but was now active. A query of the vehicle’s registration revealed that the registered owner’s license was revoked. Operator will be charged for Operating after Revocation (license) and Failure to Submit Vehicle for Inspection.

Loud Music/Party: 7/11 at 12:45am – Strathmore Rd.
Officer responded to a complaint of a loud party. Resident stated she threw the party for some friends. Officer issued her the Town By-Law. Guests were asked to leave.

Attempted Breaking & Entering: Occurred 7/8 8:00am – University Rd.
Resident observed damage to their apartment front door. Dirt markings indicate that someone kicked the door but no entry was gained. A check of the exterior of the apartment did not reveal any additional signs of attempts on other residential units.

Fraud: Occurred at 7/9 at 2:27
Victim reported fraudulent transactions on his bank account, all from the same location in Texas. He has possession of his debit card, and has since cancelled it. Victim stated that he has not been to Texas recently and does not know any one from there.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

3 Stolen Scooters in 1 Day

Larceny: 7/9 from 12:50pm-1:10pm - Harvard St.
Victim reported his bike stolen. Subject was spotted.

Motor Vehicle Theft – 7/9
There was a report of 3 stolen scooters in various locations of Beacon St., Longwood Ave., and Stearns Rd. Thefts have occurred both during the morning and late evening. We advise that all owners securely lock up their scooters and park them as to not block the sidewalk.

 6:57pm on Beacon St.
Victim claimed to have parked it at a lot without securing it.
11:00am on Longwood Ave.
Victim noticed his scooter missing from the sidewalk after leaving it overnight.
8:42am on Stearns Rd.
Victim reported his scooter stolen from in front of his residents. Subject was spotted by a concerned citizen.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Police Reports 7/6-7/9

Operating after Revocation: 7/9 at 1:34am – Beacon St at Carlton St
Officer confirmed the status of a vehicle as revoked. The operator and registered owner  was charged with the following: Operating MV After Registration Revocation, Operating MV without Insurance, Failure to Inspect MV. Vehicle was towed and confiscated.

Juvenile Trouble: 7/8 at 8:19pm- Naples Rd.
Officer responded to a report of a fire. The fire was extinguished by the caller. The caller stated that he smelt smoke coming from the rear of his apartment and then saw two kids surrounding a bond fire made out of card board boxes. Kids then fled on Naples Rd, towards Harvard St. The two kids were described as two white males approximately,6 to 8 years of age, looked a like (possibly brothers), short brown hair, wearing green shirt and shorts, and well dressed.  Fire was extinguished.

Malicious Damage: 7/8 7am- Chilton St.
Victim stated that she left her house on 7/2 at approximately 6:30am. She returned home on 7/8 at 7:30am to multiple damages to her property: damaged windows, the water to their garden hose was turned on, and the wooden furniture in their garden was damaged and moved from their original positions. Officers processed the area and revealed no indications that the suspect/s entered the home.

Larceny: 7/8 at 6:22pm - Beacon St.
Store owner stated that he stopped a male party attempting to put two bottles of vodka down the front of his pants. After putting the two bottles back on the shelf, the male party ran towards the door and ran inbound on the outbound side of Beacon St.  A black female ran out the door with him, which led the owner to believe that she was accompanying him while he was in the store.

Suspect’s descriptions include: light skinned black female, in her mid 20s, wearing blue jeans with rips on the thighs, a light blue blouse, black sunglasses, with shoulder length hair, wearing a black backpack and was carrying two white plastic bags. a while male in his late 20s-early 30s, with sideburns and a scruffy face, wearing a blue buttoned down short sleeve shirt, black under shirt, blue jeans, red sneakers, and a black backwards baseball hat with sunglasses on top. The two bottles of vodka were recovered by the owner and he did not believe anything else had been taken.

Larceny: 6/22 at 9:29am – Village St.
Officer responded to a report of a larceny of a package containing medical supplies. Caller contacted the shipping company and was informed that her package was delivered and left without any receiver signature. She reported the incident after several days of not retaining any camera footage from her building’s front lobby.

Threats by Phone: 7/8 at 10:46am – Smythe St.

Complainant reported that she received 3 threatening phone calls from an unknown person. Complainant appeared quite concerned about the phone calls. The caller’s phone number is blocked and is not listed on the complainant’s smart phone. She was advised to contact the phone company’s security division for a follow-up investigation. She was advised that her residence would be provided with special attention from the Brookline P.D.

Burglary: 7/8 at around  2:00am-10:00am – Carlton St.

Victims stated that someone broke into their house and stole their belongings. They discovered the window and screen in the dining room to be wide open, the back door to the apartment open and the back door to the house to be held open by a block. Officers processed the scene. Case is ongoing.

Failure to Stop: 7/8 at 1:27am - Carlton St and Beacon St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed outbound on Beacon St. As the officer attempted to approach the vehicle, the operator accelerated to an even higher rate of speed. Vehicle failed to stop at numerous red lights and driving in a way that would endanger the lives of the public and the officers. After several minutes of pursuit, officers were able to pull over the subject. Subject was clearly intoxicated and had operated the vehicle while under the influence of Intoxicating Liquor. He was put under arrest and charged with the following charges: Failure to Stop for a Police Officer, Operating Under the Influence of Liquor, Operating to Endanger, Speeding, Fail to Stop for a Red Light, Fail to Stop for a Stop Sign, Marked Lanes Violation, Failure to use Directional Signal when Turning. His Massachusetts Drivers License was seized, destroyed, and suspended.

 Loud Music: 7/7 at 11:48pm – St. Mary’s Court
Officers responded to a call of a group gathering. They observed a group of people talking and playing loud music. Resident asked guests to leave, the music was turned off, and there was no further incident. Resident was issued a town By-Law Ticket for violation of the Town’s Nuisance Control By-Law.

Larceny: 7/7 at 6:06pm – Harvard St.
Multiple units responded for a woman’s purse and keys that were just stolen. The suspect entered the store carrying recyclable red shopping bags at approximately 5:15pm. The suspect then shopped for approximately 30 minutes and clearly intends on buying his items as he is seen checking dates on items and comparing prices. On the surveillance video the suspect takes the wallet and exits the store at approximately 5:48-5:49pm on the time stamp. Suspect is described as a white male in his 60s with grey hair. He was seen wearing a Blue Red Sox hat, a light blue golf type polo shirt with a pocket on the left side of the chest, the shirt is tucked into his blue jeans, and he appears to be wearing black shoes.

Malicious Damage: 7/7 at 4:20pm – Boylston St.
Reporting party stated that when he opened the restaurant, he noticed the lower portion of the front entrance door glass to be damaged. Officer checked other businesses within the block for any other damages, but did not observe any other damage.

Larceny: 7/6 10:00pm- 7/7 7:40am
Complainant reported that two terra cotta flower pots containing begonias had been stolen from his front window flower box. The complainant suspects passing college students.

Operating after Suspension: 7/7 8:50am – Boylston St.

Officer observed a vehicle travelling at a rate of speed higher than the speed limit. Upon investigation, it was confirmed that the operator had a suspended license and was not the registered owner of the vehicle. He was placed under arrest. While doing an inventory, officer located a clear small plastic bag with a white chalky 'rock' inside. Evidence was seized and in processing.

Operating after Suspension: 7/7 2:32am – Beacon St. and University Rd.
Officer approached a vehicle that failed to stop at the stop sign and failed to use the directional signal. A query of the vehicle’s registration revealed that the operator a suspended license. Subject was placed under arrest and charged with the following charges: Operating after Suspension (License), Fail to stop - stop sign, Fail to use directional when turning. License was destroyed and vehicle was towed.

Operating after Suspension: 7/6 at 10:45pm – Babcock and Harvard St.
Officer ran a query of the license status of a motorist who had a history of operating after suspension. Subject was placed under arrest and his vehicle was towed. 

Warrant: 7/6 at 7:30pm – Outbound on Beacon St.
A random query of a vehicle’s registration revealed that the vehicles’ registration was revoked do to insurance purposes. The operator stated that she was not the registered owner of the vehicle and was unable to provide a license. Officer’s confirmed the operator’s revoked status and had an active default warrant for her arrest. She was placed under arrest and charged for the following offenses: Operating After Suspension, Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Operating after Revocation, Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle. Vehicle was towed and the license plates were submitted into evidence locker.

Fraud: 7/6 6:15pm – Park St.
Victim reported that she was a victim of an online scam. In mid June, victim exchanged messaged with another women who was hired to be her new nanny. Victim was reported to deposit checks into the nanny’s personal account. Upon forwarding the money, she sent a text message to the nanny with the reference number. Victim has no other information about this online scam. All search on the suspect had negative results. Copies of e-mails along with the check deposit slips and money gram transfer has been placed in the evidence locker.

Operating after Suspension: 7/6 at 6:34pm - Harvard St.
Officer pulled over a vehicle that displaying an expired inspection sticker. It was confirmed that the operator had a suspended license. Subject was placed under arrest and charged with Operating After Suspension and Failure To Inspect Motor Vehicle.

Malicious Damage: 7/5 at 4:00pm- Beacon St.
Victim noticed that her car had been ‘keyed’.

Bicycle Accident: 7/6 4:04pm - Harvard St. and Fuller St
Officer responded to an accident. Cyclist collided with a taxi vehicle causing her to fall from her bike. The front wheel of her bike was severely damaged and bent.  Cyclist had some bruising and bleeding on her right elbow and she was also complaining of slight injury to her left knee. Driver was issued a citation for Failure to Yield to Oncoming Traffic.

Malicious: 7/6 between 7pm-7am – Gardner Rd.
Victim noticed his left rear tire on his vehicle was slashed. Victim’s neighbor also stated that her tire had been slashed 2 nights ago (no report filed). Victim claims that she has not had any incidents with neighbors and could not think of anyone that would have done this.

Fraud: 7/1 at 2:31am – Centre St.
Victim stated that her wallet was stolen a week ago and did not realize until she received a call from the bank notifying her of a suspicious charge. At this time, it appears that no other charges were made on the card.  Card has been cancelled.

Malicious Damage: 7/6 – Evans Rd.
Several shrubs and newly planted sod had been damaged sometime overnight. It appeared that a MV had entered onto the property from the driveway that is located on Downing Road.  This MV traveled on the lawn damaging newly planted sod and then left the property by driving over three shrubs. There was no other property damage.

Malicious Damage: 7/6 at 4:48am – 4:51am – Winchester St.
The rear window of a rental car was smashed and the roof was damaged. There was a large stone inside the vehicle. Victim was at home across the street when he heard a loud smash, and what he believed to be a vehicle speeding off. He stated that he believes that the suspect vehicle entered Winchester Street from Coolidge Street, and taking a right onto Winchester towards Kelton St. He did not see the suspect vehicle, but called police almost immediately. No further information is available at this time.