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Friday, August 19, 2016



9:30am: While assigned to the front desk, an officer was approached by a Brookline resident to report his bicycle stolen.  The victim reported last seeing the bicycle attached to a bike rack on Longwood Ave between 8/14/2016 and 8/16/2016. The next morning he noticed the bicycle was missing and the lock still attached to the bike rake.

 4:56pm: While monitoring traffic at intersection of Parkway Rd and Netherlands Rd witnessed a vehicle go through a stop sign.  The officer activated his emergency blue lights and stopped the vehicle on Parkway Rd.  When asked for his license and registration, the driver stated his license was suspended.  A query of the driver’s information confirmed his license was suspended and was immediately placed under arrest without incident.


9:08am: While on patrol, an officer was dispatched to Boylston St. for a report of a past breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. On scene, the victim reported parking her called on 8/17/2016 at approximately 6:00pm, leaving the car unlocked.  The next morning she discovered the contents of the vehicle rummaged through. The victim reported no items were taken from her car.

5:37pm: A Brookline resident approached the officer assigned to the front desk to report her license plate had been stolen.  The vehicle was parked on Reservoir Rd. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



8:20am: While monitoring the intersection of Grove and Newton St, an officer witnessed a vehicle make a wrong left turn from Grove to Newton. There are three signs posted station no left turn.  A traffic stop was initiated, and the driver was asked to produce his license and registration. The driver stated he did not have a license and a check with Brookline Dispatch confirmed he did not. The subject was placed under arrest and charged with Not Being Duly Licensed and Making an Improper Turn.

5:30pm: While assigned to the front desk, an officer was approached by a Brookline resident to report his vehicle was broken into on Beacon St.  The victim stated on Friday, 8/12/2016 at approximately 8:30am, the victim discovered the door to his vehicle was open and the compartments had been rummaged through. At this time, the victim reports nothing of value has been taken from the vehicle.


1:30pm: While on patrol, an officer observed a suspicious individual on Babcock Street. The officer observed the individual crossing the street multiple times and looking down driveways and unoccupied houses. After observing the subject walk between a private condominium development the officer stopped the male for questioning.  A check of the subject’s criminal history revealed the subject had two warrants out for his arrest.  The individual was immediately placed under arrest without incident. 

Monday, August 15, 2016



10:00am: Officers were dispatched to a local store on Harvard Street for a report of a shoplifting.  On scene, the store manager stated she had observed a male subject place several items into his shopping cart, and leather bag he was carrying. The manager observed the male go through the checkout lane, only paying for the items in the cart. The individual left the store not paying for the items in his leather bag.  A search for the subject in the surrounding area yielded negative results.