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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wednesday, July 25th

3:55 PM- Officers responded to a report of a missing scooter.  The reporting party stated that she left her scooter outside of a business on Washington Street in Washington Square for about ten to fifteen minutes.  When she exited the store she noticed her scooter was missing and an item that she had left on the scooter was now sitting on a table outside the store.  The police were able to get a description of the powered scooter and canvassed the area in attempts to locate it. An Officer noticed the described bike being operated the wrong way down University Road. The Officer stopped the man riding it and began asking him questions.  He asked the man to get off the scooter, so he could further investigate. As the man got off the scooter, the Officer instructed him to sit on the curb. The man motioned as if he were going to sit and then began to run from the Officer. A foot pursuit ensued. The Officer requested back-up to assist him, and broadcast the now suspect’s description to responding units. The Officer lost site of the suspect as he ran in the area of Gardener Road. A short time later two Officers responding to search for the fleeing suspect saw a man fitting the description and stopped him on Griggs Road. The first Officer positively identified the suspect as the man who he stopped, and who ran from him. The suspect was placed under arrest for Larceny of a Motor Scooter, traffic offenses, and Failure to Stop for Police. The owner of the scooter confirmed that the scooter Police had found was her stolen scooter.

Detectives checked the surveillance cameras of the business and confirmed that the man who was seen taking the bike, was the man who was riding it when police stopped him. 

6:20 PM- An employee at a business on Harvard Street reported her phone missing to Brookline Police.  The employee put her phone down and turned away while doing something and when she turned back around she found that her phone was missing.  After asking other employees and cleaning personal if they had seen her phone she contacted police to report the incident.  This case is under investigation.

7:30 PM- A Brookline resident reported a stolen bike.  She habitually locked her bike to a bike rack at the Brookline Village T stop.  When she went to the bike rack on the night of 7/21/18 to get and use it, she found that it was gone.  The bike is described as a women’s silver Airen Sport, Diamond model bicycle with an orange stripe on the bar leading from the handle bars to the front tire.  This case is being investigated.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Tuesday, July 24th

11:60 AM- Officers responded with the Brookline Fire Department to Beacon Street for a fire alarm.  A van that pulled into a garage damaged a sprinkler head, causing the alarms to sound.  Brookline Fire Department turned off the water source, preventing further water damage and an officer took statements from the driver of the van and the resident.  The property owner was contacted as well. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Monday, July 23rd

4:14 PM- An officer responded to Columbia Street for a reported theft of two bicycles.  The caller noticed the night prior that her two bikes were missing.  She stated that she had last seen the bikes hours prior to noticing they were missing.  One of the bicycles was black, the other was orange and they were 21 speeds.  The owner left the bicycles unlocked on the side of her yard.  There were many other unlocked bicycles on the side of the yard as well but none of them were stolen.  This case is under investigation.

9:05 PM- A larceny report was made on Freeman Street.  An officer arrived at the location and spoke with the reporting party.  The caller stated that she left her apartment around 7:15 AM and returned home around 8:45 PM.  When she went in her room and took off her jewelry to place them in her jewelry box she noticed the box was open and facing backwards (not like she left it).  She then noticed items were missing from the box.  The day that these items went missing is the same day a pest control company had tended to the apartment building.  An incident involving the same pest control company and a larceny occurred last week in the same building.  This case is being investigated.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunday, July 22nd

2:45 PM- A report of a shoplifting incident at a CVS on Commonwealth Avenue was made.  The suspect was described by Dispatch and an officer in the area identified a man following the description and pursued him.  The suspect placed the bag said to obtain the stolen items on the ground and tried to flee but was stopped when he lost his balance.  The suspect was advised of his Miranda Rights and he admitted to stealing products from the CVS.  He was identified by the store manager and arrested for the shoplifting incident. 

6:11 PM- Three officers responded to a CVS on Commonwealth Avenue for a reported shoplifting incident.  The suspects were described as two white males in their forties to fifties, wearing blue T-shirts, and khaki shorts.  Both suspects were riding bikes when fleeing the scene.  The caller who reported the incident stated that he noticed an item from the store in the bag of one of the suspects and tried to stop them but the suspects fled on their bikes.  Surveillance of the incident was turned over to Brookline Police.  This case is being investigated.

11:00 PM- An officer was dispatched to Saint Paul Street for a reported breaking and entering and larceny.  Upon arrival he met with two roommates, one of which had been out of town since 7/18/18 until the day of the report.  When he returned home he noticed several items missing from his room.  His roommate was gone for several hours on the previous day but locked the apartment.  The windows of the room where items were taken were unlocked.  This case is under investigation.

Saturday, July 21st

12:40 PM- A shoplifting incident was reported at Walgreens on Harvard Street.  The individual involved was said to have left the store and was traveling up the street in specified clothing.  An officer noticed the individual based on the described clothing provided by dispatch and pursued him.  Another officer arrived to assist the present officer.  The subject was stopped and advised of the reason for the stop and read his Miranda Rights.  The subject denied the accusation that he had stolen items from the store but soon after admitted to his actions.  One of the officers spoke with the store manager who explained the shoplifting incident he observed.  The store manager identified the suspect as the person he observed stealing items from the store.  This case is closed.

4:40 PM- An officer was dispatched to a CVS on Commonwealth Avenue for a reported shoplifting.  When the officer arrived at the scene he met with the store manager who stated that twenty minutes prior a white male approximately 6’2”, wearing a white t-shirt, dark-colored pants, and a black backpack attempted to steal three pairs of headphones.  The store manager confronted the suspect who then removed two pairs of headphones from his bag and left the store.  Dispatch provided the Brookline Police Department with the description of the suspect.  Officers searched the area for the individual and did not find him.  This case is under investigation.

Friday, July 20th

4:30 PM- An officer was dispatched to Dean Road for a report of a larceny.  The caller stated that her son and son’s friend were setting up a lemonade stand on the corner of Dean Road and Eliot Street as they do a few times a week.  Around 3:30 PM her son and his friend left the lemonade stand unattended while they went home to retrieve lemonade and a sign, a few houses away from the stand.  When the boys returned to the stand five minutes later, they noticed a chair and the plastic cups were missing.  This case is active.

4:57 PM- A package theft was reported on Vernon Street.  An officer reported to the scene of the caller to speak with two residents of an apartment building regarding their packages.  Both residents were expecting packages on the day of the theft.  When one of the tenants arrived home she noticed two packages in the locked common area.  One package was hers and the other was her roommate’s.  One of the packages was opened.  The caller brought both packages up to her apartment and discovered that the contents of her package had been removed and resealed.  Her roommate’s package had been opened but the contents were present.  The occupants of the apartment stated that they had another package taken earlier in the week as well.  This case is being investigated.

Thursday, July 19th

11:36 AM- A detective and officer were dispatched to Verndale Street for a breaking and entering of a motor vehicle on 7/18/18 around 7:00 PM.  The following morning when the caller went out to her vehicle she noticed items were missing.  This case is considered a larceny and is under investigation.