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Friday, January 27, 2012

Police Reports 1/26-1/27

Arrest: Occurred on 1/27 at 1:44 AM- Beacon St.

A blue van that was traveling on Harvard St made an illegal left turn onto Beacon St. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Beacon St. A query of the driver revealed that his license had previously been suspended. The operator was placed under arrest and was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation for Operating after Suspension and Left Turn Violation.

B&E of Motor Vehicle: Occurred on 1/26 at 9:30 PM- Monmouth St.

There was a report of a Breaking and Entering and Larceny from a Motor Vehicle on Monmouth St. The victim stated that he parked his vehicle on Monmouth St at approximately 7:30 PM and returned at approximately 9:30 PM. When he returned, his driver side front window was smashed and his GPS and wallet were missing.

Burglary: Occurred on 1/26 at 6:11 PM- Centre St.

There was a report of a residential Breaking and Entering and Larceny on Centre St. The victim stated that she had left her house at approximately 9:15 AM and returned at 5:10 PM, when she discovered that her apartment had been broken into. The victim noticed that all the contents of her jewelry box had been removed. The point of entry is believed to be the front door. Items were taken from a bedroom and the dining room.

Traffic Stop: Occurred on 1/26 at 5:00 PM- Marion St.

A white-colored SUV failed to stop for the stop sign located at the intersection of Marion St. and Park St. The officer initiated a traffic stop on Marion St. A query of the operator revealed that he had an expired license. The driver was cited and summonsed to Brookline District Court for Operating with an Expired License and Failure to Stop.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Police Reports 1/25-1/26

OUIL: Occurred on 1/25 at 6:54 PM- Washington St.

At approximately 6:54, Brookline Police Dispatch broadcast that a black Nissan Rogue had just struck a parked vehicle on Washington St, and had left the scene. The reporting person had informed dispatch that the suspect vehicle had Florida plate, and he observed the vehicle turn from Washington St down Bartlett St. This information was relayed to responding police units. Officer was travelling on Washington St when he observed a black Nissan Rogue baring FL plates. At a traffic signal, the driver turned on the vehicle’s emergency flashing hazard lights and exited the vehicle. He stated that he might have run out of gas. The officer could smell a strong odor of intoxicating liquor on his person, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot, and his speech was slurred

The vehicle had what appeared to be a significant amount of fresh damage along the right side of the vehicle. Due to officer’s observations of the operator, he was placed under arrest for Operating Under the Influence of Liquor.

The arrestee’s right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts has been suspended. The arrestee has been issued Massachusetts Uniform Citations for Operating Under the Influence of Liquor, Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident, Open Container of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle, Not Duly Licensed, Unregistered Motor Vehicle, and Possession of a Class A Substance.

The arrest was made by Officer David Hill.

Arrest: Occurred on 1/25 at 9:45 PM- Corey Rd.

Officer observed two males walking through a private parking lot towards Corey Rd. As the officer passed the subjects, one male began to turn his head frantically and observe the cruiser, then say something to the other male. The two subjects were trespassing through a private lot and their behavior seemed suspicious. The officer pulled next to the subjects and exited the cruiser, identifying himself as a police officer.

Officers asked the subjects to remove their hands from their pockets while talking to the police. The officer later observed the subject with his left hand inside his pocket again, at which time the officer conducted a pat frisk. The officer located a pack of cigarettes that rattled when he removed it from the subject’s pocket. Inside the officer discovered multiple types of prescription pills. One of the pills had the part of the outer time release coating removed and was cut in half, believed to be consistent with cutting pills in order to ingest them by snorting them. The subject also had on his person razor blades which are often possessed for the purpose of cutting up prescription pills or other narcotics. Based on the above facts the subject was placed under arrest for Possession of Class B drug and Possession of Class E drug. The other subject was sent on his way.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ID Wanted Regarding 1/18 Robbery

Identification Wanted- C#2012-0333 (1/18/12)

C#2012-0333 Overview – On 1/18/12, at approximately 23:10 hrs., the above pictured suspect entered the Courtyard Marriott in Brookline (40 Webster St.), showed a black & silver firearm and attempted to rob the front counter. Suspect was not succesful in getting money. Suspect described as a dark skinned BM, 6’1-6’3”, broad build, wearing black knit hat, brown jacket w/dark colored hooded sweatshirt underneath, blue jeans, black gloves, black & white sneakers, and dark colored scarf covering face. The suspect is believed to have arrived in the pictured vehicle (a black Jeep Grand Cherokee) approximately 10 minutes prior and parked a short distance away.

*** Same suspect is believed to be responsible for Armed Robbery of Motel 6 in Braintree on 1/16/12 – 19:35 hrs. Flyer for Braintree incident disseminated by the BRIC on 1/20/12. ***

Anyone with information regarding this suspect or incident is advised to please contact Brookline Police 617-730-2222

ID Wanted Regarding 1/20 Robbery

Identification Wanted C#2012-0368 (1/20/12)

C#2012-0368 Overview – On 1/20/12, at approximately 16:48 hrs., the below pictured suspect robbed the Gulf Gas station in Brookline (25 Washington St.), with the use of a large black firearm. Suspect is described as a WM, 40-50 yoa, 5’7-5’8”, medium build, wearing a black hooded jacket, baseball cap w/grey brim, light blue jeans, grey sneakers, black gloves, and blue mask covering face. Suspect committed robbery while additional customers were within the store. Suspect was very casual during the robbery and walked away from the scene on Brookline Ave. towards -Kenmore Square.

Anyone with information regarding this suspect or incident is advised to please contact Brookline Police Department 617-730-2222

Police Reports 1/24-1/25

Robbery: Occurred on 1/24 at 9:32 PM- Beaconsfield Rd.

Officers responded to the area of Beaconsfield Rd. at Tappan St. for a report of a robbery that occurred by the Beaconsfield MBTA stop. The victim stated that she had gotten off the MBTA at the Beaconsfield stop and walked to the right on Beaconsfield Rd. She was pushed from behind up against a wall by an unknown suspect, who held her face against the concrete wall. The suspect repeatedly demanded the victim’s money and phone, and the victim handed him her whole bag. She then stated that the suspect fled back down the alley way towards either Beaconsfield Rd. or Tappan St. The victim was able provide the following description: Hispanic male, 16-18 yoa, 5'5", small, spoke with a Hispanic accent, wearing dark grey sweatshirt, dark pants, and believed him to be wearing sneakers.

Several units searched the immediate area for the suspect and any discarded property with negative results. At Brookline Police headquarters, the victim attempted to track the location of her cell phone using an "App" called "Mobileme" that was installed on her iPhone. This "App" allows the user to track the location of their cell phone in real-time if the phone is powered on. At approximately 11:00 PM the victim informed officers that the "Mobileme app" was now showing the phone to be powered on and located at the Brookline Village MBTA stop on Station St. Nobody matching the suspect description was seen in the area. Detectives were able to locate items believed to belong to the victim in a trash receptacle

The victim contacted detectives again and provided continual updates of the phone's location while the above detectives traveled to the Dorchester area of Boston. The victim reported that the cell phone was traveling on Dorchester Ave. towards Howes St. With this information, coupled with no vehicular traffic traveling at that time in the direction given, the suspect was believed to be traveling on foot. Detectives observed a teenaged male who fit the victim’s description walking at the exact location at the exact time the victim provided the information of that being the route of travel of her cell phone. This male was appeared to be using a cell phone and was the sole person in the area. Detectives approached the subject, and upon viewing the cell phone, it was immediately clear that this was the phone of the victim. The phone matched the description and had the victim’s name displayed on it. A search of the subject’s backpack revealed property that had been taken from the victim.

Based on the circumstances, the subject was placed under arrest for Unarmed Robbery. The property recovered from the arrestee’s person and from the trash receptacle was returned to the victim.

Burglary: Occurred on 1/24 at 2:44 PM- VFW Parkway

Officers responded to a VFW Parkway residence for a burglary report. The victim reported that she left her home at approximately 11:45 AM and returned at 2:30 PM. She noticed that the side door was open and she discovered her Apple was missing from her first floor office area. The victim told detectives that her son identified a family friend as the most likely person who would have entered the home.

Officers then went to the suspect’s home. At this point, based on information that officers had received from the victim’s son, the suspect was placed under arrest for B&E daytime and Larceny of the laptop. The laptop was recovered and returned to the victim.

Arrest: Occurred on 1/25 at 6:47 AM- Harvard St.

Officer observed a gray Volkswagen Jetta travelling on Harvard St. with a failed inspection sticker. The vehicle was also travelling in two lanes as it passed the intersection of Harvard St. and Stedman St. The officer initiated a traffic stop on Harvard St. A query of the driver revealed that he did not have a right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. The operator was placed under arrest and charged with Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle, Failure to Submit Motor Vehicle for Inspection and Marked Lanes Violation.

The arrest was made by Officer Boris Vragovic.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Police Reports 1/23-1/24

Arrest: Occurred on 1/23 at 11:45 PM- Harvard St.

Officer observed a gray Mazda sedan travelling on Harvard St. that was occupying two lanes. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Harvard St. A query of the operator revealed that she had a Suspended Massachusetts Drivers License. The driver was placed under arrest and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License and Marked Lanes Violation.

The arrest was made by Officer Boris Vragovic.

Burglary: Occurred on 1/23 at 7:58 PM- Washburn Tr.

Officer was dispatched to a Washburn Tr. residence to take a Breaking and Entering and Larceny report. The victims stated that they left the house at 7:50 AM and returned home at 6:45 PM. The victims observed various pieces of jewelry on the bedroom floor. In the bedroom, items on the dresser and jewelry boxes were rummaged through. The victim reported that jewelry had been taken from the bedroom. The victims noticed the rear sliding door in the kitchen was not fully closed. A check on the front and rear doors revealed no signs of force entry.

Traffic Stop: Occurred on 1/23 at 11:45 PM- Harvard St.

Officer observed a vehicle operating on Harvard Street with what appeared to be an expired inspection sticker. The officer initiated a traffic stop on Harvard Street. The officer confirmed that the vehicle's state-issued inspection sticker had expired in October 2011, and Brookline Police Dispatch confirmed that the status of the registration was currently revoked, and the vehicle uninsured. The operator was issued Mass. Uniform Citation for failure to inspect MV, operating an unregistered MV, and operating an uninsured MV. A complaint application has been filed with Brookline District Court for the above offenses. The vehicle was towed and the plates were seized for evidence.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Police Reports 1/20-1/23

OUIL: Occurred on 1/22 at 2:40 AM- Harvard St.

Officers observed a green Honda Civic traveling on Harvard St. without the use of headlights. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Harvard St. Upon talking to the driver of the vehicle, the officer could detect a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the vehicle along with a strong odor of women's perfume and the odor of breath mints.

As the operator exited the vehicle, the officer noticed her to be very unsteady on her feet and observed her eyes to be blood shot and glassy. The driver agreed to participate in several field sobriety tests. The driver was placed under arrest for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and Operating a Motor Vehicle without headlights. The operator’s license was suspended.

The arrest was made by Officer Morgan Patrick Lee

Arrest: Occurred on 1/21 at 1:37 AM- Beacon St.

Officer was traveling on Beacon St. when he observed a white Ford Explorer driving with a head light out. The officer initiated a traffic stop on Beacon St. The operator could not produce any valid identification. A query of the driver revealed that he had a suspended license status. The driver was placed under arrest and issued a citation for Operating a MV with a suspended license, as well as Defective equipment.

The arrest was made by Officer Ryan Lee.

Arrest: Occurred on 1/22 at 12:30 AM- Harvard St.

Officer observed a gray Saturn Aura traveling on Beacon St. with a license plate that was not illuminated by a light. The officer conducted a traffic stop on Harvard St. A query of the operator revealed that she had a suspended Massachusetts license, and that the registration was revoked. The driver was placed under arrest for Operating after Suspension. The subject was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation for Defective Equipment, Operating with a Suspended license, Uninsured Motor Vehicle and Unregistered Motor Vehicle.

The arrest was made by Officer Michael O’Connor.

Burglary: Occurred on 1/20- Bonad Rd.

Officer responded to a call from a Bonad Road residence reporting that their house was broken into. Upon arrival, the resident explained that this was the second day in a row that his house was broken into. He told the officer that the previous day, the culprit entered through an unlocked rear basement door and stole a computer from the basement.

The victim explained that when they got home this evening, they determined that their home had been broken into again. Numerous footprints were observed in the snow in the backyard leading to a rear basement door, believed to be the point of entry. The victim stated that the culprit pulled out several boxes from cabinets in their basement laundry area as well as several small cardboard boxes from a small table in a basement bedroom. The culprit then went to the first floor area where he stole a cell phone from the top of a dining room table. The culprit then went up to the second floor where he went in the master bedroom which he ransacked.

Armed Robbery: Occurred on 1/20 at 4:57 PM- Washington St.

Units were dispatched to a Gulf gas station on Washington St. for an Armed Robbery that had just occurred. An employee reported that a male wearing a mask and black jacket had just robbed the gas station armed with a gun. The employee said that the white male fled down Brookline Avenue towards the Riverway.

Officers were able to review the video surveillance and gave out the following updated description; white male wearing a black jacket with hood, baseball cap with gray brim, jeans, black gloves, blue mask, gray sneakers and armed with a large black gun. Brookline Units canvassed the area but the suspect was not located.

The employee managing the register stated that the male stood at the counter and brandished a large black hand gun, demanding the money from the register. The employee emptied the register and the suspect fled the store.