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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


B&E of MV:

Occurred on 10/25 at 2:23 AM – Dudley St.

Officers responded to a motor vehicle break in the area. The caller stated that she and her husband were woken up by an audible car alarm sounding in the area. Her husband went outside to investigate and observed a male, approximately 5'7", thin build, dark clothing, attempting to break into his car. The victims reported that the suspect fled through their backyard in the direction of Warren Street.

Multiple police units had been assigned to the area over the course of the last week for the specific purpose of identifying and apprehending the suspect(s) responsible for a series of car breaks in the area. The breaks occurred on Woodland Rd. on 10/12 and twice on 10/18, Bellingham Rd. on 10/13, Walnut Hill Rd. on 10/13, and Newton St. on 10/19.

Upon arrival, an officer announced that she saw a reflective stripe, which appeared to be the back of someone's jacket, running into the backyard of 176 Dudley St. Several police units arrived, and the State Police K-9 Unit was contacted.

While maintaining the perimeter on Dudley Street at Fairmount Street, an officer reported that he heard movement in the leaves. Seconds later he reported seeing a male crouched in the bushes behind a white picket fence at 112 Dudley Street. The suspect was attempting to move a backpack from behind him to in front of him. The officer approached him, and the suspect dropped the backpack and a baseball cap and began to run away, up the incline of the backyard, and over a small rock wall. He then climbed over a dividing fence that separates 94 Dudley St from 112 Dudley St. and disappeared from sight. The officer then heard what sounded like metal hitting the ground directly next to his location, which was later determined to be the fence around the construction site at 90 Dudley Street hitting the ground. Units were advised to maintain their perimeter, as the K9 was approaching.

The State Trooper arrived with his K9 and retrieved the suspect's hat from the bushes for the purpose of deploying the K9. As the dog barked, units on Dudley Street heard footsteps coming from the gravel track of the Reservoir and observed the suspect running on the track, away from the scene, in the direction of Lee Street. Units then engaged in the area, and the suspect was apprehended soon thereafter.

During the booking process, an inventory of the suspect’s items revealed a laptop and an iPod in the backpack. They both had serial numbers, and attempts are being made to determine the rightful owners.

Units canvassed the area for additional breaks. A vehicle parked in a driveway on Dudley St. had a smashed driver's side window, and the victim’s son reported his wallet was missing, which has not been recovered yet. A car in another driveway on Dudley St. was unlocked and appeared to have been rummaged through. Nothing was reported missing from this vehicle. A follow-up is being conducted by detectives.


Occurred between 10/22-10/25 – Brookline Grooming & Pet Supplies (148 Harvard St.)

Officers responded to a report of money missing from the safe. There was no sign of any break into the store.

MV Crash:

Occurred on 10/25 at 8 AM – Harvard St./Aspinwall Ave.

Officers responded to the area for a motor vehicle crash. Vehicle 1 was in the lane designated as a right turn lane or straight ahead lane, and it was making a right turn with the right directional activated. Vehicle 2 pulled up alongside Vehicle 1 in the marked bus stop on the right, attempting to take a right turn as well. Vehicle 1 struck Vehicle 2 as it was making the turn, causing minor damage to Vehicle 1 and significant damage to Vehicle 2. The operator of Vehicle 2 was cited for making an improper turn as it was not in a marked travel lane.

Occurred on 10/24 at 10:54 AM – 654 Brookline Ave.

Officers responded to a 3-vehicle property damage accident in the area of 654 Brookline Avenue. The accident involved a Red Cab, which while attempting to exit a parking space, briefly lost control. It backed into a second parked vehicle, which in turn struck a third parked vehicle. The second and third vehicles were not occupied at the time of the collision. The operator of the cab was cited for failure to use caution in backing from a parking spot.

Animal Bite:

Occurred on 10/24 – Brook St.

Officers responded to the area for a report of a past attack of a domestic cat by a raccoon. The owner of the cat stated that earlier in the day, she had responded to loud noises from her second floor rear porch. She encountered her cat being viciously attacked by a large raccoon, and used a broom to attempt to separate the animals and chase the raccoon away. Both animals fell to the ground, and the raccoon continued to try to get at the cat, which had been severely bitten several times. She was surprised at the aggressiveness of the raccoon and its lack of fear. The cat is currently being kept at the Angel Memorial hospital.

A neighbor stated that he had seen this large raccoon in Linden Park later in the morning. Animal Control and the Brookline Health Department have been notified that a possibly rabid and aggressive animal is in the area.

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