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Thursday, January 14, 2021

January 14, 2021

 Officers took 2 unemployment fraud reports overnight. 

01/13/2021- Officers took a bike theft report from resident of Beacon St.  The victim reported that their bike was locked along Beacon St. when they returned the bike was gone.

01/13/2021- Officers took a package theft report from a resident of Boylston St. The resident reported that a package was delivered to their address and when they went to retrieve it the package was gone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

January 13, 2021

 Officers took 8 unemployment fraud reports between 1/5/2021 and 1/13/2021

01/05/2021- Officers took a package theft report from a resident of Marion St.  The resident reported that they received a delivery notice for a package they were expecting, but had not arrived.  They instead received a note from a neighbor informing them they found an empty box addressed to them in the trach receptacle on Park St.

01/06/2021- Officers took a package theft report from Commonwealth Ave.  The employees reported to the officers that they obsessed an unknown party leaving the loading dock with multiple packages.

01/07/2021- Officers took a stolen bike report from a resident of Beacon St.  The resident reported that they left their bike inside the foyer of the building. When they returned for the bike they found it was gone.

01/08/2021- Officers responded to CVS on Harvard St for a reported shoplifting.  The employees reported that a customer had been in the store and was observed placing items into a bag and exited the store without purchasing.  During the investigation and search for the customer, officers received a similar call from the Booksmith on Harvard St.  Officers were able to locate and identify the customer who was summonsed into court for the shoplifting charges.

01/09/2021- Offices responded to CVS on Harvard St for a report of stolen equipment.  The employees reported to officers that when they arrived at work they found equipment that belongs to the store was missing.

01/09/2021- Officers took report for graffiti on Gardner Path.

01/10/2021- Officers took a report for a break and enter of a vehicle on Mason Terr.  The resident reported that their vehicle was parked in their driveway overnight.  They received notification from their bank that someone had attempted to use their debit card.  The resident went to look for their card and found that their motor vehicle had been entered and their bag was missing that contained the card.

01/11/2021- Officers took a package theft report from a resident of St. Paul St.   The resident reported that multiple packages had been delivered to their address.  Some of the packages were opened and items were stolen, and the entire package was stolen.  Later another resident from the same address reported that their packages were also stolen during the same timeframe.

01/12/2021- Officers took a report for graffiti from a business on Harvard St.

01/12/2021- Officers were called to a residence on Monmouth St for an unknown person who entered the residence without permission. The resident reported to police that they were in their house when an unknown male walked in their front door. The resident was able to get the male to leave the residence without incident, however noticed the same party attempting to gain access to other residences.  Officers were able to identify the male and he was placed under arrest for outstanding warrants.

01/12/2021- Officers took a bicycle theft report from a resident of St. Paul St.  The resident reported that they had two bikes in their garage. When they went to retrieve their bikes they found that their bikes were gone.