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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Wednesday, June 5th

8:52AM: Police were dispatched to a residential building on Beacon Street for a larceny report. The reporting party stated that an unidentified male entered the vestibule at 5AM this morning. The suspect was captured on a surveillance camera removing items from the hallway including mail, packages, and a gardening tool. Police are investigating. 

9:11AM: Officers responded to a business on Commonwealth Avenue for a report of shoplifting. Police viewed the security footage and observed two male subjects, both approximately 40 years old, enter the store at 8:58AM. They first targeted body lotion and then razor blades before heading for the exit at 9:05AM. One of the suspects exited towards Commonwealth Avenue. While the other suspect headed towards the Dummer Street area. Police searched the area with negative results. 

11:27AM: Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of a pedestrian struck by a moped. The reporting party stated that she was attempting to cross Harvard Street while carrying her infant child. She stepped onto the street and into the bike lane when the front end of the moped stuck her causing her to fall to the ground. The reporting party informed officers that she absorbed the impact of the street to protect her child from injury. The reporting party complained of pain to her entire left side; she and her child were transported to the hospital as a precaution.

1:31PM: On June 5th, 2019, an Officer was dispatched to Brook Street for a traffic crash report. Upon arrival the officers spoke with the reporting party, who stated at approximately 1:15PM while was traveling southbound on Harvard Street using a Lime-s Sharing Electric Scooter in the bike lane, he was hit by a car turning right. He stated that while riding to Beacon Street a gray small SUV slowed down, and then took a right onto the alleyway between Coolidge Corner Opticians and Simmons Shoes; hitting his left leg. The reporting party said that he fumbled on the scooter, but did not fall to the ground. He observed the vehicle traveling to the Centre Street lot via the alleyway. The reporting party, with the assistance of an unidentified driver, followed the vehicle to the Centre Street Lot. He then confronted the driver who asked "are you alright? I am sorry". The reporting party then left the parking lot and continued home. The officer asked the reporting party if he was injured; he stated that his back was sore but did not want to go to the hospital. Police are investigating.  

7:30PM: Police were dispatched to Harrison Street for a package theft. The reporting party explained that she had ordered a silk handmade jacket to be delivered today by USPS. At 4:30PM she left the house and did not see any packages. Upon return, at 6:30PM, she noticed a package out front. The package had been opened and nothing was inside. This case is under investigation.

8:54PM: Officers responded to the area of Chilton Street and Churchill Street for a report of found property. A passerby located a white and red-colored bag. Inside the bag was an iPad and pastries. The bag is secured in an evidence locker for safekeeping. 

9:45PM: Police were dispatched to the Centre Street West parking lot for report of a stolen moped. The reporting party last saw her parked moped locked and chained to the bicycle rack on June 4th at 7:15AM. On June 5th she noticed the moped missing at 9:38PM. The reporting party is still in possession of the chain lock and ignition key. The item is described as a gray 2018 Chicago Scooter Company, model Go, with gas motor, and a bent right side mirror. This case is being investigated.

Tuesday, June 4th

8:27PM: Police were dispatched to University Road for a report of theft. The reporting party stated that he posted an ad on Craigslist on June 3rd selling his MacBook Pro and other electronics. An unknown man responded to the ad at 1:11PM on June 3rd. On June 5th, at 5:14PM the man randomly texted the reporting party “I’m outside the house wondering if anybody was there so I can grab some stuff”. The reporting party replied “no” and returned to the home at around 5:45PM. Upon arrival, they noticed the laptop and scanner missing from the living room. This case is being investigated.

9:20PM: Officers responded to Harvard Street for a report of found property. Police spoke to a woman who located a black Fitbit at a bus stop near Coolidge Corner. The pedometer has no identifiable markings or labels. Police recovered the item and placed it into storage for safe keeping.

Sunday, June 2nd

2:53PM: Officers responded to a Marijuana dispensary for a report of a person being disorderly. An employee of the dispensary stated that a man threatened him.  The reporting party asked the suspect to move his unlawfully parked car. The man responded by threatening the employee and causing a scene. Officers approached the suspect and he began to yell obscenities and threats at the police officers. The suspect was causing significant disruptions to surrounding civilians and staff. The suspect was advised that if he continued to use obscene language and threatening behavior he would be placed under arrest. The man refused and again threatened to harm the officers. The man fled and was arrested for threats to commit a crime and disorderly conduct. 

Saturday, June 1st

1:13PM: Police were dispatched to Beacon Street for a disagreement between the veterinary’s office and a client. The female client refused to leave the office. She claimed that the office would not return her cat. Upon investigation, officers determined that the cat did not belong to the client and had been recently reported stolen. After begin advised, the woman refused to leave the premises and was told she would be arrested for trespassing. The woman replied “fine, arrest me.” As officers were handcuffing her, she began to scream and attempt to flee. The female was uncooperative and, at one point, kicked an officer in the shin. She was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Friday, May 31st

7:50AM: Officers were dispatched to Greenough Street for a graffiti complaint. At 7AM the Assistant Headmaster noticed graffiti on the rear of the school by Welland Road. The graffiti is in blue spray paint and says “Stay Groovy Class O’ 2019!” Custodial staff were on campus until 11:30PM on May 30th  and did not noticed any suspicious activity. This case is under investigation. 

1:36PM: A citizen came to the police station to report malicious damage to her vehicle. The reporting party stated that she parked her car on Kent Street between the hours of 3PM and 5PM on Thursday, May 30th. Upon return, she noticed the driver’s side mirror had been smashed with a hammer or similar object. Today, May 31st, at 11AM she parked her car in the same spot. When she returned at 3PM, the mirror had been ripped off her vehicle and left in the road.  Police are investigating.

4:19PM: Police were dispatched to Sewall Avenue for a report of a fight in progress. The reporting party stated that he heard a young man yelling at a female in the parking lot. The reporting party verbally confronted the man and the two began to argue. The suspect shoved the reporting party and then turned around to retrieve something from his vehicle. The suspect quickly turned around and attacked the older gentleman again. The suspect shoved the man to the ground and then began to punch and kick the man. A woman ran over from Beacon Street and pulled the suspect off the victim. The male and female fled the scene by getting in a vehicle traveling eastbound on Beacon Street. With assistance from a neighboring police department the suspects were stopped on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. A “Show Up Identification” was conducted. Witnesses identified the suspects and the man was arrested. He was charged with Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person, Intimidating a Witness and other charges.