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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Wednesday, October 3rd

A report was made at the front desk of the police station for a package theft.  The reporting party stated his package was stolen from the front porch of his home.  He told an officer he received an email confirmation stating his package had been delivered at 9:51 this morning on 10/3/18.  When he went to retrieve the package it was not there.  This case is being investigated.

10:06 PM- Officers were dispatched to Tappan St for a break and entering of a residence.  The reporting party reported she entered her home and noticed several items out of place.  She feared she was the victim of a burglary so she quickly exited her home and called the Brookline Police.  Officers entered the home and determined it had been broken into.  Multiple cabinets and dresser drawers were observed to be rummaged through.  The reporting party stated the house had been unoccupied since 5:00 PM.  It appears force was used to open a window to gain entry.  The victim reported missing items.  This case is under investigation. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Monday, October 1st

An officer received a call from the Vice Principle of one of our Brookline Schools, reporting that one of his students was bitten by a dog during recess period.  The reporting party told the officer the incident occurred on the playground around 12:15 PM.  The dog owner was walking his dog through the park when the student approached the dog owner and asked if she could pet the dog.  The owner allowed her to do so.  The dog then bit the student on the forearm.  The Brookline Health Department has been notified. 

A separate incident with a different dog:
9:50 AM- The Brookline Animal Control Unit was notified that a woman’s dog was attacked by a loose dog.  The complainant reported she was walking her dog around 9:00 AM by the Maimondies School when all of a sudden a loose dog came running out of a driveway and attacked her dog.  She claims the dog pounced on her dog and began biting.  A motorist stopped and scared the attacking dog away.  Her dog suffered two puncture wounds to the rear left leg.  Around 9:53 another caller called the Brookline Police reporting a loose dog on Buckminister Rd.  The same caller called back later and reported the owner had retrieved the loose dog.  She reported she was walking her dogs when she encountered the loose dog without a collar.  She described the dog to be friendly and playing with her dogs. This case is under investigation.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Sunday, September 30th

6:20 PM- Officers were dispatched to Kent St for a larceny of a moped.  An officer spoke with the caller who stated he parked his moped in the rear lot of his building and used a chain to secure the front tire to a bike rack.  He last saw his moped secured in the lot around 12:00 PM on 9/29/18.  On 9/30/18 around 6:00 PM he returned home and saw that the moped itself was stolen, but the front tire and chain were left behind.  A distinguishing mark on the moped is a Northeastern University decal on the rear plastic covering.  The reporting party was advised to contact his insurance company.  This case is under investigation.

6:20 PM- A report of a larceny of a moped was made on Kent St.  An officer spoke with the reporting party who stated he parked his moped opposite 34 Station St near the Brookline Village MBTA Station and used a chain to secure the rear tire to a bike rack.  He stated he hadn’t used the moped in over a month but his roommate last saw the moped on 9/28/18 sometime during the evening hours when he was returning home from work.  On 9/30/18 around 6:00 PM the roommate returned home and saw that his moped itself was stolen, but the front tire and chain were left behind.  He then went to check on reporting party (his roommates) moped and discovered that several parts were missing, but the frame and rear tire were left behind and still secured to the bike rack.  Parts of the moped that were stolen include the front plastic covering, front tire, and rear plastic covering.  This case is being investigated.

Saturday, September 29th

4:45 PM- The reporting party who rents a townhouse on Eliot St stated she was having issues with her bathroom and called the management company to come address the issue.  She stated that the maintenance representative from the management company came around 8:30 AM.  The reporting party described the maintenance representative as “the older man”.  She stated that he has always done the work for her and she has never had a problem.  She reported this time he came with a younger man who she had never seen before.  She thought he was training the man or he was his assistant.  While they were working, the younger man was walking back and forth from the bathroom out to the truck and back.  The reporting party reports being home at the time but stayed away from them so they could work.  She reports them leaving around 10:40 AM after they fixed the problems.  After they left, she noticed money was missing from her purse. She told the officer her purse was near the front door and she believed that the cash may have been visible in the purse.  She remembers seeing the cash in her purse earlier in the morning before they came and it was gone after they left.  She attempted to contact the management company but they were closed for the weekend.  This case is under investigation.

4:35 PM- Officers were dispatched to Commonwealth Ave for a report of a larceny from a motor vehicle.  The complainant stated she left her vehicle in a car repair parking lot around 8:45 AM to be serviced.  She checked in at the service counter and was told to return at a later time to pick up her vehicle.  She returned around 6:00 PM.  She reported her vehicle was locked when she retrieved it from the parking lot and subsequently drove it home to Cambridge, MA.  When she arrived at home she reached for her sunglasses case which is kept in the storage compartment under the climate control and radio console.  This storage compartment does not have a cover that will shield the contents inside.  When she opened her sunglasses case it was empty.  She then checked another sunglasses case which is kept in the same compartment and discovered that sunglasses were not in that case either.  She was adamant that the sunglasses were inside their respective cases when she brought her vehicle in for service.  An officer spoke with the store manager on duty who stated the customer arrived and parked her vehicle in the parking lot at approximately 8:45 AM.  The vehicle was taken into the garage bay for service by an employee.  The vehicle sat in the bay until 9:45 AM as it was determined that parts were necessary for the service and had to be ordered and picked up at another location.  The vehicle was taken out of the garage bay and parked in the parking lot by the employee that was going to service the car.  The vehicle sat in the parking lot between 9:45 AM and 1:00 PM.  Both the manager on duty and the employee stated the vehicle was locked when it was put in the parking lot as the headlights on the vehicle flashed when the employee used the remote key to lock it.  It is possible the unlock button was hit.  The car was taken into the garage bay again around 1:00 PM to be serviced when the parts arrived.  The employee brought the vehicle in.  The service was completed by 2:00 PM and the vehicle was taken out of the garage bay and parked in the parking lot by a different employee.  The other employee and the employee who worked on the car both stated that they did not remove the sunglasses or any other contents from the vehicle.  This case is being investigated.

Friday, September 28th

11:35 AM- A report of a shoplifting incident on Harvard Street was broadcasted by Brookline Dispatch.  Dispatch provided a description of the suspect as a black female wearing a blue jacket and carrying a large bag.  She was reported to be traveling South on Harvard St towards Walgreens.  An officer located the suspect in front of the Walgreens.  She did not have the jacket on but stated she took the blue jacket off because it was ripped.  She was in possession of a grocery bag that was filled with several unopened packages of bar soaps.  An officer spoke with the reporting party and witness.  A cashier stated she saw the suspect enter the store and grab several plastic bags near the entrance.  She was not carrying anything when she entered the store.  The cashier stated the next time she saw the individual; she was attempting to walk out with a store bag that appeared to be full.  The cashier intercepted the suspect before she left and told her that she knew she didn’t pay for the items she was carrying.  It was then said that the suspect walked around her and left the store, traveling south on Harvard Street.  The items taken from the store were returned by an officer.  The suspect was placed under arrest for shoplifting and transported to the station.

Thursday, September 27th

The Brookline Animal Control line received a call from an Animal Hospital with a report of a dog bite that occurred in Brookline Ave Park.  An officer spoke with the reporting party and two family members.  A family member reported that he was present for the incident and that another dog came over and bit his dog.  He approached the dog walker of the other dog and exchanged information.  The owner of the dog who was bitten was not home at the time police arrived so the officers contact information was left behind.  The owner later emailed the officer the contact information of the aggressor’s owner and police made contact with her.  She claimed she was not present during the incident and that her dog walker was and gave the officer the dog walker’s information.  The dog owner was advised that the Brookline Health Department would be contacting her to conduct a 10 day quarantine of her dog.  The dog walker relayed information that she was at the park with the victim.  She was speaking to the owner of the injured dog and while they were talking, the complainant’s dog got possession of a ball that the dog walker brought to the park.  She then stated the two dogs got into an altercation when the victim began barking excessively at the dog she was walking.  A physical altercation engaged and the dog she was walking got a hold of the other dog’s side.  The dog walker claims the other dog’s owner pulled his dog away and she herself attempted to gain control of the dog she was taking care of.  The dog walker stated no injuries were observed on the victim and his care taker took the dog and left the park.  Moments later another family member of the individual who left the park came back to the park and approached the dog walker and informed her that their dog was injured and bleeding.  The two then exchanged information.  The dog owner of the aggressor has been issued a Town of Brookline By Law citation for biting or injuring another domestic animal.