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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tuesday, August 28th

4:00AM- An officer responded to a possible bat exposure call on Strathmore Road.  The caller stated she woke up to a bat flying around her room.  She did not know if she had contact with it.  She was given contact numbers for animal control companies and the Health Department was notified.

10:40AM- An officer was dispatched to Browne Street for a report of a theft of a bicycle.  The complainant told the officer his blue and gray colored custom men’s Rivendale brand, Homer Hudsen model, road touring bicycle had been stolen from his back porch sometime between 8:00PM on 8/24/18 and 9:00PM on 8/27/18.  A family member of bike owner stated that the bike was a rather large framed bike with a 64 centimeter frame with brown leather handle bars as well as the seat.  The bike also has silver fenders on both front and back tire rims and a gray/silver bike rack with a portable bike bag attached.  This is a sticker underneath the frame of the bike that says “Harris”.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Monday, August 28th

A package theft report was made on Dean Road.  The reporting party stated he had a package delivered on Saturday, 8/18/18 sometime between 10:00AM and 3:00PM.  He believes the package was removed from the foyer area of the building.  This case is under investigation.

2:50PM- Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a shoplifting incident at TJ MAXX.  Dispatch described the suspect to officers.  The female suspect was monitored on camera taking numerous items and concealing them in her shoulder purse.  The suspect attempted to exit the store before the police arrived and was stopped by store employees.  When the officers arrived on scene, they were informed by a store employee that she observed the suspect on the store security surveillance cameras taking items.  Officers met with the suspect at the entrance of the store.  They informed her why they were speaking with her.  The suspect had been arrested previously on multiple occasions many of which were larcenies from this same store.  The suspect admitted to stealing items before an officer had the chance to read her Miranda Rights.  She agreed to officers having a look in her bag where they then found the observed stolen items.  The suspect was placed under arrest and informed that she was being charged with shoplifting.

A report was made at the station regarding a break and entering of a vehicle and larceny.  The complainant stated she parked her car in her assigned spot on the night of 8/26/18 around 10:30PM.  She left it unlocked.  This morning at 7:30AM she returned to her car and observed the interior lights on.  She also observed the interior had been rummaged through and items were taken from the trunk.  This case is being investigated.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Sunday, August 26th

12:36 AM- A larceny report was made on Freeman Street.  The caller relayed to the officer on Sunday August 5, 2018 she traveled to California and returned August 26 ,2018.  Upon her return she found that some items had been moved from the floor to her bed.  Items were also missing from her desk.  The caller has roommates but they have moved back home.  She searched the apartment in an attempt to locate the missing items.  The officer also conducted a walk through with the resident to attempt to locate the items but they were unsuccessful.  The officer discovered a notice on the caller’s door when he arrived stating someone from the building maintenance was in the apartment but did not provide any further information.  This case is under investigation.

 5:40 PM- An officer responded to Beaconsfield Road for a report of a larceny of a cell phone.  The caller stated he was playing tennis in Waldstein Park on 8/26/18.  His cellphone was lying on the side of the court area with his belongings.  Around 12:45 PM he checked his phone and when he went to check it again around 1:30 PM he discovered it was missing.  He found that his phone was turned off at 1:00 PM.  The phone is a Motorola Droid Z Play, and black.  This case is being investigated.

Friday, August 24th

An officer was dispatched to Alton Place for a package theft report.  The reporting party stated she purchased two items from a store online.  The items were scheduled to be delivered by 8/17/18.  She called the company she purchased the items from on 8/24/18 and the employee told her she should have received the items by now.  This case is being investigated.

8:30 PM- Officers were dispatched to CVS on Commonwealth Ave. for a shoplifting report.  Dispatch gave a description of the suspect involved to the responding officers.  Approximately two minutes after the broadcasted description, the officers located a suspect matching the description given.  The suspect was read his Miranda Rights by an officer.  He stated he understood and was compliant.  He told officers he attempted to take an item from the store but returned it to the store manager when he was confronted.  The store manager confirmed the story.  The suspect was advised he would be summonsed to court for shoplifting. 

Thursday, August 23rd

7:58 AM- An officer was dispatched to Pearl Street for a report of a larceny.  The caller told police upon arrival that two separate 100 ft, long copper heavy welding cable had been stolen from the work site.  He last observed the cable on 8/22/18 around 3:00 PM.  Two weeks prior the same copper welding cable had been stolen from the site.  This case is being investigated.

2:05 PM- A report was made at the police station on a larceny of a bicycle at the Brookline Hills T Station on 8/21/18 around 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM.  The bike was locked with an Ottolock.  The lock was taken as well.  This case is under investigation.