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Friday, January 10, 2014


Police Reports 1/9/2014

On January 9 around 12:10am, a vehicle was spotted traveling on Washington St. without its headlights on. An officer initiated a traffic stop and was able to identify the operator by her passport as she lacked her driver’s license and the car’s registration. It was found that the operator’s license had been suspended. She will be summoned to court for operating after license suspension, failure to display headlights after sunset, and no registration in possession.

On January 9 at 2:22am, a minivan was seen traveling on Washington St. towards Brookline Ave. without its headlights on. An officer initiated a traffic stop and discovered the driver to be operating after license suspension. The driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license and failing to display headlights after sunset.

On January 9, an SUV was seen driving on Harvard St. with an expired inspection sticker. A traffic stop was conducted and the officer found the driver to be operating after suspension of his license. The driver was taken into custody.

On January 9, a man made a larceny report from a building on Summit Ave. Between January 7 and the morning of January 9, a yellow raincoat and a print of the word BOSTON with the city skyline had been stolen from the office.

On January 9, a vehicle was observed making an illegal right turn on a red traffic light onto John St. A traffic stop was initiated and the operator was found to be driving with an expired license. The driver was cited and will be summoned to court.

On January 9, a woman reported receiving calls from a man with an Indian accent stating he was from Windows IT. Each time he was asked who he was, the man hung up. The woman reported receiving similar calls in the past and that when she refused to give her credit card information, her computer was shut down.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Missing Person Found

The Brookline Police Department is happy to report 16 year old, Caleb Jacoby, reported missing since January 6th, and has been found. The Brookline Police, working with many other agencies over the past few days were able to provide information to the New York City Police Department that Caleb Jacoby may be in the area of Times Square. Based upon this information at approximately 9PM New York City Police informed us they had located Caleb and he was safe and sound. Plans are now being formulated to transport Caleb back home. Thanks to all agencies that helped in this investigation. Also thanks to all those who took to social media to help get the story out.

Police Reports 1/4/2014 - 1/8/2014

Police Reports 1/4/2014 thru 1/8/2014

On January 4, the Brookline Police received a call to report malicious damage. The caller reported that while his car was parked on Gerry Road overnight, his right rear tire was punctured. Upon taking his car in to get a new tire, the caller learned that his tire had been intentionally punctured by a nail, ice pick, or similar item.

On January 5, an officer was driving behind a vehicle on Harvard St. that had several inches of snow on the roof, trunk, rear window, and registration plate. The officer initiated a traffic stop and after removal of snow from the vehicle, the registration was revealed. After looking up the operator’s information, it was found that he was operating after license suspension and he was placed under arrest and cited for failing to remove the snow from his vehicle.

On January 5, an officer traveling northbound on Harvard St. observed an SUV change lanes, breaking a solid white line. The officer initiated a traffic stop and looked up the driver. While his license was from Hawaii, his vehicle was registered to him with a MA address. As citizens are required to obtain a MA driver’s license upon establishing residency, the driver was cited for operating without a license as well as a marked lanes violation.

On January 6, the foreman of a house currently being renovated reported that construction materials had been stolen from outside of the property sometime since January 2. The materials include aluminum pick planks and aluminum pump jacks.

On January 6, a woman living in a nursing home reported that her wallet had been stolen from her apartment. Aside from losing $200 in cash, the woman’s credit cards have been used to make purchases totaling over $1500.

On January 6, a motor vehicle driving on Grove St. was rear ended as the car in front of them stopped for a pedestrian and the car behind them failed to notice that the cars were stopping. The driver of the rear car admitted to driving too close and was issued a citation for failure to keep motor vehicle under control.

On January 6, a woman reported that while riding the C line, her Coach wallet was stolen out of her shoulder bag. The $180 wallet is missing as well as the woman’s credit cards and some cash.

On January 7, officers driving on Boylston observed an SUV committing a marked lines violation, red light violation, and speeding. The officers initiated a traffic stop and noticed a strong odor of liquor from the car’s interior. The driver had glassy, bloodshot eyes, and moderately slurred speech. Upon administration of a Standardized Field Sobriety Test, the driver failed. The suspect is being charged with driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, marked lanes, expired license, and speeding.

On January 7, an officer looked up the information for a car after they noticed that the side taillight did not illuminate upon breaking. The officer discovered that the registered owner had a default warrant in effect for his arrest. After confirming that the driver was the registered owner, the driver was taken into custody for operating a motor vehicle after suspension/revocation.

On January 7, a woman who had been away on vacation reported that several items were missing from her home on Egmont St. upon her arrival. She reported tools, costume jewelry, and watches as being stolen and believed that only her ex-boyfriend had access to her home.

On January 8, an officer responded to a building on Beacon St. for a larceny report. Between January 2 and January 6, power tools with a value totaling over $900 had been stolen from within the building.

On January 8, a woman reported that a package had possibly been stolen from her building on Beacon Street. While on vacation, she had asked the concierge to accept any packages and place them inside her unit as she was expecting an iPhone 5S. When she arrived home, there were four packages waiting none of which were an iPhone. The UPS site said the package had been delivered and the concierge reported placing five packages inside of her unit.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Armed Robbery Jan.3rd

On Friday January 3rd at 5PM officers were dispatch to the Santander Bank at 487 Harvard Street. Report of an armed robbery. A suspect described as a black male, wearing dark clothes, black hat and a mask, walked into the bank displayed a gun and robbed the bank. The suspect demanded money and then fled on foot, fortunately no one was hurt. A search of the area was conducted and no additional information is available at this time. No pictures available at this time, if we get more we will release it.