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Friday, August 17, 2012

Polcie Reports 8/16-8/17

Warrant Arrest:  9:23 am on 8/16- Washington St
The owner of a vehicle that had been towed earlier was in the police station looking for the paperwork to release her vehicle.  During a license check it was found the owner had a warrant and she was placed under arrest. 

Break & Enter of a Motor Vehicle:  Between 8:30 pm (8/15) and 8:30 am (8/16) - Monmouth St
Victim reported to police that the car was parked in the driveway overnight and in the morning the reporting party noticed the front passenger’s window had been smashed. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Police Reports 8/15

Graffiti:   8/15 at 12:37 pm- Village Way
Officers responded to the report of graffiti on the management door and a recycling bin on Village Way. 

Malicious Damage:  8/15 between 6:00 am and 2:15 pm - Brookline Ave/Parkway Rd
Victim reported to police that the rear windshield of his vehicle had been smashed in two spots.  The vehicle was parked at approximately 6:00 am and when he returned to the vehicle he noticed the damage. It did not appear as if anyone attempted to make entry into the vehicle.

Larceny:  between 6:30 pm (8/14) and 8:00 am (8/15) - Vernon Street
Victim reported to police that two bicycles were stolen out of a private parking garage.  The victim stated that the bikes were left unlocked in a parking space.  When he went to get them in the morning they were gone. 

Larceny/Shoplifting:  8/15 at 3:57 pm- Beacon Street
The AT&T store reported that two white males (approx 25-30 years old) had entered the store and removed a display phone.  One of the males acted as a distraction to the employees as the other stole the phone.

Warrant Arrest:  12:52 am 8/16 - Longwood Ave/ Sewall Ave
Officers stopped a vehicle for traveling without the proper use of headlights. During the traffic stop Officers found that the operator had a warrant out for his arrest.  The operator was placed under arrest for the warrant and cited for the traffic offenses.

Arrest:  8/16 at 2:37 am - Harvard St/ Naples Rd
Officers conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle with defective equipment.  The operator was placed under arrest for operating with a suspended license.    

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Police Reports 8/14

Operating After Revocation: 8/14 at 1:51pm – Harvard St at Beacon St
A random vehicle registration check revealed that a vehicle held a revoked license status. The operator was placed under arrest and charged with Operating Motor Vehicle After Registration Revocation and Operating Motor Vehicle without Registration in Possession.

Warrant: 8/14 at 5:00pm - Harvard St. & Longwood Ave
Officer observed a vehicle making an illegal U-Turn from the intersection of Harvard St and Sewall Ave.  A registry check revealed that the operator of the vehicle had a straight warrant. Operator was placed under arrest for the warrant and issued a citation for a U-Turn violation.

Larceny: 8/14 at 9:00pm – Harvard St
Victim reported her phone stolen from her place of work.

Malicious Auto Damage: 8/10 at 7:00am – Winchester St
Victim reported that his vehicle, which was parked and secured in a public garage, had been keyed.

Burglary: 8/14 at 6:08pm - Walnut St
Units were dispatched to a residence for a Breaking and Entering report. Home owner noticed that dressers were rummaged through and several items were found missing.

Larceny: 8/14 sometime between 11:00am-5:30pm – Boylston St
Victim discovered his wallet missing from an office that was not used by anyone on the staff on this day.  He claimed that he left the wallet on top of a stack of folders on a counter top. The wallet contained cash and credit cards – credit card company reported no activity on the stolen credit cards.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Police Reports 8/11- 8/14

Found Property: 8/14 at 1:18am – Newton St and Goddard Circle
Officer was dispatched for suspicious activity. Caller stated that while traveling down Newton St. towards Larz Anderson Park, he observed a motorized scooter lying on the sidewalk with its headlight illuminated with no one around it. Officers noticed that the scooter had major scrapes to the body plastic on both sides as well as missing mirrors. The vehicle was not reported stolen. Officers were unable to make contact with the owner.

Bicycle Accident: 8/13 6:02pm – Beacon St
Officer responded to investigate a Traffic accident between a Car Operator and a Bicyclist.  Operator claimed that he was in the right lane attempting to pull in to a parking spot when he made contact with the cyclist. Bicyclist was evaluated and treated by ambulance and sent to the hospital for additional medical aid.

Operating After Suspension: 8/13 at 4:27pm - Risley Rd & Allandale Road
Officer observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. Officer entered the registration into the cruiser laptop and the query indicated the registration was revoked, and the registered owner of the vehicle had a suspended license. Driver was placed under arrest and charged with Operating After Suspension, Revoked Registration, and Traffic Offenses.

Shoplifting: 8/13 at 1:15pm - Havard St
A Loss Prevention detective from a store stated he observed a suspect take a belt off the shelf and duck his body down towards the floor and place the belt inside a bag he was carrying.  The suspect then got up and kept looking around the store in a suspicious manner and then made his way to the front door of the store to exit, where he was then stopped. A warrants check revealed that the suspect had an outstanding default warrant for trespassing. He was placed into custody for the outstanding default warrant as well as charged with Shoplifting.

Burglary: Occurred sometime after 8/11 at 10:00pm – Carlton St
Officer was dispatched to Carlton St for a report of a past breaking and entering. Victim stated that his basement office was broken into.  He noticed multiples items in the office were out of place and rummaged through. He states that no one else had been to the office until this morning, 8/14, when he noticed the damage.  

Counterfeiting: 8/12 at 12:00pm - Beacon St
Officer responded to a report of counterfeit money that had been passed in the store. Caller states that the person who passed the counterfeit note is a regular customer. The person is described as a white male, early 30's years old., 5'09", skinny to thin build, sometimes a scruffy beard, short black whiffle type hair cut,  wears a baseball cap backwards or bandana, jeans, and headphones. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Police Reports 8/9-8/12

Larceny: 8/12 at 6:25pm - Pond Ave
Victim stated that she recently discovered that her necklace was missing. She last saw the necklace approximately two weeks ago. She informed officers that she gets her apartment cleaned once a month – last time being on 7/31.

Larceny: Occurred sometime between 11:00pm on 8/11 & 6:00pm on 8/12- Gardner Rd
Caller reported that two license plates were stolen form her landlord’s two vehicles. Caller was advised to contact the landlord, who is currently out of the country.

Larceny: 8/12 between 1:15pm and 1:45pm – Brookline Place
Victim stated that he accidentally left his laptop in the lab and when he went to retrieve it, the laptop went missing. The laptop was located near the rear entrance of the lab.

Operating After Revocation: 8/12 at 4:30pm – Beacon St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. A query checked revealed that the operator’s right to operate a motor vehicle had been Revoked. Operator was placed under arrest and will be charged for Revoked License and Speeding

Malicious Damage: 8/12 at 12:13am – Browne St
Victim stated that someone had broken a window to the basement of their building. Victim’s mother stated that she was awoken when she heard the sound of breaking glass.  She went to look out the window and saw a male run down the driveway look out to Browne St. and then run towards Pleasant St.  He is described as a younger male, medium build, wearing white shirt or t-shirt, and light colored shorts. 

Motor Vehicle Theft: 8/10 sometime after 9:00pm – Babcock St
Victim reported her vehicle stolen. She stated that the vehicle was parked directly in front of a resident on Babcock Street.

Fraud: Occurred after 8/9 – Leverett St
Victim reported her wallet missing. Her bank informed her that three fraudulent charges were made in her account. She was advised and has already cancelled all her cards.

MV Accident: 8/12 at 4:00am – Coolidge St
Officer responded to a report of a vehicle with front end damage that was parked in front of Coolidge St. Officer observed a fresh set of skid marks from the tree leading to the back tires of the vehicle which was parked, locked and unoccupied. Driver stated that she had hit the curb causing damage.  She did not realize she had struck a tree and had tried to continue driving.  Due to the damage she had left the vehicle and locked it. Driver was issued a citation for Leaving The Scene Of A Property Damage Accident.

Assault: 8/12 at 2:10am - Washington Square to Williston Road via Corey Road
Victim stated that she was walking home when a male subject rapidly approached her, pushed her and knocked her to the ground. Subject did not to steal anything from her, nor did he continue the assault after she began screaming. She was unable to give any detailed description other than that she believed he was Hispanic.

Trespassing: 8/12 at 1:30am - Washington St/Davis Ave
Officer observed a male subject walking out from the enclosed parking lot area appearing disheveled. Subject walked back towards the parking lot through a stairwell that was secured and had a sign stating “No Trespassing". He will be charged for Trespassing.

Possession of Fireworks: 8/11 at 8:43pm – St Paul St and Brown St
Multiple units were dispatched for a report of a gun shot in the park. Caller state that she was passing the park in Winthrop Square when she saw a bright flash and heard a loud bang. She then saw a white male subject in his teens run down Still St. in the direction of Freeman St. Subject was recognized officers by for previously experimenting with a chemistry set. He was the same subject setting off homemade firecrackers in the park. He will be charged for violating the Massachusetts Fireworks Law.

Warrant: 8/11 at 3:50pm - Harvard St
Officer observed a female subject remove a plastic shopping bag that appeared to be heavy and full of items from a backpack that she had.  She then engaged in conversation with a male subject and handed him the plastic shopping bag that was full of contents. The female subject walked into another store with the backpack that now appeared to be empty.  At this time, the officer entered the store from the rear and saw that the subjects had boarded the bus. Additional units were requested to conduct a stop of the bus and requested the above described subjects to exit. The bags contained several items that were stolen from the area stores and also contained a small folding knife along with a Charlie Card under the name of someone else. The female subject was found to have a Default Warrant against her. Both subjects were placed under arrest. Male subject will be charged with 2 counts of Shoplifting (Joint Venture). Female subject will be charged with the Default Warrant, 2 counts of Shoplifting, Carrying Dangerous Weapon, and Receiving Stolen Property.

Credit Card Fraud: 8/11 at 12:30pm – Dwight St
Victim relayed information to officer regarding seven fraudulent withdrawals made from her bank account. Victim stated that she has never used her debit card for online transactions, and it's unknown how anyone would have accessed her account information.  Her account has since been credited for the fraudulent purchases by her bank. She had previously reported being the victim of fraudulent charges in December 2011. She was advised to place a fraud alert with the credit reporting bureaus.

Malicious Damage: 8/11 between 2:00am and 8:00am – Winthrop Rd
Resident reports that someone threw a large rock through his front middle window.  He has no idea who could have done it.

OUIL: 8/11 at 2:05am – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and came to an abrupt and sudden stop over the "stop line" at the same intersection. The light turned green the vehicle then rapidly accelerated and abruptly cut over and into the right lane. After officer pulled the operator over, he immediately detected strong odor of intoxicating liquor emanating from the vehicle and the operator’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Operator was placed under arrest and charged with the following: Failure to Stop at Red Light, Marked Lanes Violation, OUI-Liquor, License Not in Possession, and Open Container of Alcohol.