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Friday, November 9, 2012

Police Reports 11/8

Accident/MV Hit & Run: 11/9 at 12:16am - Beacon St/Pleasant St
Victim stated that she was making a U-Turn when a motor vehicle who had been making the U-Turn behind her, struck her vehicle on the rear right side of her car. Victim stated that the other vehicle did not stop, and continued onto Pleasant Street. Case is under investigation.

Accident: 11/8 at 12:00pm - Amory St and Dummer St
Victim stated that she was struck by a motor vehicle while in the marked pedestrian crosswalk. Victim was later treated in the emergency room for injuries to her right foot, leg and hip. Operator of the vehicle will be charged for Failing to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk.

Robbery/Attempt: 11/8 at 10:44pm – Gibbs St
Victim reported that a male suspect had tried to take her hand bag, and after several unsuccessful attempts he fled down Gibbs St towards Stedman St. Victim stated that she was in the foyer of her apartment building when the suspect assaulted her with the intention of taking her handbag. Victim stated that she observed the suspect enter the foyer through the unlocked front door and ran at her to try to grab her bag. The suspect fled after the victim struggled and screamed for help. Suspect is described as a dark skinned, medium build, approximately 6 feet tall and 30 years of age, had either a winter cap or a hood on his head, and had something grey covering his face.

Disorderly Person: 11/9 at 12:30am – Beacon St
Officer observed a subject throwing a glass bottle into the left lane of Westbound Beacon St, directly in front of the officer’s cruiser. Subject did not respond to the officer’s presence and continued to walk away. Subject appeared to be highly intoxicated and became vocally agitated and swearing loudly. Subject was placed under arrest for Disorderly Person and Minor In Possession of an Alcoholic Beverage.

Accident/MV: 11/9 at 7:20am - Washington Street & Brookline Ave
Victim stated that she was driving, changing from the center lane, when her vehicle collided with another vehicle. The impact caused the victim’s vehicle to spin around, exit the roadway, go up onto the sidewalk and strike a tree. No one was reported injured.

Suspicious Activity: 11/8 at 11:46am – Washington St
Officer responded to a fraud report on Washington St. Victim stated that she received a call from a suspect claiming to be an officer. The suspect claimed that the victim’s grandson was arrested in the Dominican Republic and needed her to wire money for bail. Victim was able to make contact with her grandson and deem the phonecall a scam. Officers were able to trace the call to Montreal, Canada.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Police Reports 11/7

Sector 3
Larceny: 11/6 at 6:15pm – Beacon St
An employee of a store claimed that someone had taken his cellphone from the counter area inside the store.

Sector 4
Accident: 11/7 at 9:01am – Harvard St
Bicyclist stated that she was traveling in the bike lane when a motor vehicle suddenly entered into the bike lane. Bicyclist stated that she came in contact with the vehicle and fell off her bike. She was checked out by the paramedics. Driver of the vehicle was cited for a marked lanes violation.

Sector 5
Burglary: 11/7 b/t 9:00am & 2:15pm – Clark Rd
Resident stated that she returned home to find that her house was extremely disheveled. Officers observed that the residence was broken into by the unsecured rear window on the first floor. Several personal items were found missing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Police Reports 11/6

Operating After Suspension: 11/6 at 6:52pm – Commonwealth Ave/ St Marys St
Officer observed a vehicle that had an expired registration sticker. Officer confirmed the expired registration status of the vehicle and the registered owner. Owner of the vehicle was placed under arrest and charged for Operating with a Revoked License and Expired Registration.

Operating After Suspension: 11/7 at 6:45am – Washington St/Beacon St
Officer observed a vehicle fail to stop for the red light at the intersection of Harvard St. and Babcock St. A query of the vehicle's registration check revealed that the registration was revoked. Driver will be summonsed into court for Operating After Revocation (REG), Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle, and Failure to Stop for a Red Light.

Not Duly Licensed: 11/6 at 10:14am – Harvard St
Officer observed a vehicle traveling without a valid inspection sticker. A vehicle registration check revealed that the operator of the vehicle did not have a valid driver’s license. Operator was placed under arrest and charged with Operating without a License and Failure to Submit Vehicle for Inspection.

Larceny/Shoplifting: 11/6 at 4:30pm – Beacon St
Store employee stated that he was working as a cashier when 3 male suspects came into the store and stole a stack of long distance phone cards. Employee stated that the 3 suspects worked together in order to distract him. Suspects were last seen  fleeing east on Beacon St.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Police Reports 11/5

Larceny: 11/5 at 7:30pm – Commonwealth Ave
Victim stated that he returned to his locker and noticed that his items in the locker were rummaged through, and personal belongings missing. Victim stated that he left the locker room with out using a lock to secure his locker.

Not Duly Licensed: 11/5 at 7:55pm – Browne St/Freeman St
Officer observed a vehicle turn right onto Browne St with "Do Not Enter" and "One Way" signs posted. A registration check revealed that the driver had an expired license status. Driver was charged for Operating W/O License and One Way Violation.

Larceny: 11/5 at 11:30am – Beacon St
Victim stated that she left her baby stroller in the hallway of an office, when she returned to find her bag missing from the stroller.

Operating After Suspension: 11/6 at 12:39am – Washington St
A random query of a vehicle's registration check revealed that the vehicle's registration was revoked. Driver will be charged for Operating after Revocation and Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

Assault: 11/5 at 2:49pm – Beacon St
Resident/victim stated that he had gotten into an argument with his neighbor regarding the victim’s volume on his TV. Victim then stated that the neighbor grabbed him with both hands on the arms and threw him to the ground. Victim claimed that he sustained bruises on his back, and shoulders, as well as on the back of his right arm. Neighbor was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person.

Warrant/Default: 11/5 at 6:05pm – Washington St
Subject came to the police station to turn himself in. Subject stated that he believed there were outstanding warrants for his arrest. Subject was placed under arrest for the two default warrants.

Burglary: B/t 10/22 & 11/5 – Beacon St
Residents/Victims stated that someone has entered their apartment on more than one occasion and stolen approximately numerous items. There were no of forced entry and the victims believe entrance is being made with a key. Victims reported that they are having the locks changed.

Possession of Marijuana: 11/5 at 11:58am – Heath St
Officers responded to a report of a drug law violation. Security staff stated that they searched a room after they received an anonymous tip from a student who claimed that a student was selling marijuana from his dormitory room. Officers arrived to assist. Student was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Fire Vehicle: 11/5 at 12:43pm – Winslow Rd
Officer responded to a report of a motor vehicle on fire. On scene, officer observed the Brookline Fire Department attempting to extinguish the flames that had engulfed a parked vehicle. No one was injured and no suspicious activity was visible.

B&E&L of MV: 11/5 at 11:43am – Pearl St
Victim stated that she returned from classes to find that the right rear passenger window was smashed and her personal items were taken.

Failure to Stop/ MV Pursuit: 11/6 at 1:36am – Boylston St @ Randolph Rd
Officer attempted to make a traffic stop after observing a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Upon seeing the officer, the driver drove away. Driver continued his failure to stop for the police officer. Multiple units responded and were able to terminate the pursuit. Driver will be charged for :
- Racing: Attempting To Set A Record
- Failure To Stop Police Officer
- Operating To Endanger
- Speeding (Unreasonable)
- Failure To Display Headlights
- Fail to Stop/Stop Sign
- Fail To Stop/Red Light (5 Counts)
- Operating Left of Center
- Marked Lanes Violation (2 Counts)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Police Reports 11/2-11/4

Sector 1
Larceny: 11/3 b/t 1:10pm & 1:20pm – Longwood Ave
Victim stated that he stood outside the locker room with his locker opened and unlocked and returned to find his personal items missing. Fraudulent charged were made to his account 20 minutes after it was reported stolen.

Sector 1
Larceny: 11/3 b/t 2:!6pm & 3:20pm – Commonwealth Ave
Officers were dispatched to a report of a shoplifting in progress. Officers were informed that an employee was following the suspect who had stolen jackets from inside the store. Officers were able to stop the suspect and could easily view the stolen jackets from inside his bag. Suspect was placed under arrest and charged with Larceny.

Sector 2
Larceny: B/t 11/1 at 12:00pm & 11/3 at 11:51am – Chapel St
Caller reported that his license plate from the front f his vehicle had been stolen.

Sector 2
OUIL: 11/4 at 12:42pm – Longwood Ave
Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress. A subject stated that the driver of a vehicle was pulling into a driveway when he almost a female subject. A physical altercation occurred involving members of both groups. Both the driver of the vehicle and the passenger was placed under arrest. Driver was charged for Operating Under the Influence (Liquor), Failure to use care while turning, Assault and Battery and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. Passenger was charged for Assault and Battery, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest.

Sector 2
OUIL: 11/2 at 11:04pm – Harvard St/Webster Pl
Officer was notified of an erratic operator of a vehicle traveling on Washington St and Boylston St. Upon questioning, officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and slurred speech from the driver. Driver was placed under arrest for OUIL.

Sector 3
Larceny/Shoplifting: 11/3 at 1:47am – Beacon St
A store employee observed a female suspect who attempted to leave the store with stolen items. Suspect was issued a verbal no trespass order summons to court for shoplifting.

Sector 3
Burglary: 11/2 b/t 7:15am & 7:30pm – Beacon St
Officer was dispatched for a report of a past residential Breaking & Entering, and Larceny of Property. Victim stated that an unknown person accessed her apartment and stole her laptop. Victim stated that she left her apartment door unlocked. Nothing else inside the residence was disturbed.

Sector 3
Malicious Damage/Building: B/t 11/2 at 3pm & 11/4 at 9am
Store owner stated that he noticed that one of the store fronts window panes was damaged. Officer observed the window to have been kicked.

Sector 3
OUIL: 11/4 at 4:49pm - Beacon Street and Summit Ave
Officer observed a vehicle parked in the right travel lane of Beacon Street, obstructing the free flow of traffic. Officer awoke the driver escorted him out of the car. Upon questioning, officer noticed an odor of alcohol coming from the driver’s breath, his eyes appeared to be blood shot and glassy, and his speech was slurred. Driver was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor and Impeding the Free Flow of Traffic.

Sector 4
Fraud: 10/27 at 9:34am – Washington St
Victim stated that fraudulent charges were placed against her account via the internet. Victim notified the bank and cancelled her card.

Sector 4
Not Duly Licensed: 11/3 at 11:55pm – Pond Ave
Officer observed a vehicle traveling with an expired state-issued inspection sticker. A query registration check revealed that the driver of the vehicle had a denied license status. Driver was placed under arrest and charged for failing to submit MV for inspection and being not duly licensed.

Sector 5
Larceny/Building: 11/2 between 2:45pm & 3:15pm – Tappan St
Victim claimed that his cellphone was stolen out of his gym bag while he was attending track practice. Victim stated that he placed his bag unsecured inside a locker room.

Sector 5
Operating After Suspension: 11/4 at 9:30pm – Beacon St
Officer observed suspicious behavior of two subjects suspected of possible drug activity. A registered motor vehicle check revealed that the driver had a suspended license status. Driver was placed under arrest for Operating After Suspension and No License in Possession.

Sector 5
OUIL: 11/4 at 6:42pm – Dean Rd/Beaconsfield Rd
Officer observed two vehicles pulled over with broken glass on the roadway. Victim stated hat his vehicle had been hit from behind by a driver of another vehicle. Victim stated that he noticed the driver talking slowly and felt something might be wrong with him. Upon questioning, officer detected an odor of alcohol coming from the driver’s breath, he was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slow. Driver was placed under arrest for operating under the influence of alcohol, Following to closely and Marked lanes violation.

Sector 6
Larceny: 11/3 b/t 4:00pm & 4:33pm – Boylston St
Victim stated that she was looking to purchase some toys for her day care center when she placed her wallet down in the puzzle rack. She later discovered her wallet missing. Victim was advised to contact her banking institutions and Credit Card companies to cancel her cards.