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Friday, September 8, 2017



9:35 AM A Sergeant on a detail was informed by a Boston Police Officer that he observed a road rage incident. The Boston Officer stated that he observed a motorist attempt to enter the lane which was occupied by another motorist. The motorist who was in said lane refused to allow the other motorist to cut in front of him. The motorist attempting to enter the lane then threw a handful of coins at the other car causing damage to the vehicle. He will be summons into court.

5:18 PM Officers were dispatched to a motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Boylston and Lee Streets involving a sedan and a box truck. An occupant of one of the vehicles was transported to the hospital for minor injuries.

5:28 PM An officer was dispatched to Edgehill road to take a report for two stolen bicycles. The Officer spoke to the homeowner who stated that she was away over the weekend from Friday (9/1) until Tuesday (9/5). When she returned she noticed that the two bikes were missing from her unsecured garage. The bikes are described as:
1. Green 2010 Specialized “Globe Haul 1” with a piece of wood on the back that holds two saddle bags.
2. A black 2016 Bianchi “Hybrid C” sport bicycle

9:08 PM A person came into the police station to report fraudulent activity on his ATM card. The person stated that three unauthorized withdrawals were made with his ATM number over Labor Day weekend. The bank was notified of the fraudulent activity.

Thursday, September 7, 2017



6:00 PM A resident came into the police station to report that her bike was stolen from her home on Brook Street. Sometime between the hours of 7am and 12:30pm someone stole her bike off the front porch of her building. The is described bike as a Red Woman's Extra Small, Giant brand Road bike with black and silver trim.  

 A citizen came into the Brookline Police Station to report that her business checks had been stolen and used fraudulently. A report was filed.

Officers were performing Green Dog License checks on the off leash dogs  when one of the Officers was bitten by a dog.  No skin was punctured, and a report was filed.

A citizen came into the Brookline Police Station to report some tools were stolen from his work site. A report was filed and the dectives have been notified.


Officers responded to a business on Boylston Street Boylston St. Officers located the subject who was subsequently placed under arrest.

Officers responded to an address on Longwood Ave for a Graffiti complaint. The vistim reports graffiti painted on a storage container. Photos were taken.

Officers responded to Westbourne Terrace for a report of a minor Motor Vehicle Crash between two town vehicles. Minor damage was done to both vehicles left side. Pictures were taken and a report was filed.  

Officers responded to an address on Linden Street for a report of a past B&E&L report. The victims report noticing that the window screen above the sink on the right side was flapping in the wind. He noticed that the screen had been cut around the lower perimeter and that the items that were once on the window sill were now on the counter in disarray. It was then  discovered that the rear sliding porch door was slightly open as well at the outer sliding screen. Several items were reported missing. Brookline Detectives arrived on scene to process for finger prints.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


On 09/03/2017

6:30 PM While on patrol in Coolidge Corner an officer found a set of keys in the area of 294 Harvard Street. It is described as a Honda car key, attached to rewards cards, and has a red leather strap attached to it. The Officer was unable to locate the owner, and they were placed into evidence for safe keeping.

7:00 PM Officers were dispatched to Kent and Longwood Streets for the report of a two car motor vehicle crash. There were no injuries, and one operator was cited for failure to stop for a red traffic signal.


9:40 AM An Officer observed a motor vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The Officer initiated a traffic stop. It was determined that the vehicle had revoked insurance, and was uninsured. The operator was summons to court for the offensives and his car was towed.  

11:35 AM An Officer responded to Dunkin Donuts on Beacon Street to take a report of a stolen cell phone. A child was playing with his mother’s phone and left it on the table when they exited the store. They returned a short time later and could not locate the phone. A man in his 40s, wearing a blue shirt and dark jeans was seen leaving the area. Camera footage did not reveal theft of the phone but did show the described man sitting at the same seat where the child left the phone. Police are investigating.

9:47 PM Officers were dispatched to an address on Dwight Street for the report of a live Breaking and Entering of a dwelling. The home owner heard footsteps coming from an upstairs floor and went to investigate it. He discovered a man walking out of his kitchen and onto his back porch. He asked him what he was doing in his house, and the man replied “I was not in your house.”  The man then fled the area. A description of the man was relayed to responding units. A short time later a man fitting the description was stopped by police. After the homeowner positively identified him, the man was arrested for B&E in the night with intent to commit a felony.