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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tuesday, June 18th

1:03PM: A woman contacted Brookline Animal Control Unit to report a bat in her home. The reporting party explained that while in her bedroom on Monday, June 17th at 9:30PM she noticed a bat fly above her head. The woman stated that she chased and contained the bat in her bathroom. Police secured the animal and it was transported to the State Lab. Results show that the bat tested negative for rabies.

3:05PM: Police responded to a residence on Pleasant Street for a report of a package theft. The reporting party stated that he received a confirmation email on Monday, June 17th, at 6:39PM that his package had been delivered. One of his roommates entered the building at 7:30PM and saw the package ripped open and the contents removed. The vestibule of the building is unsecured. The reporting party recalled that he had another package taken sometime within the last month but did not call police to report the incident. This case is under investigation. 

8:27PM: Officers were dispatched to an apartment building on Pleasant Street for a larceny report. The reporting party explained that he was moving into his girlfriend’s apartment when some of his belongings were stolen. He propped a door open using a backpack and several boxes and left to park his car. When the reporting party returned, his backpack was missing. It contained two computers and other electronics. This case is under investigation. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Monday, June 17th

7:26AM: Officers responded to Williams Street and Winchester Street for a report of malicious damage. The reporting party stated that someone spray painted his backhoe between 2PM Sunday, June 16th, and 6AM Monday, June 17th. Because of the graphic language and proximity to children, the reporting party had scraped most of the paint off before police arrived. Photos were taken. Police are investigating.

5:52PM: Police were dispatched to a home on Netherlands Road for a report of found property. The reporting party located several ripped up envelopes behind his front hedge. Upon closer look, he noticed the mail contained personal information. Police took possession of the mail and have attempted to make contact with the involved parties but have been unsuccessful. This case is under investigation.

Sunday, June 16th

10:16AM: Police were dispatched to a residence on Linden Place for a past breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that on June 15th, at approximately 8:30PM she parked her car in her driveway. When she returned to her vehicle at approximately 9AM on Sunday, June 16th, she noticed her license and credit card strewn about. In addition, cash and change were missing from the vehicle. The vehicle was locked and there was no apparent break. Police are investigating. 

Saturday, June 15th

9:12AM: A citizen came to the Police Station to report a past bike larceny. The reporting party stated that sometime between 5PM on Thursday, June 13th, and 9AM Friday, June 14th, his son’s bike was stolen. The item is described as a royal blue Men’s Mt. Shasta 21-speed brand bicycle. The bike was locked with a cable to a meter outside their home on Beacon Street. This case is being investigated.

6:56PM: Officers were dispatched to a residence on Winchester Street of a report of graffiti. The building superintendent noticed white graffiti on a wall this morning. The reporting party showed officers the defaced wall. A resident of the building recalled no graffiti at 7PM last night but it was present when he arrived this morning at 10AM. Police are investigating.

7:31PM: Police responded to a business on Washington Street for a report of shoplifting. The manager of the store stated that she witnessed a man place several packages of razorblades in his pants. The suspect then left the store towards Harvard Street. Police recognized the subject from surveillance footage and summonsed him for shoplifting.

8:15PM: Officers were dispatched to a business on Commonwealth Avenue for a report of theft. The reporting party stated that he left his wallet in a secured locker at 6:45PM. When he returned at 8:15PM, his red wire lock was gone and $40 was missing from his wallet. Surveillance footage shows a white male entered the locker room at 7:40PM. This unidentified male was wearing a grey collared shirt with black stripes, light-colored khaki pants, black sneakers, and carrying a messenger bag. This case is under investigation. 

Friday, June 14th

10:45AM: Police responded to a business on Boylston Street for a graffiti complaint. The reporting party showed officers surveillance footage from Monday, June 10th, of three teenagers. They entered the property at 12:53AM, walked to the back of the property and used white and red spray paint to draw images on the wall. The graffiti in red is a “smiley face with arms” while the graffiti in white says “Vegan” and “V”. This case is under investigation.

2:12PM: Officers were dispatched to a business on Beacon Street for a report of past shoplifting. The manager noticed multiple items missing from a shelf that was stocked the night before. Upon reviewing surveillance footage, he observed a man take items off the shelf and stuff them into a black bag. The subject then left the business towards Beacon Street without paying for the items. The man is described as either Hispanic or Middle Eastern, wearing a “Jamin’ 94.5” black t shirt, black zip-up sweatshirt, grey shorts, and pink sneakers. Police are investigating.

3:53PM: Police responded to a business on Harvard Street for a shoplifting in progress. The reporting party observed a man placing shampoo bottles into a reusable grocery bag then leaving the store. Officers in the area located a subject that matched the description. Police conducted a “Show Up ID” and the reporting party confirmed the identity of the shoplifter. The subject was arrested. All stolen items were recovered and returned to the store.