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Wednesday, May 16, 2018



An officer was dispatched to Beacon St. for a report of a motor vehicle that had been broken into. The reporting party stated that he had left his car parked in a private lot over the weekend and when he returned on Monday, items had been moved around and a charger had been stolen.

In the afternoon of May 14, an officer observed a male subject known to police enter a building on Beacon St. The officer queried the male and found that he had 4 active warrants in his name. Based on this information, the officer entered the building to check for the male but was unable to locate him. During this time, the officer observed another male subject known to police exit the building and walk down a private driveway on Browne St. Based on recent crimes in the area and the subject carrying a backpack, glancing around, and walking on a private driveway, the officer followed the male to determine if he had legitimate business. The officer lost sight of the man but relocated him near St. Paul St. at which point he yelled for the man to stop. The man fled and the officer gave chase, at one point observing the man reach into his pants, remove a baseball sized plastic baggie of an unknown substance, and throw it over a fence into a private side yard. The officer and backup were able to catch up to the man and place him into custody. Officers located the baggie of powder which based on training and experience was believed to be fentanyl. While searching the suspect, officers also located pills and a large sum of cash consistent with selling drugs. The man was arrested for trafficking a Class A drug, Possession of a Class E drug (Subsequent), and Trespassing.

On May 14, a woman came into the police station to report a larceny. The woman stated that she had been shopping in the area of Coolidge Corner earlier when she noticed her wallet was missing. The woman stated that she retraced her steps to the last store she remembered having it at and was unable to locate her wallet. Shortly after, the woman received information that her credit card had been used to make numerous purchases. The incident is being investigated.

An officer was dispatched to a business on Harvard St. for a report of shoplifting. The employee stated that she had seen a male party, whom she recognized from previous shoplifting incidents, enter the store and leave a few minutes later. After the man left, the employee reviewed security footage and found that the man had concealed merchandise under his jacket before he exited the store. Since the employee was able to make an identification, the man will be summoned to court for Shoplifting.

In the evening of May 14, an officer was dispatched to Beacon St. for a report of a package theft. The reporting party stated that a package had been confirmed as delivered to her building earlier that day but when she arrived home she could not locate the package.

At approximately 9:40pm officers were dispatched to Winchester St. for a report of a two car crash with airbag deployment. On scene, officers observed vehicle 1 to have heavy front end damage and vehicle 2 to have damage to the right side. Officers spoke to the operator of vehicle 1 who stated she was driving home when she lost control of her vehicle, crossed the solid white line on the right side of the road, and struck vehicle 2 which was parked. While speaking with the driver, officers observed the woman to have glassy bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and an odor of alcohol emanating from her person. A witness who was interviewed stated he had seen vehicle 1 swerve multiple times before crashing into vehicle 2. Based on the circumstances, the driver was placed under arrest for operating under the influence of liquor. During an inventory of the vehicle loose pills were located and the driver is also being charged with possession of a Class E drug.


In the morning of May 15, an officer was dispatched to Beacon St. for a report of a stolen bike. The reporting party stated that her son had placed his bicycle in the building’s common area the night before and when he left for school this morning it was gone. The incident is being investigated.

An officer was dispatched to Washington St. for a report of a stolen bicycle. The reporting party stated that he had last seen his bike in the unlocked foyer of his building between 11am-12pm that day. The incident is being investigated.

Elderly Resident Victimized in Unarmed Robbery

In the evening of May 15, an officer responded to Kent St. for a report of a medical emergency. On arrival, the reporting party stated that she had been pushed by an unknown female suspect and suffered a broken wrist. The woman also stated that the suspect had stolen several hundred dollars from her. At this time a witness came forward and reported that while walking up the rear stairwell, a female had jogged past her at the fourth floor. Upon reaching the fifth floor, the witness stated that she saw an open door to an apartment and heard a woman yelling about a broken wrist. Given a description of the suspect, officers canvassed the area but had negative results. The suspect is reported as a light skin/tan female, possibly Hispanic, approx. 5’5”, and in her late teens to early 20s. She was reportedly wearing black leggings and a black rain jacket with teal stripes. This incident of robbery and assault and battery on an elderly person is currently under investigation.

Monday, May 14, 2018

5/11/2018 through 5/13/2018


On 5/11 an officer was dispatched to Jefferson Rd. for a report of a larceny by false pretenses. The reporting party stated that he had received a phone call on 5/8 from a female party claiming to be his granddaughter. The female party stated that she had been arrested and passed the phone over to a male party who stated he was her attorney. The male party told the reporting party that he needed to send cash for his granddaughter to be released on bail. The incident was confirmed as a scam and detectives are investigating the case.


Early on 5/12, units responded to the area of Boylston St. and Eliot St. for a report of a vehicle leaving the scene of an accident. The reporting party stated that while in Medford, MA her vehicle had been rear ended by another car. The offending vehicle then pulled away without exchanging paperwork and struck the initial vehicle a second time, on the passenger’s side. The reporting party then followed the offending vehicle to where they were stopped in Brookline. On arrival on scene, officers observed damage to the reporting party’s rear bumper and passenger side mirror. As an officer approached the offending vehicle, she observed a female party asleep behind the wheel. The female party was awoken and attempted to put her vehicle into drive multiple times before the officer was able to remove her keys from the ignition. The officer observed the female suspect to be confused with glassy and bloodshot eyes, and a strong odor of alcohol emanating from her. The female suspect was placed under arrest for Operating under the Influence of Alcohol.

In the afternoon of 5/12, officers were dispatched to the area of Aspinwall Av and St. Paul St. for a report of a larceny that had just occurred. The reporting party stated that he had seen a male party walk up a building on Aspinwall St., take a package off the porch, place it in a trash bag, and walk away. Officers located a man matching the description who confirmed he had just stolen a package. The man was will be summoned to court for Receiving Stolen Property under $1200 and Larceny under $1200.

An officer was dispatched to St. Paul St. for a past larceny report. The reporting party stated that earlier that day she had been at a store on Beacon St when she left her purse and shopping cart unattended. The woman stated that when she went to check-out she noticed that her wallet was gone. The incident is being investigated.

At approximately 8:05pm, an officer was dispatched to the Longwood MBTA station for a report of a larceny in progress. The reporting party stated that she had been standing on the outbound platform when an unknown female party began shouting for her attention. The reporting party attempted to ignore the woman who eventually crossed the tracks to converse with the reporting party. The unknown female stated that she had been waiting for the train for a couple hours and needed money for the fare. The reporting party stated that she then opened the front zipper of her backpack and retrieved money from her wallet for the female party. While waiting on the platform, the unknown female began moving closer to the reporting party and ultimately ended up behind her. At this time, the unknown woman, unzipped the front backpack pocket and removed the reporting party’s purse before fleeing. The reporting party attempted to follow the suspect who eventually discarded the purse near the Longwood Ave. Bridge. The reporting party stated that money had been taken from her purse. The case is under investigation.

On May 12, officers responded to a residence on Beacon St. for a past Breaking and Entering and Burglary from an apartment. The reporting party stated that when he returned home that evening he found the door to his apartment slightly open. The reporting party and his roommates reported numerous items stolen including laptops, money, and watches. The incident is being investigated.

Early on May 13, an officer was monitoring traffic when he observed a vehicle cross over the double yellow lines while attempting to overtake another vehicle at the intersection of Harvard and Fuller Streets. The officer activated his emergency lights in an attempt to initiate a motor vehicle stop at which point the vehicle turned off their head and tail lights and made a quick turn onto Thorndike St. The officer radioed dispatch and continued the pursuit, observing the vehicle fail to safely stop at multiple stop signs, travel through a red light, and travel in the wrong direction up Station St. towards Washington St. Due to the increasingly dangerous situation, it was decided the pursuit would be halted. Dispatch notified the surrounding cities and towns of the incident and vehicle’s license plate. Shortly after, Boston Police notified Brookline PD that they had stopped the vehicle in question in Jamaica Plain. Brookline officers arrived on scene and placed the driver under arrest for Failure to Stop for a Police Officer, Operating to Endanger, Use of a Motor Vehicle without Authority, Speeding, and Marked Lanes Violations.

In the afternoon of 5/13, a woman came into the police station to report a larceny. The woman stated that sometime between 5/6 and 5/11 a laptop computer and router went missing from a church on Beacon St. The incident is being investigated.

Armed Robbery of Convenience Store

On May 12, 2018, at approximately 8:37 PM Brookline dispatch received a call from a cashier from the One Stop Market, located on 321 Cypress Street. The cashier reported that he had just been robbed at gun point. The cashier stated that the suspect entered the store and immediately displayed a black semi-automatic firearm, pointed it in his direction, and walked over to him. The suspect demanded money and ordered him to empty out the cash register; the suspect took the bag of cash and left the store. The cashier stated he observed the suspect take a left turn once he had exited the store. He attempted to follow the suspect out the door to get a better description; however once he had exited out of the store he was unable to locate the suspect.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5'11 in height, medium build, wearing a black facemask, black hooded sweatshirt with Nike logo on upper left chest, black pants, dark colored sneakers with white Nike logo, dark colored backpack, black baseball hat with yellow brim and yellow circular logo (possibly Boston Bruins logo). Approximately $3,500 in cash was stolen. Police are investigating.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Thursday, May 10th


12:22 PM - An officer was dispatched to Harvard Street to take a report of a past larceny. The officer met with the reporting party who stated that they had ordered two packages, each containing one laptop. Delivery confirmation of the laptops was received but the victim was only able to find one of the two packages delivered to him. These package thefts are being investigated.

7:11 PM - An officer responded to Kent Square for a past Breaking and Entering and Larceny of from Motor Vehicle on Thursday evening. Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim who stated that he had noticed his vehicle had been rummaged through with some cash stolen from the center console. This case is under investigation.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Wednesday, May 9th


12:20 PM - An officer responded to Eliot Crescent for a report of a past larceny. Upon arrival, the victim reported that a diamond engagement ring had gone missing. Police are investigating this case.

12:25 PM - An officer responded to Greenough Street for a past larceny report that took place at Winthrop Square Playground. The victim told the officer that he had accidentally left his backpack at the park, containing a laptop. Upon returning, he found his backpack with the laptop removed. This incident is under investigation.

6:25 PM - An officer was dispatched to Harvard St. for a shoplifting report. The officer spoke with an employee at the store who relayed seeing two suspects come in and conceal store merchandise within a bag they had brought with them. A 29 year old Boston resident was arrested and will be summoned to Brookline District Court for Shoplifting.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tuesday, May 8th


3:39 PM - Brookline Police Dispatch received a call regarding a loose animal in Lawton Playground on Tuesday afternoon. Officers responded to the area, where they found a Ball Python (non-poisonous). Brookline Animal Control collected the animal from the playground and brought it to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

If you’re missing your reptile friend or know the owner, please contact Brookline Animal Control at 617-730-2730, or

Monday, May 7, 2018

5/4 through 5/6


4:24 AM - An officer responded to Beals St for a larceny report early Friday morning. The victim stated that he had gone to bed and woke up to notice his wallet was open and bank card was missing from his desk. The victim was advised to cancel the card while this case is investigated.

9:35 AM - An officer was dispatched to take a report of a past larceny from a motor vehicle on Euston St. Upon meeting with the victim, she stated that she had left her vehicle unlocked the night prior and returned this morning to find her center console open, rummaged through and missing a bag of quarters.

4:40 PM - An officer responded to Wallis Rd for a report of a larceny from a motor vehicle. The victim stated that he noticed his car hood was ajar this morning. He then saw that his battery was detached from the cables, disabling power to the vehicle and that both of the vehicle's mirrors were also stolen.


11:20 AM - An officer responded to Commonwealth Ave for a past shoplifting. Upon arrival he met with the store manager who said 2 suspects had entered the store, concealing several cosmetic items in a bag before exiting without paying. A follow-up was requested.

1:00 PM - An officer took a report of a past larceny on Crafts Rd on Saturday where the victim stated her medication was stolen from her residence. This incident is being investigated.


3:23 AM - Units were dispatched to Webster St for a call of larceny. Officers spoke with a witness who stated that he observed an individual behind a desk of the property before fleeing, dropping money as he ran onto the street. Surveillance has been requested as Brookline PD continues with their investigation.

10:03 AM - An officer took a report of a car break and attempted house break on Winslow Rd, Sunday morning. The victims stated that their house alarm had gone off in the early hours that morning where they found one of their doors ajar. They didn't think much of it, as they suspected that the wind had blown it ajar. Upon waking up around 9:00 AM, they looked out their window to see items strewn about the ground near their motor vehicles in their driveway. Both the attempted burglar and car break are under investigation.

10:03 AM - A resident on Winslow Rd approached the officer finishing up the case detailed above stating that her vehicle had been broken into. The victim stated that items within the vehicle had been strewn about, however nothing had been stolen.

10:03 AM - After finishing up the prior two reports, the same officer was approached by another neighbor from Babcock Rd. who stated that 2 cars her family owned had been broken into, as well. She had found items, from both vehicles, strewn about and also found on the ground. Only some change, glasses and a tool were stolen from both of the vehicles broken into. This string of car breaks are active and under investigation.

12:16 PM - An officer was dispatched to the lobby to meet with a victim who had a piece of jewelry stolen from him. While walking on the street, he had been coaxed towards a vehicle that was requesting assistance. After helping the occupants with what they needed, they handed him jewelry as a way of thanking the victim for his help. Upon doing so, one suspect offered him a necklace, stating that it was part of their culture to do so, placing the necklace on the victim. The suspect thanked him again, before all within the vehicle drove away. While the victim was walking home, he noticed that his own necklace was missing. After looking around his residence, the victim was unable to locate it and reported the incident to Police. The items gifted to the victim were taken as evidence. A follow-up has been requested.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Home Invasion, under investigation

On May 4, 2018 at approximately 0120 AM Brookline Police responded to 400 Heath Street, Pine Manor College, for an unknown request for police assistance. On scene officers learned that an armed home invasion had taken place. One student was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. Preliminary reports indicated there were four subjects, all wearing masks and firearms were shown. Officers began an investigation and additional investigators were called in. During the investigation subsequent information was obtained of the possibility of a student having possession of a firearm. Upon learning this information detectives were able to obtain a search warrant for a student’s room.  A search warrant was issued from the Brookline District Court and upon execution of this warrant, a firearm was located. A student was taken into custody, without incident and faces several firearm charges. The subject is scheduled to be arraigned in Brookline District Court on Monday May 7. At this time both cases are being actively investigated and it is unclear if they are related.