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Monday, December 10, 2018

Saturday, December 8th

10:22AM- Brookline Police were notified that an unknown subject got into a black Audi and left the Audi dealership lot heading eastbound on Boylston Street.  The vehicle type and registration was given to all responding units.  The reporting party explained that he turned the vehicle on in the parking lot for it to warm up before the vehicle owner arrived.  Approximately three minutes later the subject entered the parking area, entered the car and drove eastbound on Boylston Street.  Video surveillance shows the suspect walking over to a different vehicle and opening the door.  After looking inside, the suspect walked away and got into the black vehicle.  Officers were notified the vehicle was just involved in a motor accident on Webster Avenue in Cambridge.  The subject driving was no longer on scene.  This case is under investigation.

5:20PM- A package theft was reported on Washington Street.  The victim reported that on 12/6 a package was delivered to her address at 11:57AM.  She did not receive the package.  This case is being investigated.

Friday, December 7th

9:38AM- A Brookline resident reported her dog was attacked by another dog on 12/6 at Margret Robinson Playground.  The reporting party explained she was walking her dog in the playground when another off leashed dog approached hers calmly.  The two dogs began fighting over a stick and the other dog attacked hers.  The owner of the other dog separated the two.  Due to the time of night, it was dark and the complainant did not notice any injuries on her dog until she got home.  The dog’s right ear was injured.  With a description of the attacking dog and the dog’s name, the dog and owner were found in the system and contacted.  The owner agreed with the details of the incident.  She was issued a Town of Brookline By-Law Citation for a Dog at Large and Biting or Injuring another Domestic Animal.

12:06PM-  A report of an animal bite was taken by Brookline Animal Control.  The reporting party reported her dog bit her infant grandchild.  The grandchild was pulling on the dog’s skin when the dog bit her on the nose.  This case is under investigation.

3:56PM- A report of a package theft was taken on Green Street.  The complainant reported ordering a game online.  The game was delivered on 12/4 at 1:30PM.  When the complainant checked the vestibule and the front door at 4:00PM the package was not there.  This case is being investigated.

5:10PM- A business on Beacon Street reported a larceny.  An employee reported a heavyset woman in her fifties, with short black hair, around 5’5” missing a front tooth, wearing a puffy jacket and carrying a green bag entered the establishment, looked around and asked to use the telephone.  The employee became busy with customers and the woman exited the store.  Upon return to the register the employee observed the tip jar to be missing money.  Surveillance footage confirms the suspect taking money out of the tip jar.  This case is under investigation.

5:38PM- Officers were dispatched to the Brookline High School for a larceny report.  Campus security reported at 5:07PM Brookline Fire and campus security responded to the school for a fire alarm activation.  During the activation faculty, students and parents walked outside.  After the building was checked everyone returned to the school.  A custodian noticed several backpacks by a staircase and contacted campus security.  The security officer reported the backpacks had been rummaged through and contents were emptied and scattered all over.  The victims reported occupying a team room until the alarm activated.  They exited the school and upon return observed their backpacks scattered by a staircase.  Before exiting the building their backpacks were left on the hallway floor and on the table outside the room.  Four students reported missing money.  This case is being investigated.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Wednesday, December 5th

9:14AM- Officers were dispatched to Freeman Street for a report of a past breaking and entering with a package theft.  The reporting party stated that on 12/3 he received notification that his package had been delivered and left in the vestibule of his building.  On the day the package was discovered missing officers were dispatched to the same location for a report of a break and entering.  Officers believe the reporting party’s package may have been stolen at the same time as the break and entering.  This case is being investigated.

9:50PM- A report was taken on Fisher Avenue for malicious damage.  Officers spoke to the complainant who reported hearing a noise while in his home.  Upon going outside he discovered one of his two five foot nutcracker statues had been knocked over.  Home surveillance footage shows three males, late teens to early twenties approach the home and knock over the statue.  The three males then ran away.  The complainant further informed officers of an incident that occurred the night prior involving three males taking pictures with the nutcrackers.  This case is under investigation. 

10:01PM- Officers were dispatched to Winchester Street for a report of a package theft.  The reporting party stated she returned home and noticed a package that had been delivered had been ripped open with the contents missing.  The package was for her daughter who lived down stairs. The daughter reported leaving her home at 12:00PM and observing the package.  When she returned at 3:00PM and observed the package open with the contents missing and notified her mother.  This case is being investigated.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tuesday, December 4th

6:53AM- A malicious damage report was taken on Harvard Street.  The complainant reported he rents a parking spot in the gas station parking lot.  He reported parking his vehicle on 12/3 around 8:00PM and retuning to the vehicle in the morning at 6:30AM.  As he approached the vehicle he could hear air hissing out of the passenger side rear tire.  An officer observed a ½” in length incision in the tire.  This case is under investigation.

8:30AM- A bat call report was taken by officers on Stanton Road.  A responding officer met the reporting party who had captured the live bat in a plastic container.  The reporting party stated on 12/3 around 6:00PM he was in the basement of the building when he reached out his hand to unlock a door.  In doing so he felt a fury item brush up against his hand.  He noticed it was a live bat.  The health department was notified and the bat has been sent for testing.

8:50AM- Officers were dispatched to Fairmont Road for a past breaking and entering with larceny. The report caller stated she discovered her door open when she went to the first floor of her home in the morning.  She reported locking the door before bed the previous night around 8:30PM.  She noticed her watch and earrings were missing.  This case is being investigated.

6:21PM- A larceny report was taken on Alton Place.  The complainant reported ordering a blanket online.  The order was delivered on 11/6 at 10:54AM.  The complainant checked the vestibule at 4:00PM and the package was not there.  This case is under investigation.

7:30PM- Officers responded to a report of a stolen license plate on Tappan Street.  The reporting party stated she parked her car in the assigned parking spot on Tappan Street on 11/21.  She returned to the vehicle on 11/26 and discovered her front registration plate was missing.  This case is being investigated.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Monday, December 3rd

2:42PM- A package theft report was taken by officers on Sewall Avenue.  The reporting party stated his wife ordered four pairs of shoes that were confirmed delivered on 11/29 at 12:03PM.  He reported he was unable to locate the package.  This case is being investigated.

5:12PM- Officer responded to Freeman Street for a report of a break and entering and package theft.  The complainant reported upon his return home around 5:00PM he noticed the front door of the foyer had been damaged.  The latches were damaged, the door was unlocked and there was debris scattered on the floor.  The complainant also reported a package he ordered containing four items had been confirmed delivered but not present.  This case is under investigation. 

5:12PM-  A resident from the same location as the previous report reported a package theft.  While investigating, officers spoke to a resident who had returned home.  The resident was asked if she was expecting any packages and she stated she had received an order confirmation but the package was missing. The package contained a screwdriver set. This case is being investigated. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Sunday, December 2nd

5:25PM- A report of a package theft was taken on Kent Street.  The reporting party stated she ordered women’s clothing online.  The package was delivered Friday 11/30 in the evening.  When she arrived home around 6:45PM the package was gone.  The reporting party recently reported a package theft on 11/27 and her neighbor reported a package theft on 11/26.  This case is being investigated. 

8:48PM- Officers were dispatched to Euston Street for a report of a package theft.  The complainant reported returning home from being out of town around 7:00PM.  She found an open package outside the door of her apartment.  She ordered seventeen items of clothing online on 11/22.  When she found the box it only contained one sweater.  The package was delivered on 11/30.  This case is under investigation. 

Saturday, December 1st

8:20AM- A report of damage to town property was taken on Carlton Street.  The reporting party noticed a sign pushed over in the morning and reported it to police.  Officers noticed the town street sign pushed over laying on the side walk.  This case is under investigation.

7:50PM- Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a report of a shoplifting incident.  The reporting party, the store manager reported a male wearing a brown leather jacket and riding a bicycle had just left the store and fled along Harvard Street after stealing a large bottle of Tide detergent and bottles of Ensure drinks.  An officer in the area observed an individual matching the description of the suspect in the area of Station Street by the Brookline Village MBTA Station.  The subject was on a bicycle carrying a bottle of Tide in one hand and holding a plastic bag in the other by the brand of the store the incident was reported by.  Upon speaking to the individual the officer observed packs of Ensure in the plastic bag.  Additional items were found in the bag along with receipts.  Surveillance footage shows the suspect rummaging through the stores trash prior to entering.  He was placed under arrest for aggravated shoplifting by using false sales receipts and shoplifting.

Friday, November 30th

9:30AM-  An officer in the area of Harvard Street and Beacon Street was flagged down by a taxi driver who informed him that there appeared to be a possible pedestrian struck by a car and the vehicle involved left the scene.  Upon arrival to Harvard Street and Longwood Avenue the officer noticed a female holding the back of her head being assisted by two female witnesses.  A witness reported a male operator in a gray SUV drove up behind the victim’s vehicle and drove around her car striking the car on the rear driver’s side bumper.  The victim who was driving a red SUV exited her car to inspect the damage and viewed the male operator accelerate and strike the rear driver’s side bumper.  The victim raised her hands and yelled stop.  The male operator then appeared to drive towards the victim striking her with the front of the vehicle causing her to fall backwards and hit her head on the ground.  The male left the scene driving southbound on Harvard Street.  Two other witnesses confirmed the events.  Officers were able to locate a plate number using variations provided by a witness.  The registration matched the description of the vehicle and the suspect.  The suspect was located at his home and brought to the station for questioning.  After an interview he was placed under arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and leaving the scene of an accident. 

11:15AM- A package theft report was taken on Parkman Street.  The complainant reported on 11/29 around 12:44PM he received an email confirmation that six packages had been delivered to his address and left in the outside vestibule.  He arrived home around 4:00PM and found two packages missing.   The two packages contained clothing from Nordstrom.  This case is under investigation.

2:40PM- Officers responded to Harvard Street regarding a shoplifting incident that had just occurred.  A store employee reported around 2:30PM he noticed a male possibly in his forties wearing a pea coat jacket and a maroon colored winter hat walk through the store placing several clothing items in a back pack in a pushcart.  At one point he took off his jacket and put on a winter jacket taken from a clothing rack.  At 2:40PM he walked past the registers with the pushcart full of items with the jacket still on.  The employee confronted the suspect who fled towards Coolidge Corner.  Security Surveillance footage was viewed of the suspect.  This case is being investigated.

Thursday, November 29th

10:15AM- Officers were dispatched to Boylston Street for a report of a break and entering.  Employees of a local business arrived at work to find the front glass door had been smashed.  Video surveillance footage showed a male party several seconds after he had smashed the front door glass.  He was observed entering the office and checking under the front desk as well as behind and under other tables and drawers.  The suspects exited the business.  This case is being investigated.

4:50PM- A report of a car break was reported at the station.  The complainant stated on Wednesday 11/28 around 6:00PM she parked her car in her assigned spot in front of the Heath School on Eliot Street.  When she returned to her car on Thursday 11/29 in the morning she noticed that it had been entered and her personal papers were on the seat.  A few items were taken as well.   The car was left unlocked.  This case is under investigation. 

7:14PM- A package theft report was taken on Longwood Avenue.  The reporting party stated she had placed an order on November 23rd and received an email on 11/29 that the packages had been delivered at her front door in the afternoon.  When the reporting party returned home around 6:00PM the packages were not at her front door or in the vestibule of the building.  This case is being investigated.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wednesday, November 28th

Shortly after 6 AM this morning Boston Police informed us they found a Menorah in West Roxbury at Church Street and Weld St.  The Menorah is described as being about 6 feet tall and over three hundred pounds. The Boston officer had already determined it had been taken from Temple Emeth in Brookline, a short distance from the location it was found. The Menorah was taken back to the Temple. It appears the statue might have been targeted by scrap metal thieves, due to its size, however we have not eliminated the possibility of this being considered a hate crime. The matter is under investigation.

1:54AM- Officers observed graffiti on the exterior brick wall of the small gym at Driscoll School.  The graffiti appeared to be a tree with a smiley face and “fish” spray painted in white on the Westbourne Terrace side of the school.  This case is being investigated.

9:05AM- A larceny report was taken on Abbotsford Road.  The complainant reported viewing a male carrying a bike frame without the front wheel.  He approached an apartment on Abbotsford Road, went on the porch and took the front wheel off a black and red Schwinn Midmoor bicycle.  The bicycle was secured to the front porch with a bike lock.  Officers spoke to the homeowner who stated he had last seen the front wheel attached to the bike at 7:00AM.  This case is under investigation.

10:18AM- Officers were dispatched to Sears Road for a report of annoying text messages.  The reporting party reported her son, had been receiving personal messages to “meet up for fun” and other similar invitations along with links to suggestive photos.  She contacted her phone providers and phone manufacturer who told her to block and delete the messages.  This case is being investigated.

12:42PM- Brookline Police received a report of graffiti on the Clinton Path Tunnel.  Upon arrival an officer observed several tags made with white spray paint.  The reporting party believes the incident occurred between 11/21 and 11/28.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, November 27th

8:30AM- A report was taken on Wolcott Road.  The reporting party stated she received a phone call on the family’s home line on 11/26.  The husband picked up the phone.  A male voice stated that a family member of theirs had been arrested in Baltimore and ended the call.  The phone rang again thirty minutes later in which the wife picked up the phone.  She reported the male on the phone stated he was the family members defense attorney, relayed the crime involved and stated she needed to send bail money.  He informed her that the money needed to be in cash.  He instructed her to go to the bank, withdraw the cash and call him.  She withdrew the cash from a bank and called the individual when she returned home.  He told her to send the cash to a location in New York and once he received the bail money her family member would be released from jail.  On 11/27 she received a call at 9:00AM that the defense attorney had received the money.  The reporting party called the family member a few hours later and was told he had never been arrested in Baltimore as he lives in another state.  The reporting party then notified the police.

8:30PM- Officers were dispatched to Kent Street for a package theft report.  The complainant reported leaving her apartment at 7:15PM and noticing her package inside the locked door but did not bring the package to her apartment.  When she arrived home at 8:30PM she saw her package was gone.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Monday, November 26th

 Monday, November 26th
11:09- A dog bite was reported by a client of a doggy day care in Brookline.  The reporting party reported sending her dog to the day care on Beacon Street on 11/17 around 4:00PM.  She received a message from the owner of the day care stating that her dog had been attacked by another dog and sustained an injury.  The dog belonged to the owner of the day care.  The owner of the victim noticed a large gash on her dogs left cheek when she arrived.  This case is under investigation. 

5:28PM- Officers responded to a report of an indecent assault and battery at a business on Beacon Street.  Upon arrival officers were met by the female victim and the store manager.  The victim reported she was waiting to pay at the register at the front of the store when a male, standing behind her, grabbed the bottom and under area of her buttocks over her pants.  She stated that she did not consent to it. She turned and looked at the individual who appeared as if nothing had happened, then he exited the store. The victim left the store and returned about an hour later and reported the assault. The store manager called the police and then began viewing the camera footage on the in-store surveillance system.  He was joined a short time later by the responding officers. The surveillance footage showed the assault as the victim described it. It also showed the suspect re-enter the store a short time after the incident, purchase an item and exit the store again. As an officer concluded his viewing of the camera footage he exited the security office and noticed an individual matching the suspect’s description in the rear of the store.  Officers were able to positively identify the man as the suspect and placed under arrest. He was charged with Indecent Assault and Battery on a person over 14 years of age. 

5:45PM- A shoplifting incident report was taken on Beacon Street.  A store employee reported at 3:21PM a young male walked into the store and stood around the playing cards for about two minutes.  He then walked to the back of the store and left about two minutes later.  The employee then looked at the cards section and noticed a deck of cards missing.  He exited the store to look for the young male.  He observed him running east on Beacon Street towards Coolidge Corner.  This case is being investigated. 

7:07PM- Officers were dispatched to Kent Street for a report of a package theft.  The complainant reported ordering a package.  He believes he saw the package on the table inside his building on 11/24 when he was leaving however when he returned home later in the day there were no packages addressed to him.  The package was inside of a secure second door of the front vestibule.  Officers observed several packages addressed to other occupants of the building.  The package was confirmed delivered on 11/24.  This case is under investigation.