Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2/5/2016 to 2/8/2016

At 12:25pm, a caller on Egmont Street reported malicious damage done to their vehicle. The vehicle’s tires had been slashed at some point earlier in the week. A report was taken.

At 2:29pm, a resident came to the station to report the theft of a bicycle from Sewall Ave. A report was taken and the matter is under investigation.

At 1:30pm, a caller on Reservoir Road reported the theft of their snow blower. They believe it had been taken the previous day. A report was taken.

At 12:45pm, a resident of Green Street reported the theft of a package, which they believe occurred at some point in the past two weeks. A report was taken.


At 9:40am, a caller on High Street reported the theft of shoes from their hallway. A report was taken.

Friday, February 5, 2016


At 8:51pm, a resident walked into the station to report a case of fraud. The resident had purchased tickets from a stranger, which had turned out to be forgeries. A report was taken.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


At 9:50am, a resident walked into the station to report embezzlement by an employee at their business on Harvard Street. The embezzlement occurred over the course of the past year, and the case is under investigation.

At 10:49am, a man was arrested during a traffic stop on Brookline Ave for driving with a suspended license.

At 11:06am, a man was arrested after shoplifting from a business on Beacon Street. The man was caught fleeing from the scene and the stolen items were returned.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2/1/2016 to 2/2/2016

At 1:57pm, a cell phone was reported stolen at the Babcock Street T stop. Officers searched the Naples Road area. A report was taken by the transit police.

At 7:14pm, a man was arrested on Harvard Street for shoplifting.

At 10:47pm, a breaking and entering was reported on St. Paul Street. The caller stated that the crime had occurred earlier in the month. A report was taken.

At 5:24pm, an officer was requested to Harvard Street. A restaurant stated that two customers left without paying a large bill. A description of the suspects was given as two young women wearing dark clothing, with one wearing a red jacket. A report was taken.

Monday, February 1, 2016

1/29/2016 to 1/31/2016

At 7:20am, a man was arrested at a business on Commonwealth Ave after assaulting the clerk. The victim was transported to an area hospital with minor injuries.

At 10:07am, a disturbance was reported on Beacon Street. A woman had entered a store and stated that she was on the phone with kidnappers, who had a relative of hers and demanded money. Officers determined that this was a phone scam and that the relative was unharmed. The incident is being investigated.

At 11:44am, an attempted shoplifting was reported at a store on Beacon Street. The suspect is described as a white female in a black puffy coat, who left the scene in a white sedan. The merchandise was left behind at the store. A report was taken.

At 10:31pm, an ongoing fight was reported on Kent Street. Two suspects were summonsed to court on assault charges for the incident.

At 1:46pm, a caller on Washington Street reported that her vehicle had been maliciously damaged after finding a dent in her car. A report was taken.


At 10:32am, a bicycle was reported stolen on Washington Street. A report was taken.

Friday, January 29, 2016


At 1:36pm a caller on Russett Road reported a breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. According to the caller it occurred at some point between the previous night and that morning. Several items were reported stolen. A report was taken of the incident.

This is the only reported incident like this in the area, residents are reminded to lock your doors and hide your valuable from plain sight.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


At 10:22am, a caller on Sumner Road called to report a suspicious man at their home, which they did not answer. Officers located the man and arrested him on several charges including attempted Breaking and Entering.

At 11:47am, a disturbance was reported on St. Paul Street. A caller reported hearing loud voices and footsteps. A wounded man was found at the scene and was transported to an area hospital. Officers are investigating.

At 11:49am, multiple callers reported a traffic incident on Harvard Street. Two wounded males were found in the street, and were sent to area hospitals. This incident is seen as being connected to the one at St. Paul Street and is being investigated as such.