Monday, October 5, 2015

Assault with a knife, under investigation

Saturday morning at 2:07 AM Officers responded to a reported Disturbance in the Coolidge Corner area on Center Street. Responding officers stopped a vehicle leaving the scene. Too occupants of the vehicle were taken to the Hospital for non-life threatening injuries caused by a knife. They sustained the injuries while in an altercation with another person.  Parties involved had been on a party bus that had left the area.  Officers are following up on this case

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Active Robbery Investigation September 28th

On Monday September 28th.  A report was received at approximately 10 PM from a third party alleging that around 9:15 PM their friend was kidnapped and robbed.  Officers contacted the victim who relayed the following story. As she was getting into her car parked on Marion Street in the Coolidge Corner area, a male subject jumped in. The male forced her to drive to a close by ATM and withdraw a sum of money. The victim then drove the subject to the lower Beacon Street area by Park Drive. The male subject got out. The victim then drove to her home, in another community. Once home she texted her friend who contacted us. Officers made contact with the victim. The description we have at this time is a white male. This is an active investigation. The victim was not hurt. 

Monday, September 28, 2015


September 25th- September 27

On September 25th officers were dispatched to Beaconsfield Road for a larceny report. Victim reported moving into her new home although construction was still being conducted.  As a result there were a lot of workers coming in and out of her home. Victim reported leaving her purse in her home and returning to it to find a number of items missing. This matter is still under investigation.

On September 25th officers were dispatched to Chestnut Street for a report of larceny. Upon arrival officers spoke to the victim who reported money missing from a safe. Officers interviewed others in the building as well, this matter is still under investigation.

On September 25th officers were dispatched to Gerry Road for a report of a possible resident break in. Upon arrival officers spoke to the victim who reported leaving the apartment and returning to find evidence that someone had rummaged through the apartment and left the rear door open. This matter is still under investigation.

On September 26th officers responded to Strathmore Road for a complaint of a loud party. On arrival, officers met with the resident of the accused loud party. The individual was cooperative in assisting officers in removing guests and lowering the noise level. Officers advised the resident of the town by-law.

On September 26th officers were dispatched to a Commonwealth Avenue store for a larceny report. Upon arrival, a store employee described witnessing the suspect enter the building and take items and leave without paying. The store employee provided officers with a copy of surveillance footage of the larceny. This matter is still under investigation.

On September 27th officers pulled a car over on Longwood Avenue for an expired inspection sticker. When officers spoke to the driver he informed them of warrants out for his arrest. Officers checked with dispatch who confirmed, and the  individual was placed under arrest without incident.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Indecent Assault

Approximately 10:35 last evening, dispatch received a call from a woman, reporting to be indecently assaulted on Beacon Street near Kent Street.  Assailant is initially described as a white male, 6'00", blonde hair, 20's in age, wearing white shirt, dark-colored shorts and a baseball cap. Suspect grabbed the complainant from behind, and fled on foot on Kent Street away from Beacon Street.  Multiple police units conducted a search of the area for the suspect without success. This suspect is of a similar description of a male suspect committing Open & Gross offenses in the area last year. This matter is under investigation, any one with information is asked to call the Brookline Police  617-730-2222

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Arrest Made In Arson Case

A Norfolk County Grand Jury has issued four indictments against Alan F. Kaplan, of Brookline, relating to the alleged July 2013 arson of a property that he was involved in developing on Spooner Road in Brookline.
Kaplan was indicted September 21, 2015 for Arson of a Dwelling, Arson of a Building, Accessory before the fact of Arson and Arson with Intent to Defraud Insurance. An indictment warrant was obtained from the Norfolk District Court and Brookline Police detectives placed him under arrest Monday afternoon.
Kaplan was arraigned Tuesday in Norfolk Superior court. He was released on bail his next scheduled court date is December 17th.
District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey stated after the arrest. “I have to complement the Brookline Police Department for their work and partnership on this case. They kept on working this investigation and developing evidence.”

Brookline Police Superintendent Mark Morgan commented Tuesday, “This arson incident was very frightening and upsetting to the residents of Spooner RD and vicinity, this criminal act jeopardized the safety of the public along with Firefighters and Police Officers. The Brookline Police Department was determined to put our full investigative efforts into arresting any and all individuals involved in this crime. Our investigators in concert with prosecutors of the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office maintained diligent efforts over the past two years, following up all avenues of investigation leading to the recent  indictment and arrest  of Alan Kaplan along with the previous indictment of Steven McCann.”      

Monday, September 21, 2015


On September 18th, an officer was dispatched to a local gym on Commonwealth Ave. for a report of a larceny.  On scene, the manager reported a gym member was missing a large sum of money from his unsecured locker.  The manager stated he will allow detectives to view the video surveillance.  This matter is still under investigation. 

On September 18th, an officer was dispatched to a residence on Beacon St. for a past report of larceny of a bicycle.  On scene, the victim reported having the bicycled attached to a fence outside of his residence. After returning home, the bicycle and lock were gone.

On September 20th, an officer was dispatch to a residence on Addington Rd. for a report of a stolen motor vehicle.  On scene, the officers spoke with victim who stated his sister car was missing from her parking space on the property parking lot. The vehicle was locked and keys in his possession.

On September 20th, an officer was dispatch to a residence on Egmont St. for a past report on an attempted larceny of a motorized scooter.  On scene, the victim reported parking his scooter in the rear of the building on Friday evening.  The next morning, the victim noticed his scooter was missing. He contacted his neighbor located the scooter on the other side of the parking lot.  The scooter had a considerable amount of damage caused by the individual attempting to manually start the scooter.

On September 20th, an officer was dispatch to a local business of Harvard St. for a larceny report.  On scene, the store manager reported a store employee noticed a female subject acting suspiciously.  Upon reviewing the video footage, they observed the subject conceal several items in a bag and proceed to walk out of the store without paying for the items. Suspect still at large. 

Friday, September 18, 2015


On September 17th officers responded to a store on Beacon Street for a report of two individuals trying to steal items out of the store. The store owner reported witnessing these individuals take things from the shelves. Both suspects were arrested without incident and charged with shoplifting.

On September 17th officers responded to a store on Harvard Street for a report of a larceny. Dispatch relayed a description of the suspect. When officers arrived the store owner described witnessing the suspect take two items and tries to conceal them in an over sized bag. Officers were also able to obtain surveillance footage of the store at the time of the larceny. This matter is still under investigation.