Wednesday, June 29, 2016


9:30am: Officers responded to a shoplifting on Harvard Street. A store manager described a suspect and stated that multiple bottles of cough medicine were taken. Upon searching the area, officers located a subject matching the description and spoke to him.

During the conversation officers noticed that the subject was holding a bottle of red liquid and that the pockets of his vest appeared to be weighed down. Officers determined that the liquid was cough medicine and that the man had a prior arrest warrant. The suspect resisted arrest initially but officers were able to apprehend him.

4:36pm: A past shoplifting was reported on Harvard Street. A suspect was seen acting suspiciously in the store and taking multiple pairs of yoga pants. The suspect is described as a black male, 30-40 years old, bald with sunglasses on his head, wearing blue jeans and a grey Henley-style long-sleeved shirt.

6:27pm: A call about soliciting came in on Walnut Street. The caller gave officers description of an unwanted solicitor going door-to-door in the neighborhood. Officers spoke to him and discovered that the solicitor had no license to do so. They also discovered a default warrant for his arrest. The solicitor was taken into custody.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


12:55am: A man was arrested during a bicycle violation stop on Harvard Street for running a light. Officers learned during the stop that the cyclist had an active arrest warrant and placed him into custody.

6:53pm: Officers responded to a call of malicious damage on Westbourne Terrace. The victim reported that three of their bikes had significant tire damage.

7:40pm: During a traffic stop at the intersection of Beacon St and Charles St, officers arrested a man for a default warrant.

Monday, June 27, 2016

6/23/2016 to 6/26/2016

5:21pm: A local business on Harvard Street reported a theft from their store. A pair of shoes was taken the previous weekend.

2:21pm: A package theft was reported on Marshall St. The sender stated that the package was delivered, but the victim was unable to locate it.

5:31pm: Officers assisted Brookline Fire Department and Fallon Ambulance at a fire on Freeman Street. The fire was located in a basement level trash chute. No foul play is suspected.

7:11pm: Officers responded to a past burglary call on Cameron Street. The victims stated that they found their front door unlocked and both a laptop and camera missing. There were no signs of forced entry. The crime occurred between 0730 and 1745hrs.

11:39pm: A broken window was reported on Beacon Street. Officers responded and found a broken window in the front of the building.  They determined that no entry was made and that it was malicious damage.

8:46am: A man was arrested for driving while not duly licensed. An officer had pulled the vehicle over on Newton Street for a traffic violation and discovered the driver had no valid license.

12:14pm: A caller reported that a pair of shoes was taken from in front of her residence on New Terrace Road. One was located in a nearby parking lot, but the other was not found.

4:53pm: A resident walked into the station to report a theft from their store on Boylston Street. The reporting party stated that a rug was stolen from the business at some point between Thursday evening and Saturday morning.

6:58pm: A man was reported swinging nun chucks at bushes in front of an address on Beacon Street. When officers arrived they learned that the man had gone into the building. The caller stated that the man had threatened and assaulted him over a debt and was under the influence of alcohol. During the response, he also threatened officers. He was arrested and charged with two counts of A&B and two counts of Threats to Commit a Crime.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

6/21/2016 to 6/22/2016

5:43am: A phone was reported stolen. The victim stated that they may have accidentally left it on a Dexter Park bench, and when they returned to look for it, the phone was no longer there.

9:02am: A man was arrested at a traffic stop at the intersection of Newton Street and Grove Street for Operating after Suspension.

3:29pm: Multiple bike thefts were reported at a residential building on Freeman Street.  A facility staff of the building reported that a metal bar designed to secure bikes had been forcefully removed. This building has seen a string of bike thefts lately, and which are under investigation.

7:09pm: A backpack was stolen at Brookline Public Library (Main Branch) after it was left unattended for a two-hour period.

1:00am: A man was arrested during a traffic stop at the intersection of Harvard Street and Green Street for a default arrest warrant.

8:15am: A man was arrested at a traffic stop on Harvard Street for a straight arrest warrant.

1:23pm: Officers received a call about package theft. A witness stated that a man was seen taking packages from Browne Street before getting into a vehicle. Officers spotted the vehicle in the area minutes later. When officers attempted a stop, the suspect originally pulled a U-Turn to evade them, but the officers were able to stop the vehicle a short time later.

Officers asked the suspect if he had been in the Browne Street residence, and he admitted he had. They then located several packages from two Browne Street residences in his trunk, none of which were addressed to him. The suspect was placed under arrest.

8:06pm: A theft was reported on Comm Ave. A cell phone and several cards were taken from an unlocked locker at a gym.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Man Arrested for Stealing Over 60 DVDs from Local Library

On May 2nd, 2016, Brookline Police spoke with an employee of Brookline Public Library. The Library staff took note of a male subject who was misrepresenting himself and his children to open additional library accounts, had been checking out the max amount of materials, and not returning them. It was determined that there were ten cards associated with the subject.

Detectives were able to determine the identity of the suspect and get a search warrant for information related to the library cards. It was determined also that the suspect had been using accounts of two children he claimed to be the guardian of to check out a large number of items.

Given the number and value of the items and the fact that most were significantly overdue, officers determined that he was planning to permanently deprive the Library of its property, and an arrest warrant was issued.

On June 7, 2016, Brookline Police, along with Boston Police, tracked down and arrested the suspect. During the arrest they located over 50 DVDs and video games and a number of empty cases belonging to several area libraries, including Brookline, Cambridge, and Boston. The items taken from Brookline Library have an estimated value of $4,124.50. He is being charged with 6 counts of Larceny Over $250 by False Pretenses and 2 counts of Identity Fraud.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


3:05am: Officers responded to an alarm at a school, and upon arrival found and arrested four suspects. The officers learned that the four had entered the building through a window, and also found a large quantity of marijuana on them. They are being charged with B&E and two possession charges.

8:38am: A bike was stolen from a driveway on Coolidge Street. It was unlocked at the time it was taken. The timeframe includes the evening and overnight hours of 6/19 and 6/20. An abandoned bike, not belonging to the victim, was found nearby.

5:27pm: A bike theft was reported on Stearns Road. It was left unlocked in a garage and went missing in the early evening hours.

7:38pm: Officers responded to a reported motor vehicle theft. The victim had let the suspect borrow the vehicle, but the suspect did not return it. Officers are investigating.

11:40pm: A theft was reported on Middlesex Road. The weather cover for a motorized scooter was taken.

Monday, June 20, 2016

6/17/2016 to 6/19/2016

2:41pm: A bike theft was reported on Manchester Road. The bike was locked to a front porch at the time it was stolen. Officers were able to get a description of possible suspects.

2:49pm: A bike theft was reported, this time on Harvard Ave. It was locked to a residential bike rack and locked through the front tire. Officers found the intact front tire still attached to the rack, with the remainder of the bike missing.

5:13pm: Another bike theft was reported on Harvard Ave, also from a residential bike rack. The front tire of this bike was removed, similar to the previous case. The rough timeframe of these two thefts is early in the afternoon.

5:42pm: A larceny was reported from a local business on Harvard Street. The tip jar was stolen and a description was given of a suspect. They are described as a black male in his 20s or 30s, with long hair and a green shirt.

12:42pm: A bike theft was reported on Stearns Road. It was left unlocked at the time.

12:45pm: A bike theft was reported on Coolidge Street. The crime occurred during the overnight hours when the bike was left unlocked on a porch.

12:58pm: The breaking and entering of a motor vehicle was reported on Columbia Street. It was unlocked at the time, and change and a bottle of water were taken. Three other vehicles nearby were locked at the time and did not show signs of being broken in to.

1:22pm: A vehicle was reported broken into on Harvard Ave. Money was taken, likely during the overnight hours. The vehicle is believed to have been left unlocked.

1:38pm: A larceny was reported on St Paul Street. Officers were notified that approximately 20 plants were taken from in front of a building. This occurred over the course of a week.

7:40pm: A vehicle was broken into in a parking garage on Boylston Street. The victim found the interior of the vehicle in disarray, and discovered cash and a GPS missing. The theft occurred at some point over the past week. No signs of forced entry were found.