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Friday, April 19, 2019

Thursday, April 18th

1:07AM: Police were dispatched to an apartment building on Kent Street for a report of a woman with a knife. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the reporting party that stated a resident had threatened her with a knife. The suspect was originally uncooperative with officers. Eventually she agreed to be transported to a hospital for evaluation.  The suspect will be summonsed for assault with a deadly weapon.

9:49AM: A citizen reported a larceny of a lawn sign from his home on Carlton Street last night. On Wednesday, April 17th at 9:33PM, the reporting party received an email that a sign had been removed from his driveway. At 9:52PM, the reporting party double checked and confirmed a political sign had been removed from his lawn. This is not the first incident. Police are investigating.

12:20PM: Several officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for a man causing a disturbance. Upon arrival, police spoke to a man who had been threatened by the suspect. When officers attempted to speak with the suspect, he was uncooperative and hostile. The man attempted to flee the scene after throwing his ID at an officer but was arrested. The suspect will be charged with aggravated assault and battery and resisting arrest.

2:41PM: Police were called to Boylston Street for a report of breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle. The reporting party stated that he noticed several electric power tools missing from his tool station. He had last used them on Saturday, April 13th to work on a vehicle. When he checked the surveillance footage, he observed a male riding a bicycle into the property. Cameras show the suspect rummaging through several different areas and leaving with two bags. Police are investigating.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Wednesday, April 17th

12:14PM: Police were dispatched to a residence on Newton Street for a report of a past breaking and entering. Upon arrival, officers noticed force had been applied to the front door and entry gained. Electronics and jewelry were stolen from the home. This case is active and under investigation.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Tuesday, April 16th

2:18PM: A citizen came to the Police Station to report a larceny. The reporting party told police that on Monday, April 15th, he parked his pick-up truck in a driveway of a job site on Hammond Street for about fifteen minutes. There were three boxes of door hardware in the bed of the truck. When he returned to the truck all three boxes were missing. The reporting party believes that a passerby may have seen the boxes and stole them. Police are investigating.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Monday, April 15th

2:35PM: Police were called to Brookline Avenue Playground for a human bit by a dog. Upon arrival, police noticed a woman visibly upset with several puncture wounds to her palm and fingers. She was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. Witnesses told officers that two dogs got into a fight and the woman was bitten while trying to separate the animals.

3:18PM: Officers were dispatched to a business on Harvard Street for shoplifting. The reporting party explained to police that in the past a man has been taking items from the store without paying. Today, the reporting party witnessed the man steal a drink and then leave the store. Officers found the suspect nearby still with the stolen item. Police informed the man that he will be summonsed to court for shoplifting. In addition, the man was issued a verbal “No Trespass Order” from the store on Harvard Street.

Sunday, April 14th

8:14AM: Officers were dispatched to a business on Beacon Street for a report of a larceny. An employee stated that she arrived at work at 6am, and placed her purse in a locker in the employee locker room. At approximately 8am, she returned and noticed $500 missing from her wallet. The locker where her purse was kept was unlocked. This case is under investigation.

Saturday, April 13th

1:05PM: Officers were called to Green Street for a report of malicious damage. The reporting party told police that when she returned home after a walk she noticed feces smeared on her mailbox. It appears the act was intentional. Police are investigating.

2:28PM: Police were dispatched to a business on Harvard Street for shoplifting. The store manager told officers that a man entered the store and immediately began filling a reusable bag with handfuls of t-shirts. He then exited the store and fled in the direction of Beacon Street. The suspect is described as a white male, wearing a maroon t-shirt, blue jeans, a baseball cap with a white logo, and a tan backpack. Several units canvassed the area but could not locate the suspect.

6:27PM: Police were dispatched to Cameron Street for a report of a past bike theft. The reporting party stated that this morning he noticed his bicycle helmet in the walkway in front of his house. When he checked the shed, his two bikes were missing. The first one is a black and grey men’s Specialized hybrid bicycle and the second is a purple women’s Trek mountain bike with a basket. The reporting party last saw both bicycles four months ago. Police are investigating.

Friday, April 12th

1:12PM: Officers were dispatched to White Place for a report of a past package theft. The reporting party explained to police that she ordered jewelry and was notified it has been delivered. When she arrived home from work at 5pm on April 9th, the package was not at her door. She eventually contacted the delivery service who told her the package was left and signed for at 1:24pm on April 9th, 2019. Police are investigating.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Wednesday, April 10th

4:02PM: An officer was dispatched to the Baker School for a report of graffiti. Upon arrival, the officer noticed several items spray painted in black paint on the exterior walls of the school. The graffiti appeared to be homophobic in nature. Photos were taken. This case is under investigation.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Home Invasion on Walnut Street

11:29PM: Police were dispatched to Walnut Street for a report of a home invasion. The reporting party stated that two white men in masks attacked him with a shotgun. The reporting party and his friend were in the apartment when they heard a hard pounding on the back door. When they opened the door, two masked men pointed a shotgun at them and forced their way into the home. An altercation ensued and the men were able to push the suspects back into the hallway and then into a window. The suspects fled. It appears this was an isolated incident. Both subjects have been located and are facing charges. While on scene Officers discovered an illegal grow operation of marijuana plants in the apartment. The residents/victims are also facing charges.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tuesday, April 9th

8:40AM: Police were dispatched to Sewall Avenue for a report of past attempted larceny from a building. At 7:30am the reporting party noticed several boxes in the lobby that had been opened and the contents strewn about the floor. The man stated that he remembers seeing the boxes, unopened and neatly stacked in the lobby at 9pm the previous night. It was determined that some of the contents from the boxes appear to be missing. Access to the area where the boxes were kept requires a key. Police are investigating.

9:24AM: Officers were dispatched to Carton Street for a report of a larceny. The reporting party told police that this morning, at 8:30am, he noticed a political sign missing from his lawn. Other neighbors have signs in front of their property and it appears the reporting party was targeted specifically. This case is under investigation.

4:00PM: Police officers responded to an assault in a business on Boylston Street. The owner of the store stated that at 2pm a man entered the store and began yelling and threatening him. The suspect then attempted to steal a jacket from the store’s sale rack but was stopped by the owner. The reporting party asked the man to leave and the suspect started to throw merchandise across the store. The man fled before police arrived. The suspect was later identified and summoned to court for assault, disorderly, and shoplifting.

Monday, April 8th

3:59PM: A citizen came to the police station to report a larceny from his vehicle. The reporting party stated that on Sunday, April 7th at approximately 12pm he parked his rental car near Washington Street and Brookline Avenue. He left his cell phone in the unlocked rental car. When he returned at 1pm, the phone was missing. The item is a black and white Google Pixel XL2. This is under investigation.

6:33PM: Officers were dispatched to an apartment building on Beacon Street for the report of trespassing. Upon arrival officers were advised that a woman, known to the reporting party, was found sleeping in one of the units. The reporting party was unsure of how the woman gained entry to the building and the apartment. Officers made contact with the woman in the unit and also discovered a man in the room as well. The woman suspect has been served multiple orders for “No Trespassing” in the past and was arrested for said charge.