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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Wednesday, July 18th

5:30PM- An officer was dispatched to Freeman Street for a report of a breaking and entering.  In an apartment occupied by two Brookline residents, one arrived home to find dirt scattered around the apartment.  At first, the finding of dirt was not of concern.   During the resident’s search of the apartment for items necessary for upcoming traveling plans she noticed an item was not where she remembered placing it.  After walking around the apartment to see if she placed it somewhere else she observed an open window in the living room with a cut open screen of which was pulled off its frame.  More dirt was discovered under the open window and trailed to other rooms in the apartment.  When the second resident arrived home they scoured the apartment to determine if any other belongings were missing and discovered many items absent.  After reaching out to the apartment manager the tenants contacted Brookline Police.  This case is under investigation.

6:42PM- An officer was dispatched to Target on Commonwealth Ave. for a report of a shoplifting incident in the electronics section.  When officers arrived to the location they observed the described suspect around the intersection of Amory Street and Dummer Street.  A Target employee was also nearby the suspect pointing to him.  Two officers stopped the suspect, questioned him about having a red bag, a bag the Target employee described to have been used in the shoplifting incident.  After denial of having the bag, an officer retrieved the open bag from on top of a dumpster and observed unopened electronics inside.  The suspect was asked for his name and date of birth of which he gave.  After running his name, officers were made aware of many prior entries but no warrants on the suspect.  The Target employee claimed the suspect had been stealing from the store for two weeks on three separate occasions.  The employee identified the suspect as the individual conducting the shoplifting incidents.  The suspect was then searched, placed under arrest, and transported to The Brookline Police Station where he was booked.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tuesday, July 17th

A report was made on 7/16/18 to a Brookline Animal Control Officer on a dog biting incident that occurred on 7/14/18 on Beacon Street.  An individual stated she was bitten by a dog when passing by a Brookline resident walking her dog.  The dog owner stated her dog is a puppy and got excited when the victim approached.  She then claimed her dog went up to the complainant but did not bite or scratch her.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Monday, July 16th

8:40AM- An officer was dispatched to Washington St. for a larceny report.  The caller reported that sometime between 7/12/18 and 7/13/18 someone stole a bin of gardening supplies from her property.  This case is being investigated.

8:00PM- An officer responded to the Beaconsfield MBTA train station for a larceny of a motor vehicle report.  The complainant stated that she parked her car on Beaconsfield Rd. and got out of her vehicle to run to the train.  While running her car key slipped out of her hand.  At the time the complainant believed the key fell into her purse.  Later in the day she realized her key was missing.  Upon her return to the transit stop she discovered her car was missing.  This case is under investigation.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday, July 15th

6:44PM- An officer was dispatched to Foster Street to take a report on a package theft.  The caller stated that three packages were stolen over the past ten days.   This case is under investigation.

Saturday, July 14th

4:38PM- A call was made reporting found property on Highland Road.  An officer was dispatched to the location where the property was collected and brought to the station.  The owner was contacted and the property was retrieved.

Friday, July 13th

8:35AM- A report was made on past shoplifting incidents at Target located on Commonwealth Ave.  An officer was dispatched to the location and met with a loss prevention employee.  The officer learned that the store has endured three shoplifting incidents in the past week.  The incidents occurred on  7/5/18, 7/7/18, and 7/9/18.  Each time the suspect entered the store with a bag and took primarily small electronic items, placed them in the bag and left quickly out the front door.  The suspect appears to be a white male, approximately 30-40 years old, thin build with a light beard.  In every incident the suspect wore blue athletic shorts with a white stripe along the side.  This case is under investigation.

9:53PM- An officer was dispatched to High Street to speak with a caller reporting a lost phone.   The complainant stated that he placed his phone on an infant changing table at Trader Joe’s while using the restroom around 8:15PM.  During his walk home he realized he left his phone and returned to the location.  Upon arrival he found his phone had been taken and was not turned into the staff.  This case is under investigation.

Thursday, July 12th

9:55AM- An officer was dispatched to the area of Boylston Street and Randolph Road for a report of a traffic crash.  Both parties involved in the accident were not injured.   The vehicles sustained minor to moderate damage.  This case has been closed.

2:39PM- An officer was dispatched with Brookline Fire Fallon EMS and the Water Department for a report on a motor vehicle crash.  The accident was reported to have been a motor vehicle crash into a fire hydrant on Sterns Road.  The operator did not sustain any injuries and the fire hydrant was tested by the Water Department and found to be functioning.  This case had been completed.

MassDOT's Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Work is About to Begin

The following information regarding construction on Commonwealth Ave are provided by the Masachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Division

MassDOT will implement the 2018 construction shutdown from Thursday, July 26, 2018, to Saturday, August 11, 2018, to replace the westbound side of the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. The following roads and facilities will be impacted: Commonwealth Avenue between Brighton Avenue/Packard’s Corner and Kenmore Square, the Boston University (BU) Bridge, I-90 (Mass Pike), the MBTA Green B Line, Bus Routes 47 and CT2, Commuter Rail Worcester Line, and Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited route.
MassDOT is partnering with the City of Boston to provide an additional temporary Blue Bikes station at Silber Way on Commonwealth Ave during the construction period.
See the Traffic Management page for a detailed impact schedule, detour routes and maps, and more information about active transportation options in the project area.

Meeting Information

MassDOT is hosting two public meetings on the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Replacement Project:
Tuesday, July 17, 6:30 PM
Boston University College of General Studies
Jacob Sleeper Auditorium (Lower Level, Room 129)
871 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
Wednesday, July 18, 6:30 PM
Morse School, Auditorium
40 Granite Street, Cambridge, MA
MassDOT and project team staff will describe the Summer 2018 Construction Shutdown (July 26 – August 11) in detail, review detour routes, and respond to questions. The same presentation will be delivered at both meetings.

Stage 4 (2018 Construction Shutdown) Impact Schedule:

From Thursday, July 26, to Saturday, August 11, MassDOT will implement the following closures and service impacts to allow the contractor to work continuous shifts, 24 hours a day, to replace the westbound side of the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge:
Street/FacilityTemporary ImpactNotes
Commonwealth Avenue eastbound and westbound (between Brighton Avenue/Packard’s Corner and Kenmore Square)Closed to through motor vehicles from 7:00 PM on July 26 to 5:00 AM on August 11.Two-way access will be maintained for local businesses and residents, MBTA buses, emergency services, pedestrians, and bicyclists. There will be no access for private vehicles between St. Paul and St. Mary’s Streets.
Boston University (BU) BridgeClosed to motor vehicles from 7:00 PM on July 26 to 5:00 AM on August 11.Two-way access will be maintained for pedestrians and bicyclists.
MBTA Bus Routes CT2 and 47Detoured from normal routes from 7:00 PM on July 26 to 5:00 AM on August 11.See detour map below.
Additional detour information from the MBTA
MBTA Green B Line (from Babcock Street to Blandford Street Stations)Closed from 5:00 AM on July 27 to 5:00 AM on August 11.Shuttle buses will run between Babcock Street and Blandford Street Stations. Accessibility for persons with disabilities will be provided at all points of the shuttle.
Additional detour information from the MBTA
I-90 (Mass Pike) (between the Allston Interchange and the Beacon Street Overpass)Lane reductions and ramp closures from 9:00 PM on July 27 to 5:00 AM on August 6.
Two lanes in each direction during peak hours (additional lane closures during off-peak hours and weekends).
The I-90 Eastbound on-ramp from Cambridge Street/Soldiers Field Road will be closed during this entire period. The I-90 Westbound Exit 20 off-ramp to Brighton/Cambridge will be closed intermittently.
MBTA Commuter Rail Framingham/Worcester LineService impacts for two weekends: July 28-29and August 4-5.Free bus shuttles will replace train service between Framingham and Wellesley Farms. After Wellesley Farms, the shuttle bus will then continue nonstop to Riverside, where riders can connect to the Green D Line. In addition to the local shuttles, express shuttle service will be available between Framingham and Riverside. Visit the MBTA project page for more information. Service will be maintained during weekdays.
Amtrak (Lake Shore Limited Line/Chicago)Service impacts for two weekends: July 28-29and August 4-5.Shuttle bus service from Albany, NY to Boston, with stops in Springfield and Worcester.