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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Wednesday, February 6th

1:52PM: Officers were dispatched to a construction site off Brookline Place for reports of larceny. An employee noticed at 6am this morning that numerous items were missing. The items had been secured at the site by 5pm on 2/5. Officers found surveillance footage of the area that shows a man breaking and entering at 10:50pm. The suspect appeared to have knowledge of the site. This case is being investigated.

3:03PM: There are reports of a past larceny on Euston Street. The reporting party was supposed to receive a package from his cousin in Texas. The package contains sensitive personal information. The man waited over a month to report the theft because he hoped the package was late. There are no security cameras in the area. This is under investigation.

4:42PM: A woman came to the front desk to report a found key on Clark Road. The reporting party turned in a Universal Studios key ring with a Hyundai car key fob and two residential keys. Also found with the keys was a cell phone charging cord. The reporting party’s mail carrier found the items on the woman’s lawn outside her house. Efforts have been made to locate the owner of the keys. If these items sound familiar to you please contact 617-730-2252.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tuesday, February 5th

Package Thief Caught Consuming Cookies

8:09PM: There were reports of a suspicious person inside an unlocked vestibule on Beacon Street. When officers arrived they saw a woman, matching the caller’s description, sitting with three opened packages in her hands. She claimed that she did not live in the building but that the packages were hers. Because of recent package thefts, police checked the labels and confirmed that the items were not hers. The suspect told officers the packages were in fact hers because of the “diet she was on”. Two of the packages she opened contained consumable items such as tea and Girl Scout cookies. When officers located the woman, it appeared that some of the Girl Scout cookie boxes were opened and some of the cookies were missing. She later admitted to consuming the stolen cookies. The suspect was also found with numerous other stolen items including identification cards and credit cards. The suspect was arrested.

3:03AM: Officers were dispatched to Harvard Street for reports of a man shot with a BB gun. The reporting party stated that he was exiting a taxi when a red sedan driving erratically almost struck him. The man told officers that when he held up his middle finger the car halted, traveled in reverse, and then stopped to shoot the man with a BB gun several times. The car then sped southbound towards Harvard Street. Police are attempting to locate traffic surveillance cameras in the area.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Monday, February 4th

11:37AM: Officers responded to reports of larceny on Gorham Avenue. The reporting party ordered two packages from Amazon but only received one. She received a notification from Amazon that two packages had been delivered sometime between 1pm and 3:30pm on Saturday. Police are investigating.

4:23PM: A woman came to Brookline to report a larceny from her home. At around 3pm today she noticed her necklace missing from the jewelry box. Nothing else appears to be stolen from the home. This case is under investigation.

6:28PM: Officers were dispatched to an apartment on Clyde Street for reports of a past larceny. A woman reports a theft of jewelry from her bedroom. She had last worn the ring on 1/14 and discovered it missing on 1/20. It appears that nothing else was taken from the bedroom. Police are investigating.

7:49PM: Police responded to reports of a past animal bite. A woman was walking on Village Way when she approached a man with two medium-sized dogs on leashes. When the reporting party walked by, one of the dogs attempted to bite her back leg. The dog bite did not puncture the skin or injure the woman. The reporting party did not ask for the man’s information.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Sunday, February 3rd

SCAM ALERT: People claiming to be from the Water Department. Getting access to homes and stealing.

12:15PM: Officers were dispatched to a residence on Henry Street for reports of a past larceny. The reporting party recounted the suspicious incident to officers which occurred at 1pm on January 30th. The woman reported that a man knocked on her door claiming to be a Water Department employee who was there to check the water for lead. The reporting party  remembered that he showed her some sort of ID badge on a blue lanyard. Upon entering the house the suspect made the reporting party sit turned away from the rest of the apartment and watch the water for discoloration. Because her back was to the rest of the apartment, she believes it is possible there was more than one man in her home at the time. The man never returned after he went to his truck to get some paperwork. Suspicious, the reporting party asked her neighbor to phone the water company and they told him they had not sent any representatives. After this, the reporting party checked around her house and noticed several things out of place including some cash from her wallet.

10:28AM: Officers responded to reports of larceny on University Road. The reporting party stated that he received a notification that his package had been delivered at 7:41pm. The notification included a photo of the package on the porch. The reporting party went to retrieve the package around 11pm and realized it was missing. This case is under investigation.

Saturday. February 2nd

12:48PM: A woman was attending an event in Brookline and parked her car on Linden Place. When she returned to her car, she found that her front license plate had been stolen. 

Friday, February 1st

11:43AM: There was a report of larceny on Salisbury Road. The reporting party stated that he received a confirmation notification of a package delivery on 1/31 at 6:42pm. About an hour later the reporting party went to retrieve the package and could not find it. Believing it was simply too dark outside, he waited till morning to recheck. When he came outside this morning and still could not find the package, he called police. This crime is under investigation.

6:14PM: Officers were dispatched to a business on Commonwealth Avenue for a past report of attempted shoplifting. When officers arrived, the store managers showed police surveillance depicting a black male in a blue sweatshirt and a shorter white female wearing an orange coat and white scarf. The footage shows the two individuals steal over $80 worth of cosmetics. The managers approached the two individuals and after claiming they stole nothing, they both gave back all the items. The individuals left in separate directions but are believed to be working together.