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Friday, April 5, 2019

Thursday, April 4th

11:02AM: Police were dispatched to Claflin Road for a dog bite. The reporting party stated that he was walking his dog when he was approached by his neighbor and their dog. The neighbor’s dog jumped up to the reporting party and bit him on the left knee. There was bruising and redness to the man’s leg. The neighbor’s dog is registered with the town and up to date on his rabies vaccination. The neighbor was issued a citation for his dog.

3:32PM: A citizen came to the Police Department to report the larceny of his cell phone. The reporting party told officers that he lost his phone at Coolidge Corner School sometime between 12:30pm and 2:30pm. The last known location of the phone was in the school’s library. This case is being investigated.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Wednesday, April 3rd

5:06PM: Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a past package theft. The reporting party told police that at 6:40pm on Thursday, March 28th, an Amazon package was delivered to the vestibule of her building. When she arrived back home at 8:15pm, the package was missing. The package contained a Chromebook laptop.  This case is under investigation.

Tuesday, April 2nd

6:08PM: Police were dispatched to Dean Road for a package theft. The reporting party told officers that at 3:45pm, two packages were delivered to his residence by Amazon. After reviewing surveillance footage it was determined that at 5:37pm, a man got out of a blue minivan, walked up to the door, and grabbed the two packages. The man then left the area. The suspect is described as wearing a white, yellow, and dark blue or black striped sweatshirt with matching pants, and the word “MOTORSPORTS” written across the chest.  Police are investigating.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Monday, April 1st

3:55AM: Officers were dispatched to Park Street for a report of bat exposure. The reporting party told police that on Sunday, March 31st at around 11am, she felt something on her head. She swatted away what turned out to be a bat. The reporting party killed the bat and transported herself to the hospital for medical attention. Police later collected the deceased bat for rabies testing.

7:58AM: Police met with a Brookline Parks Department employee who was reporting a graffiti complaint. The employee pointed out a wall near Halls Pond where the graffiti was. It appeared as if someone had been sleeping in the area. This is under investigation.

4:13PM: Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of a package theft. The reporting party told police that he ordered a computer keyboard through the Apple store. The delivery system told him his package would be delivered by 5pm on Monday, April 1st. At 3:39pm, he received a message alerting him that the package had been delivered. When he arrived home at approximately 4 pm the package was missing. Police are investigating.

4:29PM: An Officer was dispatched to Brookline Fire Station 5 (Babcock Street) for the report of a burglary. A locker in the fire station was tampered with. On Sunday, March 31st, a firefighter noticed a padlock to his locker was broken. The locker appeared to be entered and its contents rifled through. The locker was last seen intact on Thursday, March 28th at 8am. Nothing appears to have been stolen. Police are investigating.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sunday, March 31st

10:55AM: Police were dispatched to Walnut Street for a report of malicious damage. The reporting party told officers that on Saturday, March 30th, he parked in the same spot he has been parking in for years. This morning, a neighbor came over to tell him about the new damage she noticed on his vehicle. The left side rear panel is broken. The reporting party does not know anyone who would want to vandalize his property. There are cameras are in the area. Police are investigating 

12:54PM: A citizen came to the Police Station to report malicious damage of his vehicle. The reporting party told officers that on Sunday, March 31st he parked his car on Chestnut Street at approximately 8am. When the party returned at 12pm, he noticed three large scratches on the passenger side of the vehicle. Officers determined the damage to be from a key. The reporting party does not know anyone who would cause damage to his vehicle. Police are investigating.

3:23PM: A woman reported a larceny from her residence. She told police that she was packing up her apartment on Beacon Street when she noticed a few rings missing from her jewelry box. The reporting party last wore the rings in July of 2018. There were other pieces of jewelry in the box but the items taken were the only items of value. This case is under investigation.

Friday, March 29th

4:54PM: Police were dispatched to Woodland Road for a past larceny. The reporting party noticed a copper drainpipe missing from the front of his residence. The drainpipe was last seen on February 28th, 2019. The pipe is approximately twelve feet long. Police are investigating.