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Thursday, November 12, 2020


 Officers took 21 Unemployment Fraud Reports between 11/09/2020 and 11/11/2020

11/09/2020- Officers took a report for a beak and enter of a motor vehicle on Harvard St.  The victim reported that they had parked their vehicle on the street and when they came back from shopping in the area they noticed items in the vehicle were rummaged through.

11/09/2020- Officers took a report for a break and enter of motor vehicles on High St.  The victim reported to police that their home security cameras showed an unknown individual rummaging through their car overnight. Unknown at the time of the report it items were taken.

11/09/2020- Officers took a malicious damage report from Spooner Rd.  The victim reported to the officers that a sign that positioned on their property had been damaged.

11/09/2020- Officers took a shoplifting report from a business on Beacon St.  The employees told officers that a customer entered the store and concealed multiple items when leaving the store without purchasing. 

11/10/2020- Officers took a report for a larceny on Laurel Rd.  The victim reported to officers that they noticed the copper downspouts were missing from the house. 

11/10/2020- Officers took a bike theft report from a resident of Dwight St.  The resident reported that their bike had been locked outside their residence, when they went to retrieve it the bike was gone and the lock had been cut.

11/11/2020- Officers took a bike theft report from a resident of York Terr.  The victim reported that their bike was in the driveway of the residence secured to a bike rack.  When they went to retrieve the bike they found that the bike was gone.


Monday, November 9, 2020


 Officers took 27 unemployment fraud reports between 11/05/2020 and 11/09/2020

11/07/2020- Officers responded to a business on Beacon St for a report of an individual trespassing.  The individual was placed under arrest.

11/07/2020- Officers took a report on Hilltop Rd for two vehicles that were broken into overnight.  The resident reported that they had two vehicles parked in their driveway, when they came out in the morning they found someone had gone through the cars and items were taken.

11/08/2020- Officers took a report for vehicles being broken into on Clyde St.  The victims reported to officers that their vehicle had been broken into and items were taken.