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Friday, July 8, 2016


Blog 7/5/2016
3:52 am: Officers were dispatched to a residence on High Street for a report of a victim receiving threatening text messages from an individual who they have a restraining order against. Upon arrival, officers observed the suspect in a close enough range to the victims’ residence to violate the terms of the restraining order.  A further query of the suspect’s information revealed he also had an outstanding warrant and the suspect was immediately placed under arrest.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7/1/2016 to 7/4/2016

10:49 am: A wallet was stolen from an unlocked locker at a gym on Commonwealth Avenue. A separate party stated that a pair of sunglasses was also stolen from their unlocked locker. Surveillance camera footage is being used to identify any suspicious parties and will be provided to the police when available.

1:22 pm: An individual reported that two purchases had been made using her credit card by an unknown person. She stated she had never lost possession of her credit card. She notified her credit card company and has been reimbursed for her losses and cancelled her account.

11:15 pm: A Washington Street resident who informed officers that he believed two of his friends had stolen his medication. The victim stated his residence was unlocked and the two suspects had access to his apartment. Two individuals were seen by another officer walking down Washington Street acting in a suspicious manner. Damage was made to the officer’s personal vehicle and the two individuals were stopped and linked to the B&E report. Multiple bottles of pills prescribed to other individuals were found in their possession. The two individuals were arrested for attempted B&E with the intent to commit a felony, larceny and malicious damage over $250.

11:50 pm: Multiple items were reported missing from an Egmont Street apartment. It appears the suspect entered the residence through an unsecured window and left through the front door. A missing laptop was located in Dorchester and the Boston Police Department has been notified.

9:18 pm: A woman reported her phone had been stolen from a nail salon on Harvard Street earlier in the day.

12:30 am: A credit card used for a transaction at a hotel on Beacon Street was found to have been used fraudulently. The same man who had used the credit card then attempted to check into the hotel again, but did not provide identification or a credit card. The manager working the front desk informed him there were no additional rooms and the man left in a black Audi. The vehicle was located and the owner matched the description provided by the hotel manager. Follow up with detectives has been requested.

1:23 am: Two males were observed attempting to steal bikes on Pond Avenue. The individuals were then spotted on Cypress Street and taken into police custody. A knife was also found in their possession. One of the individuals was charged with Larceny over $250 and Vandalism of Property while a hearing for the same offenses has been requested for the other individual.

1:16 am: Police received a call reporting a disturbance on Smythe Street. An individual was seen walking down the street with a bloody nose that resulted from an altercation between two males prior to the responding officer’s arrival.  After speaking to both parties and witnesses to the event the two were requested to be summonsed to court for Disturbing the Peace and Assault & Battery.

6:30 pm: Officers responded to an incident of shoplifting on Washington Street. The suspect was stopped and identified on School Street, but denied stealing anything from the store. He was then arrested for warrants already in effect for his arrest. Surveillance footage from the store shows the suspect placing items into a bag before paying for another item and exiting the store. A chain and padlocks were in his possession and upon confrontation he swung them at a store employee. The individual will be charged with Armed Robbery and Shoplifting from a prior incident.