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Friday, July 3, 2015


On July 3, 2015, at approximately 0255 hours while assigned to the 541 Unit, I, Officer Daniel Lalli was dispatched to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for a report of an armed robbery that had occurred in Brookline. Upon my arrival I was met by Sgt. George Emanuel of BIDMC Public Safety who stated that two male subjects had arrived at the emergency room at approximately 0240 hours and stated that they were robbed at gun point near St. Paul and Dummer St. in Brookline.
I spoke with the first victim, XXXXX, who stated the following: at approximately 0215 hours he was skateboarding along with his friend XXXXX, in the area of St. Paul and Dummer St. They were skateboarding in the street when a dark colored sedan turned on to Dummer St. and they stopped skateboarding to let the car pass. The car came to a stop and two black males approximately 5'8"-6'0" got out of the car and both pointed guns at them. XXXXX was immediately hit in the face with a gun 2-3 times at which point he fell to the ground. At this point XXXXX was ordered to the ground. XXXXX stated that he did not see what the suspects were wearing but that they were concealing their faces with bandanas, one colored red and the other black. XXXXX stated that the guns used in the attack were silver, he was unsure on the type of gun but thought that they were pistols. XXXXX Apple Iphone4 (colored white with a black case), black wallet, and black backpack with a City Year logo was taken. XXXXX wallet contained a Rockland Trust Debit and ATM card, and no cash. As a result of the pistol strikes to the head XXXXX had cuts on his forehead. The backpack contained keys belonging to XXXXX. Photos of the injuries were taken by the 551 Sgt. Sutherland. XXXXX stated that the suspects fled in the dark colored sedan from Dummer St. to St. Paul and took a right towards Beacon St. After they gathered themselves, XXXXX and XXXXX flagged down a Taxi at 900 Commonwealth Ave. in front of the CVS and were driven to the Beth Israel. XXXXX provided the name of the Taxi Driver, XXXXX, but did not know which company the driver worked for.
 I then spoke with the second victim, XXXXX. XXXXX summary of the events matched that of XXXXX. XXXXX added that when the two man exited the vehicle he could see that the vehicle was occupied by three individuals in the backseat, but could not provide any type of a description. XXXXX stated that the two black males were both wearing hoodies, "skinny" jeans, hats, and one was wearing a red bandana and the other was wearing a black bandana. XXXXX stated that the vehicle that the suspects were driving was black. XXXXX was unsure about what the guns looked like but stated that he thought they were silver in color and both pistols. XXXXX stated that the suspects took his Iphone 4 (black with a cracked front screen), his Apple Iphone headphones, and his house keys. XXXXX was uninjured during the robbery. At approximately 0240 hours, Sgt. Sutherland was flagged down by a citizen, XXXXX, who stated that he had found a wallet at St. Paul and Browne St. It was later found to belong to XXXXX. The wallet was found with XXXXX ID and Credit Cards still inside the wallet. The wallet was handled by both Sgt. Sutherland and XXXXX. The wallet will be placed into evidence locker number 17 for possible finger prints. At approximately 0350 hours while on patrol the 544 Unit, Officer Healy, found a backpack matching the description of XXXXX stolen backpack at XX Summit Ave. on the road. The bag has a City Year logo and keys inside. The bag also contains a scale and approximately 15-20 empty Ziplock baggies. The backpack will be placed into evidence locker 18. Photos were taken of the backpack at XX Summit Ave. by Sgt. Sutherland. It should be noted that at 0323 Hours a BOLO from Cambridge came in through Brookline Dispatch for two separate armed robberies that had occurred within the 0253- 0323 hours. Cambridge gave out a description of two black males who showed a gun and left in a black sedan which may have been a Lincoln. At 0326 hours Boston Police sent out a message over BAPERN which stated that there were two armed robberies that occurred within 30-45 minutes of the transmission. One of the armed robberies occurred at XXX Beacon St. and the other at Highgate and Harrison St. The description of the suspects in both robberies were two black males wearing hoodies, approximately 5'7"-6'0." At XXX Beacon St. the victim was pistol whipped. In both robberies two guns were shown, one of the guns were black and the other was silver. Due to the similar descriptions of the suspects there is a possible connection.
The victims gave a general description of the area they were in which made us believe it is very likely that the armed robbery occurred on Dummer St. between Pleasant St. and St. Paul St. but this is not confirmed.
Sgt. Sutherland filed a video request form for Beacon St. from St. Paul St. to Summit Ave as this seems like a possible route that the suspects took.


On July 1st, 2015 officers responded to a breaking and entering at a apartment. The officers noted that entrance by the suspect was made through the rear window. While inside the suspect fumbled through the apartment looking for valuable personal property. The suspect left the premises through the back door. This matter is still under investigation.

On July 1st, 2015 officers responded to a breaking and entering at a residence on Summit Avenue. Officers talked to the victims who stated on June 30th, 2015 they went away on vacation and returned 

On July 1st, 2015. Upon their arrival back home they noticed windows open and the back door was left open by the suspect. The victims stated that upon a search of their house they noticed valuable electronics and jewelry missing from their residence. This matter is still under investigation.

On July 1st, 2015 an officer was driving on route 9 and observed a vehicle in the left turn only lane continue to travel straight. The officer pulled over the vehicle and after obtaining the driver’s license and registration entered it into the computer and noticed the driver’s license was suspended. The driver was placed under arrest.

On July 1st, 2015 officers responded to a report of larceny in a building on Beacon Street. The victim works the front desk and helps check in patients for appointments. At 3pm on the day in question the victim noticed the item missing from the front desk. After the victim went through video surveillance the victim noticed a patient come up and reach over the desk and take the item and leave. The victim identified the suspect and after a criminal background check revealed numerous prior offenses, a warrant for the suspects arrest has been issued. This matter is still under investigation.

July 2nd
At approximately 0025hrs police responded to a report of a hit and run motor vehicle accident. There were no injuries. The matter is still under investigation.

Police responded to a report of a larceny. The victim noticed their watch and cufflinks were missing. This matter is still under investigation.

At approximately 1000hrs a subject was placed under arrest for a default warrant on Beacon Street.

At approximately 1739hrs police responded to a report of a breaking and entering. The victim came home and found that the door was unlocked and the apartment was in disarray. The officer observed all drawers and cabinets were opened. This matter is still under investigation.

Police responded to an activation of a “bait bike”. The subject was placed under arrest.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


On June 30th, an officer was dispatched to Wolcott Rd for a breaking and entering and larceny of a motor vehicle.  On scene, the victim stated her vehicle was unlocked and items inside the vehicle had been rummaged through. She reported missing headphones and a small amount of loose change.

On June 30th, an officer was dispatched to Newton St. for a residential alarm. On arrival, the officer noticed the basement window of the house was smashed.  The homeowner shortly arrived on scene and inspected the home and confirmed nothing was missing or damaged.

On June 30th, an officer was dispatched to the Brookline Village T-stop to serve an arrest warrant. After confirming the identity of the suspect, officers moved in and placed him under arrest.  

On June 30th, officers observed two suspicious subjects in the area of Cypress St. and Washington St. One of the officers noticed a large bag next to the individuals and due to recent burglaries in the town the officers approached and asked the individuals to identify themselves. Both of the individual’s information was given to dispatch to check for warrants. Dispatch confirmed one subject had an active warrant and was placed under arrest.

On June 30th, an officer conducting traffic enforcement of West Roxbury Parkway observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.  The officer activated the overhead blue lights and stopped the individual.  The officer approached the driver and advised him of the reason for the stop. The officer then entered the license plate into the cruisers laptop, which showed the driver’s license was suspended. Dispatch confirmed the suspended status and the driver was placed under arrest. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


On June 27th, officers were dispatched to a noise complaint on Strathmore Rd. On arrival to the residence, the officer could hear loud music and talking coming from the roof of the apartment building. The officers located the resident who was throwing the party. The guests were told to leave and the resident was advised and informed he was being cited.

On June 27th, an officer was dispatched to a report of suspicious activity on Beacon St. On scene, the reporting party stated she heard a loud bang in the kitchen.  She stated the side door was cracked open and a wine bottle was on the floor.

On June 27th, an officer was dispatched to a local business on Beacon St. for a report of malicious destruction of property. On scene, the reporting party stated the night before he locked the front door of the business. Upon arrival the next morning, the reporting party noticed the glass to the front door had been damaged.

On June 27th, an officer was dispatched to Pleasant Street for a report of past residential breaking and entering and larceny of property. The suspect entered the residence through a back bedroom window which was unlocked. The suspect rummaged through the apartment opening drawers looking for items to take and the victims claim at this time only a camera and several lenses had been taken. This matter is still under investigation.

On June 28th, an officer was dispatched to St. Paul Street for a report of malicious damage report. Upon arrival, an officer spoke with the reporting party who showed the officer the glass window panes on his door were shattered leading to his apartment. 

On June 29th, an officer while patrolling Washington St. noticed a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker and proceeded to pull the vehicle over. The officer ran the vehicles registration and the results indicted the owner of the car had a warrant for his arrest. The owner of the vehicle was informed of his warrant and was placed under arrest.