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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wednesday, December 12th

7:44AM-A package theft report was taken on Glenland Road.  The reporting party was expecting a package on 12/11.  When she arrived home at 4:45PM her package was not there.  The package is a meal you prepare yourself.  They have been delivered late in the past so the reporting party was not concerned.  When she checked her porch at 9:15PM it was not there.  She checked her email and found that the package had been delivered at 2:02PM.  This case is being investigated.

8:15AM- A graffiti complaint was reported on Saint Mary’s Street.  The complainant reported leaving his shop around 3:00PM.  When he returned to work the following morning around 4:30AM he noticed two new graffiti markings on the left side of his building.  This case is being investigated.

8:00AM- Officers were dispatched to Beacon Street for a report of a larceny of a scooter.  The reporting party stated his scooter was attached to a metal rail on the side of his building with a lock and chain.  He had last seen his scooter around 5:00PM on 12/11.  He noticed the scooter was missing on 12/12 at 7:30AM.  The lock and chain to secure the vehicle was left on the side of the residence and was visibly cut.  The scooter was located on Beacon Street and was damaged.  This case is under investigation.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tuesday, December 11th

12:00PM-A report of check fraud was made on Clark Road.  The reporting party stated that she mailed a check to a colleague for services that were completed.  The check was mailed on 12/5 in a plain white envelope and the check was covered with a plain white piece of paper.  The envelope was deposited in a mailbox on Clark Road.  The recipient of the check notified the reporting party that she had not received the payment on 12/10.  The bank was contacted and the reporting party was told the check had been cashed on 12/7.  The bank had a picture of the forged check.  This case is being investigated. 

10:10PM- Officers were dispatched to Freeman Street for a report of a larceny.  The complainant reported missing an heirloom.  The heirloom was stored in a pouch on a shelf in his room.  The complainant reported no one entered his bedroom but is aware maintenance personnel had been in his home to fix the bathroom on two occasions.  On both dates 11/4 and 11/10 the complainant was not home.  This case is under investigation. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Monday December 10th

8:10AM- Officers were dispatched to Centre Street for a report of a larceny.  The victim reported placing a prescription in her room in a hidden location.  She had last utilized her prescription on 12/6 and discovered it missing on 12/8.  The complainant reported another resident of her building had previously inquired about her pills.  This case is being investigated.  

8:41AM- A larceny report was taken on Beacon Street.  The reporting party explained that she had a package delivered on 12/4 containing a laptop and accessories.  The package was confirmed delivered on 12/4 at 2:27PM and signed by her.  The reporting party stated she had not received the package nor did she sign for one.  This case is being investigated.

10:51AM- Officers responded to a report of a larceny on Francis Street.  The complainant reported ordering items online and receiving notification they were delivered but she had not received them.  The first package was delivered on 11/.  When she attempted to locate it the next day it was missing.  The second package was delivered on 12/6 and the complainant went to retrieve the package the following morning but the package was not found.  This case is under investigation.

11:05AM- A larceny report was taken on Village Way.  The property manager of the building involved reported being informed by a tenant that she had a package taken from the common area of the lobby. This case is being investigated.

 A resident of the same apartment building reported her package missing at 9:36PM.  The reporting party stated her package was delivered on 12/8 at 2:40PM.  She remembered buzzing in the delivery courier.  She went to retrieve the package at 5:30PM

 9:32PM- A package theft report was taken on Linden Street.  The complainant reported ordering three packages of which have been delivered.  When he went to retrieve them he was unable to locate them.  This case is under investigation.  

Monday, December 10, 2018

Saturday, December 8th

10:22AM- Brookline Police were notified that an unknown subject got into a black Audi and left the Audi dealership lot heading eastbound on Boylston Street.  The vehicle type and registration was given to all responding units.  The reporting party explained that he turned the vehicle on in the parking lot for it to warm up before the vehicle owner arrived.  Approximately three minutes later the subject entered the parking area, entered the car and drove eastbound on Boylston Street.  Video surveillance shows the suspect walking over to a different vehicle and opening the door.  After looking inside, the suspect walked away and got into the black vehicle.  Officers were notified the vehicle was just involved in a motor accident on Webster Avenue in Cambridge.  The subject driving was no longer on scene.  This case is under investigation.

5:20PM- A package theft was reported on Washington Street.  The victim reported that on 12/6 a package was delivered to her address at 11:57AM.  She did not receive the package.  This case is being investigated.

Friday, December 7th

9:38AM- A Brookline resident reported her dog was attacked by another dog on 12/6 at Margret Robinson Playground.  The reporting party explained she was walking her dog in the playground when another off leashed dog approached hers calmly.  The two dogs began fighting over a stick and the other dog attacked hers.  The owner of the other dog separated the two.  Due to the time of night, it was dark and the complainant did not notice any injuries on her dog until she got home.  The dog’s right ear was injured.  With a description of the attacking dog and the dog’s name, the dog and owner were found in the system and contacted.  The owner agreed with the details of the incident.  She was issued a Town of Brookline By-Law Citation for a Dog at Large and Biting or Injuring another Domestic Animal.

12:06PM-  A report of an animal bite was taken by Brookline Animal Control.  The reporting party reported her dog bit her infant grandchild.  The grandchild was pulling on the dog’s skin when the dog bit her on the nose.  This case is under investigation.

3:56PM- A report of a package theft was taken on Green Street.  The complainant reported ordering a game online.  The game was delivered on 12/4 at 1:30PM.  When the complainant checked the vestibule and the front door at 4:00PM the package was not there.  This case is being investigated.

5:10PM- A business on Beacon Street reported a larceny.  An employee reported a heavyset woman in her fifties, with short black hair, around 5’5” missing a front tooth, wearing a puffy jacket and carrying a green bag entered the establishment, looked around and asked to use the telephone.  The employee became busy with customers and the woman exited the store.  Upon return to the register the employee observed the tip jar to be missing money.  Surveillance footage confirms the suspect taking money out of the tip jar.  This case is under investigation.

5:38PM- Officers were dispatched to the Brookline High School for a larceny report.  Campus security reported at 5:07PM Brookline Fire and campus security responded to the school for a fire alarm activation.  During the activation faculty, students and parents walked outside.  After the building was checked everyone returned to the school.  A custodian noticed several backpacks by a staircase and contacted campus security.  The security officer reported the backpacks had been rummaged through and contents were emptied and scattered all over.  The victims reported occupying a team room until the alarm activated.  They exited the school and upon return observed their backpacks scattered by a staircase.  Before exiting the building their backpacks were left on the hallway floor and on the table outside the room.  Four students reported missing money.  This case is being investigated.