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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Wednesday, October 31st

9:03AM- Officers were dispatched to Carlton Street for a report of an egged house.  The reporting party, owner of the home stated when he woke up in the morning he noticed broken eggs on his front porch and on the front of his house.  He reported arriving home the prior night around 10:00PM and not seeing any eggs or damage at that time.  This case is under investigation.

3:06PM- Officers responded to a call of an erratic operator in the area of Kent Street and Aspinwall Avenue.  An off duty officer observed a male riding a scooter without a helmet on driving on and off a sidewalk on Kent Street, turn right onto Aspinwall Avenue without stopping at the red light, not yielding to oncoming traffic when crossing the intersection on Saint Paul Street and failing to stop at a stop sign.  The officer dispatched the description of the subject to officers as he followed the subject.  Another officer observed the subject driving on the sidewalk on Harvard Street and exited the car to pursue the subject on foot.   He approached the subject and asked to speak to him.  The subject then drove the scooter off the sidewalk and up Harvard Avenue in the wrong direction.  The direction the suspect was heading was radioed to officers in the area.  The subject was observed driving behind a home on Harvard Street and continuing onto Harvard Place.  He then jumped off the scooter, threw it to the ground and ran through Pierce Playground.  Officers responded to the area to locate the subject.  Officers observed the subject running in a backyard.  Officers surrounded the backyard and called out “if you are back here show us your hands”.  Officers received no response.  The subject was found hiding under a black SUV in a parking lot and arrested.   Officers asked if he was in possession of anything harmful and the subject responded no.  Boston Police and a Boston Police K9 assisted with the investigation. The scooter was found to be stolen.  The subject is being charged with operating to endanger, right on red violation, operating a moped without a helmet, failure to yield to oncoming traffic, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to stop for a police officer, operating a moped without a driver’s license, and larceny of property.

8:30PM- A report of a stolen package was made on Euston Street.  The victim reported receiving a text from his neighbor that a package was stolen from the front door of their home.  The neighbor stated he arrived home to a package opened with the contents removed.  The victim’s wife received confirmation that a package they ordered was delivered but when the husband arrived home he could not locate a package.  Video surveillance caught the theft.  This case is under investigation.
  •          The victim also reported a stolen bicycle.  He stated that he went on vacation on 9/20/18 and returned on 10/2/18.  He reports when he returned home his bicycle was no longer attached to a fence.  The bike had been locked to the fence with a Kryptonite lock.  The fence was cut and the bike and lock were removed and stolen.  The bicycle is described as a silver men’s Trek.  This case is being investigated.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Tuesday, October 30th

5:10PM- An officer was dispatched to the Evelyn Kirrane Aquatic Center on Tappan Street for a report of indecent exposure that occurred earlier in the day.  The director informed the officer that a witness observed another patron who is a Brookline resident inappropriately exposing himself.  The witness reported that around 6:30AM while conducting a morning swim he observed an older white male in the swimming area standing by the pool wall facing the stands.  He later noticed the older male had moved to the other end of the pool and was swimming.  As the witness approached the end of the pool he viewed the older male’s swimming trunks down around his knees and he was inappropriately touching himself.  The reporting party notified the life guard and front desk staff about his observations and when he returned the older male had already exited the pool.  The older male was identified and contacted.  He is being charged with Open and Gross and this matter is still under investigation.

A report was made of an animal bite on Fuller Street.  The reporting party stated he was walking on Fuller Street, approaching Harvard Street.  He crossed paths with a person walking several dogs.  He recalls one of the dogs biting him on the left leg.  Out of the group of dogs he remembers which dog was the aggressor.  He told the dog walker about the biting incident and police are conducting an investigation.

Monday, October 29th

A string of graffiti tags occurred over the weekend and were reported on Monday:

·         An officer was dispatched to Boylston Street for a graffiti complaint.  He observed graffiti in black spray paint on the front of the building.  The owner reported on 10/27/18 that he closed his workshop around 5:00PM and the graffiti was not there. 
·         Another officer responded to a different location on Boylston Street for a graffiti complaint of two black graffiti tags spray painted on garage doors.  The tags were the same as that of the previous complaint. 
·         Three other locations on Boylston Street were observed to be tagged and were photographed by officers.  These cases are under investigation.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Saturday, October 27th

10:04AM- Officers were dispatched to Mason Terrace for a bike theft report.  The reporting party stated sometime between 8:00PM on 10/26/18 and 9:00AM on 10/27/18 someone entered the bulkhead doors in the back of their house that leads to storage space and took one of the bicycles.  The bicycle is described as a red 2018 Santa Cruz 5010 C S 27.5.  This case is being investigated.

11:20AM- Officers responded to Egmont Street for a break and entering and larceny that had occurred between 10:45PM on 10/26/18 and 2:00AM on 10/27/18.  The residents reported leaving their apartment around 10:45PM on 10/26/18 with locked doors and windows.  One resident stated they all noticed their things were missing the morning of 10/27/18 when they woke up.  Each of the three residents reported items missing.  This case is under investigation.

11:47AM- Brookline Police received a report of shoplifting.  The suspect was described as black female, older, glasses, blonde tips on her hair, wearing brown coat, carrying a big green shopping bag and walking with a cane.  When officers arrived a short time later the suspect had already left the store in an unknown direction.  The reporting employee stated when the women entered the store she recognized her from previous shoplifting incidents.  She went to notify the supervisor and when she returned she witnessed the suspect place items into her green bag.  She confronted the suspect and received no response.  The suspect then exited the store.  This case is under investigation. 

Thursday, October 25th

12:14PM- A dog bite complaint was made for an incident that occurred on 10/24/18 around 10:30AM.  The reporting party reported walking her dog through Harry Downs Field when she saw another individual with her dog playing fetch with a ball.  The Reporting party walked over to the person and greeted her.  The other dog owner petted the reporting party’s dog.  She reported observing the other dog charge back towards their direction with the ball and attack her dog.  She tried to separate the two and claimed her hand was bitten in the process.  An officer spoke with the other individual who claimed while she was playing fetch with her dog the reporting party’s dog ran over to her dog and tried to grab the ball out of her dog’s mouth.  The reporting party tried to separate the two and claimed she was bitten but put her hand in her pocket and denied assistance.  The officer was unable to determine which dog was the aggressor.  Both dog owners were advised their dogs will be subject to a 10 day quarantine.

An officer was conducting a follow up for the graffiti incidents that took place in the Brookline Village area on 10/19/18.  While trying to retrace the suspect’s path the officer discovered the same tag spray painted on three other locations.  This case is under investigation.